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In the Midland counties, there is be affected, and showed for some great complaint of the enormous time a tendency to rise, have fallen growth of weeds, charlock espe back to the usual level. Meantime cially, which in some parts of Ox- the present ministry appears deterfordshire is so rank, that the broad. mined gradually to introduce a less cast crops are mostly abandoned to restricted system of foreign trade, their fate. Some, indeed, it is stated, which may be expected to produce have been weeded at the expense of the happiest effects. So long as we a pound an acre; and even the dib- could reap the exclusive benefit of bled and drilled lands have stood the system of prohibition, there might their owners in not less than from be some good reason for continuing twelve to fourteen shillings and six- it; but since foreign nations imitate, pence per acre for hoeing. This and go beyond us, imposing upon complaint is increased by the ad- our commerce restrictions even more vance of labour, which has almost severe than we do upon theirs, it every where taken place, in the pro- seems full time to restore a more portion of about one seventh or simple and natural state of things, eighth of the total, since the rise in and to make arrangements with other the price of wheat. This advance; powers for the reciprocal introduction however, has been as suddenly stay- of a more liberal legislation. Some ed as it was suddenly commenced. have already declared their readiness Yet the supply has been by no means to do this, and the rest will probably $0 large as in the corresponding do the same. France seems to be the weeks of last year, when the average, most disposed to uphold the prohiwhich is now (for the last week) bitory system in its utmost rigour. 635. 2d. was then only 48s. 9d. The Russia would doubtless be equally quantities sent to Mark Lane, were, willing, but its situation will not in 1822, four weeks to June 16, in- admit of its going to the same extent clusive, 41,058 quarters ; 1823, ditto, as France. There is no new Russian 31,829 quarters. Still, therefore, opi- Tariff yet published: it is supposed nion must fluctuate as to the relation the old one will be continued, perhaps of demand and supply, and the cone with some very slight modifications. sequent chance of open ports. The In looking over the state of the prices of wheat have fallen about 4s. markets for the last month, we find per quarter in the month; the ar- that almost every article has remained sivals of oats have been prodigious stationary, or has declined: Cotton - something more than 160,000 quar- seems to be the only exception. The ters. They have sunk about 8s. per London market has been rather more quarter.

animated than usual : in the week Beef has been in demand in Smith- ending the 17th of June, in partifield during the whole month. The cular, a great deal of business was last prices reached, for good Lincolns, done; the sales, amounting to 7,000 4s. Ad., Norfolks, 4s. 8d. The muta bales, sold at good prices. There ton trade is also brisk. The sheep has not been so much done this last that come in are chiefly shorn, and week, but the prices are favourable, downs are worth a trifle more than and some kinds of Cotton are scarce, As. Bd.

for instance, Brazils, which are much wanted. At Liverpool, in the four

weeks ending the 21st June, the sales The peculiar nature of the war were 71,000 bags: the arrivals above carrying on between France and 60,000. At Glasgow the demand has Spain, the daily diminishing proba- been very considerable. Sugar and bility of any serious attempt on the Coffee have been at low prices, and part of the Spaniards to defend the gradually declining ; but the reports new order of things, and the expec- of the market for the last few days tation of a speedy termination of the are rather more favourable. On the whole business, have entirely pre 15th of July there will be a sale of vented the effects which many per- 3,500 chests of Indigo; the qualities sons at first expected to follow as the are expected to be mostly fine and necessary consequence of war in any good, and prices probably high. The part of Europe. Even those articles Company's Spice sale to be on the that are more immediately liable to 11th of August.


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. The following Works are in the Press : A Voice from St. Peter's and St. Paul's;

Imaginary Conversations of Literary or a few plain Words respectfully addressed “Men and Statesmen. By Walter Savage to the Members of both Houses of Parlia-, Landor, Esq.

ment, on the recent Attacks on the Church Flora Domestica, or the Portable Flower. Establishment, particularly those of the Garden ; with Directions for the Treatment 75th Number of the Edinburgh Review. of Plants in Pots, and Mlustrations from By a Member of the University of Ox. the Works of the Poets. In I Vol. 8vo. ford.

Journal of a Tour in France, in the The Young Naturalist; à Tale for Years 1817 and 1818. By Frances Jane Young People. I Vol. 8mo. By Alicia Ca. Carey._I Vol. 8vo.

therine Mant. Six Etchings from Pen Drawings of In- Poetical Sketches ; with Stanzas for Mue teresting Scenes in Italy and Switzerland. sic, and other Poems. By Mr. Alaric A. Drawn and Etched by W. Cowen, and de- Watts. dicated, by permission, to Lord Viscount Facetiæ Cantabrigienses. Anecdotes, Milton. Size of the Prints, 16 inches by 10. Smart Sayings, Satires, &c. by or relating Price 17. 18.; Proofs, 21. 2s.

to celebrated Cantabs ; being a Companion The Classical Assistant to the Reading of to the “ Cambridge Tart.” Homer, Virgil, &c. in the Translations of Influence and Example, or the Recluse; Pope and Dryden. By Mrs. Oom. 1 Vol. a Tale. By the Author of Dangerous 8vo.

Errors. Tours to the Mountains of England

and Ellen Gray; or the Maiden's Curse; Scotland, with Original Poems. By Tho- a Poem. By the late Dr. Archibald Macmas Wilkinson, of Yanworth, Cumberland. Leod.

Three Panoramic Views of Port Jack- An Elementary Treatise on Algebra ; son, in New South Wales, with the Town adapted to the present State of Science : of Sidney, and the Adjacent Scenery. To containing a new and general Demonstrabe Engraved by R. Havell and Son, after tion of the Binomial Theorem ; a new MeDrawings by Major Taylor of the 48th thod of extracting the Cube Root; ImRegiment. 'Dedicated, by permission, to provements in Equations, the Summation R. J. Wilmot Horton, Esq. MP. Under of Series, &c. &c. By J. R. Young, Secretary of State for thc Colonial Depart- Museum Worsleyanum, being a Collecment. Price of the Views, 11. ls. each. tion made by the late Sir Richard Worsley,

Journal of Llewellyn Penrose, a Seaman. Bart. of Antique Basso Relievos, Bustos, A new Edition. In 1 Vol 12mo.

Statues, and Gems, with Views of Places A Work on the Natural History of Me-, in the Levant. Part I. teorites, with a Historical Introduction, A new Edition of the Decameron of Boc. Appendix of Tables, &c. By Mr. E. W. caccio, in 5 Vols. 8vo. and 4to. in Italian, Brayley, jun. I Vol 12mo. illustrated by reprinted from the original Text from the Plates and Diagrams,

MSS. of Mannelli. By Mr. Biagioli. Batavian Anthology, or Specimens of Observations made during a Residence the Dutch Poets, with Remarks on the in the Tarentaise, and various Parts of the Poetical Literature and Language of the Grecian and Pennine Alps, in Savoy, and Netherlands. By John Bowring and Harry in Switzerland and Avergne, in the years S. Van Dyke

1820, 1821, and 1822 ; with Remarks on Sabæan Researches; in a Series of Es- the present State of Society, Manners, Resays, addressed to distinguished Anti- ligion, Agriculture, Climate, &c By quaries, and including the Substance of a Robert Bakewell, Esq. In 2 Vols. 8vo. Course of Lectures, delivered at the Royal illustrated with Plates, &c. &c. Institution, on the engraved Hieroglyphics Journal of a Ten Months' Residence in of Chaldea, Egypt, and Canaan. By John New Zealand. By Capt. A. Cruise, of the Landseer, FRS. &c.

84th Regiment. In 8vo. A Visit to Spain ; detailing the Trans- The Three Perils of Woman. By James actions which occurred during a Residence Hogg, Author of the “ Three Perils of in that Country, in the latter Part of 1822, Man," &c. In 3 Vols. 12mo. and the first Four Months of 1823; with A Geognostical Essay on the Superposian Account of the Removal of the Court tion of Rocks in both 'Hemispheres. By frorn Madrid to Seville; and general No M. De Humboldt. Translated into English, tices of the Manners, Customs, Costume, under his immediate Inspection. In i Vol. and Music of the Country. By Michael 8vo. Quin, Esq. In One Volume, 8vo.


History and Biography.

South of Europe. By Thomas Roscoe, A History of England from the first In. Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. 285. vasion by the Romans, to the Reign of

The Hermit Abroad. By the Author of Queen Elizabeth. By John Lingard, DD. the Hermit in London, and Hermit in 8 Vols. 8vo. 41. 168.

the Country. 2 Vols. foolscap. 125. Memoirs of the Rev. John Blackader,

Coronation Anecdotes ; or, Select and 12mo. 8s. boards.

Interesting Fragments of English CoronaHistory of Suli and Parga Post 8vo.

tion Ceremonies. By Giles Gossip, Esq. 75. 6d. boards.

Foolscap, 78. 6d. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of

Anecdotes of a Croat; or, the Castle of William Hayley, Esq. the Friend and Bio- Serai, comprehending Hints for the Imgrapher of Cowper, written by himself. provement of Public Works, Agriculture, Edited by John Johnson, LLD. 2 Vols. and Domestic Life. 2 Vols. 12mo. 12s. 4to. 41. 4s.

Campaign of the Left Wing of the AlMemoirs of the History of France during lied Army, in the Western Pyrenees, and the Reign of Napoleon ; dictated by the South of France, in the Years 1813-14, Emperor, at St. Helena, to the Generals under Field Marshal the Marquis of Welwho shared his Captivity; and published lington. 4to. 21.

Novels and Talcs. from the original Manuscripts, corrected by himself. Vol. II. in 2 Parts, dictated

Petticoat Tales. 2 Vols. 148. to General Gourgaud. ll. 8s.

Edward Neville, or the Memoirs of an

Orphan. 4 Vols. 12mo. II. 8s.

Reginald Dalton. By the Author of Chemical Essays, principally relating to Adam Blair. 3 Vols. post 8vo. Il. Ils. Od. the Arts and Manufactures of the British

Rich and Poor Small 8vo. 10s. 6d. Dominions. By Samuel Parkes, MRI. The Hut and the Castle, a Romance. FSA. &c. Second Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. By the Author of the “ Romance of the 11. 148.

Pyrenees, &c." 4 Vols. 12mo. Il. 8s. The Utility and Importance of Fumi.

Poetry and the Drama. gating Baths illustrated. By Mr. Jona

The Sextuple Alliance, consisting of than Green, Surgeon. A Practical i'reatise on the most fre. Death of Napoleon Buonaparte. By a

Odes and other Poems, on the Exile and quent Diseases of the Mouth and Teeth.

circle of Friends. 4to. 38. 6d. By T. G. Gerbaux. 12mo. 58.

The Battle of the Bridge, a Poem. By Pharmacopeia Imperialis, sive Pharma- s. Maxwell, Esq. Second Edition, &s. copæia Loridinensis, Edinburgensis, et boards. Dublinensis collatæ ; cum Notis Anglicis decompositiones chemicas exponentibus. Cóxe, Illustrated by 32 Engravings, from

The Social Day, a Poem. By Peter Editio Secunda. 12mo. 78.

the most eminent Artists. 21. 2s. Miscellaneous.

Alfred, a Romance in Rhyme. By R. Phillips' Sylva Florifera, the Shrubbery. Payne Knight. 8vo. 148. 2 Vols. 8vo. 218. boards.

The Duke of Mercia, Lamentations of A Grammar of the Latin Language. By. Ireland, and other Poems. By Sir Aubrey C. G. Zumpt, Professor in the Frederick' de Vere Hunt, Bart. 8vo. 108. 6d. Gymnasium, Berlin. Translated from the Emancipation, a Poem, in Two Cantos, German, with Additions, by the Rev. John Embellished with Explanatory Notes, and Kendrick, MA. 8vo. 9s.

five Caricature Designs, for the Instruction Elegant Extracts from the most eminent of his Holiness Pope Pius. By the Ghost British Poets. Part I. Devotional and Mo- of Martin Luther. 8vo. 58. ral. 2s.6d.

The Orlando Furioso, Translated into The Footman's Directory and Butler's English Verse, from the Italian of LudoRemembrancer. 12mo. 48. 6d.

vico Ariosto, with Noles. By William Elements of Natural Philosophy. By Stewart Rose. Vol. I. 98. 6d. John Leslie, Esq. Vol. 1. 8vo. 14s. Mary Stuart. By Miss Macauley. 8vo. 75.

The Correspondent's Assistant, or Fa- Faust, a Drama by Goethe, and Schil. miliar Letter Writer. 12mo. 4s. 6d. ler's Song of the Bell. Translated by

Reliquiæ Diluvianæ ; or Observations Lord Francis Leveson Gower. 8vo. 12s. on Organic Remains, &c. By the Rev. W. Byzantium, a Dramatic Poem. By Ed. Buckland, BD. FRS. FLS. 4to. 27 Plates. ward Richard Poole, Student of the Inner 12. 11s. 6d.

Temple. 8vo. 78. Od. Suffolk Words and Phrases; or an At

Political Economy. tempt to collect the lingual Localisms of The Poor and their Relief. By George that County. By Edward Moor, FRS. Ensor, Esq. 8vo. 108. FAS. &c. 12mo. 78. 6d.

Defence of the Usury Laws. By R. Historical View of the Literature of the Hannay. Foolscap, 5s.

Thoughts and Details on the high and Four Patts, Judgment to Come, an Ar. low Prices of the last 30 Years. Parts II. gunient, in Nine Parts. By the Rev. Ed. III. and IV. By Thomas Tooke, FRS. ward Irving, AM. Minister of the Caledo8vo. 158.

nian Church, Hatton Garden, London. In Questions in Political Economy, Poli- One Vol. 8vo. price 12s. boards. tics, Morals, Metaphysics, Polite Litera

Voyages, gic. ture, and other Branches of Knowledge. New Russia ; Journey from Riga to the 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Crimea, by way of Kiev ; with some AcTheology.

count of the Colonization, and the ManBaxter's Practical Works. In 8vo. Vol. ners and Customs of the Colonists of New IX. 128.

Russia ; Notes relating to the Crim TarDissertations Introductory to the Study tars, &c. By Mary Holderness. 8vo. 10s. 6d. and right understanding of the Language, Travels in various Countries of Europe, Structure, and Contents of the Apocalypse. Asia, and Africa. By E. D. Clarke, LLD. By Alexander Tilloch, LLD. 8vo. 12s. Part III. Scandinavia, Section II. 4to.

Orations, for the Oracles of God, in 32. 13s. 6d. royal 4to. 61. 6s.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. E. A. Postle, BA, to the rectory of for the Latin Essay, “ Conditio Servorum apud Colney, Norfolk, on the presentation of J. Postle, Antiquos."— To Isaac Williams, Scholar of 'I rinity Esq.-The Rev. - Mesham, MA. to the rectory of College, the prize for Latin Verse ; subject, “ Ars Ripple, Kent, vacant by the death of the Rev. c. Geologica," —Sir Roger Newdigate's prize, to Philpot.-The Rev. W. Read, MA. of Stone- Thomas Stokes Salmon, of Brazen-nose College, Euston, appointed one of the Domestic Chaplains, English verse, “Stonehenge." of His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. CAMBRIDGE.-The Barnaby Lectures appointThe Rev. W. Buckle, MA. to the vicarage of Shir- ed for the ensuing year are :-Mathepatical, burn, Oxfordshire; Patron the Earl of Maccles. S. Carr, MA. Fellow of Queen's College.-Philofield.-The Rev. J. L. Hamilton, BA. to the Rec. sophical, J. P. Higman, MA. Fellow of Trinity tory of Ellesborough, Bucks; Patron R. G. Rus- College. - Rhetoric, W. Greenwood, MA. Fellow of sell, Esq. MP -The Rev. W. Macdonald, AM. Christ College.-Logic, J. Hallewell, MA. FelPrebendary of Bitton, and Vicar of Bishop's Can- low of Christ College. - The Chancellor's Gold piogs, elected and admitted Canon Residentiary Medal for the best English poem, by a resident of Salisbury Cathedral, vice the late Dr. Price.- Undergraduate, bas been adjudged to Mr. WinThe Hon. and Rev. W. Annesley, to the vicarage !horp Mackworth Praed, of Trinity College : subof Studley, Warwickshire, vacant ever since the ject “ Australasia." reign of Edward VI.-The Rev. Z.S. Warren, MA. Sir W. Browne's Gold Medal for the Greek Ode, of Sidney College, and Second Master of Oakham and Greek and Latin Epigrams. have been adschool, to the vicarage of Dorrington, near Slea judged as follows:-the Greek Ode, on the Death ford ; Patron, Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bart.

of the late Bishop of Calcutta, Mr. W.M. PraedOXFORD, -The Chancellor's Prizes have been Greek Epigram, Εαν ησ φιλομαθης εσης πολυadjudged as follows:--To Charles John Plummer, BX. Fellow of Oriel College, for the English peoxoris, and the Latin Epigrain, Os Deuyet cados Essay, “ On Public Spirit among the Ancients." Jayncete, Mr. J. Wilder, Fellow of King's -To Edward Wickham, Fellow of New College, College.


May 17.-At Holme, Yorkshire, the Hon. Mrs.

Langdale, a daughter.
22. The lady of the Hon. Capt. Bridgeman, RN. a

daughter. 25. At Barton, in the county of Hants, the lady of

T. D. Shute, Esq. a daughter. 26. The lady of Capt. Blanshard, of the Honourable Company's ship, the Marquis of Wellington, a

daughter. 31. At Kew-green, the lady of John Bishop, Esq. a June 2.-In Green-street, the lady of Lient.-Col. Dawkins, of the Coldstream Guards, a son.

At the house of her father, W. Anderson, Esq. Russel-square, the lady of W. Mackenzie, of the 3d Guards, a danghter. - At Carshalton-park, the lady of John Plum

mer, Esq. MP. a son. 7. The lady of Dr. Golding, a son. ll. At Palmer's-green, Southgate, the lady of S. G,

Smith, Esq. a son. 12. At the Vícarage, White Waltham, the lady of

the Rev. W. Vansittart, 13. In Guilford-street, Russell-square, the lady of

Robert L'Espinasse, Esq. a son. 14. !o Upper Berkeley.street, the lady of Aretas

Akers, Esq. a daughter. 15. At his Lordship's house, in Albemarle-street,

Lady F. Leveson Gower, twin sons. - At Farnham, Dorsetshire, the lady of Sir S.

Stuart, Bart. son and heir. 19. At Munster-house, Lady Jane Lawrence Peel,

a son and heir.

At Zante, the lady of Philip James Green, Esq.

Consul General for the Morea, a son.
At Albaro, nenr Genoa, Mrs. Leigh Hunt, a son.
At Geneva, Lady Mary Stanley, a danghter.
At Lausanne, the lady of Capt. Couliffe Owen, RN.
a son.

May 27.-Charles R. Sperling, Esq: youngest son

of John Sperling, Esq. of Dynes-hall, Essex, to
Louisa, only daughter of the late Thomas Astle,

Esq. of Gosfield, in the same county. - Ai Oringdeane, near Brighton, Nathaniel

Kemp, Esq. to dugusta Carolina, second daugh

ter of the late Sir John Eamer,
- At Devonshire-house, by the Archbishop of

York, Earl Gower, eldest son of the Marquis of
Stafford, to the Hon. H. Howard, third daughter

of Lord and Lady Morpeth.
- M. Andrews, Esq. to Mary Frances, only

daughter of T. S. Salmon, MD. 29. At St. Giles-in-the. Fields, Sir Dan. Williams,

of Stamford-bill, to Miss Stable, of the Terrace,

June 3.-At St. Pancras Church, Alexander How-

den, Esq. of Torrington-square, to Christina,
daughter of Richard Gardner, Esg. of Mecklen-
burg-square, and of Stoke-hall, Essex.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, Samuel Frampton Stallard, Esq. of Burton-crescent, to Eliza Catharine, second daughter of Robert Nichoils,

Esq. of Toft, Lincolnshire. 4. At Bath, Horatio Davis, Esq. only son of the


late Sir John Paris, to Miss James, danghter of 31. To Park-place, St. James's, the Dowager Lady Sir Walter and Lady Jane James.

Vernon. 5. At St. Pancras, the Rev. Henry Trimmer, BA. June l. - Mary, wic of Thos. Walsingham Wenn of Exeter-college, Oxford, to Mary, eldest daugh- tern, Esq. of Rivenhall-place, Essex, Aunt to C. ter of James Deacon, Esq. of Russell.piace, C. Westeru, Esq. MP. for that county, and daughFitzroy-square.

ter of the late Admiral Osborne, John Duffield, Esq. of Bernard-street, Russell. - Jo John-street, America-square, in his 66th square, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Benjamin year, Joseph Hart Myers, MB. Boville, Esq. of Putney.

At Poutefract, aged 81, John Leatham, Esq. 9. At Castletown, Isle of Man, Richard, only son Banker, one of the Society of Friends.

of Joseph Mellin, Esq. of Wakefield, to Jane, 3. William Hangam, Esq. Solicitor, of Corent. eldest danghter of the Hon Richard Mullins, garden, after having just completed bis 55th and grand-daughter of Lord Ventry, of Braids year, ham-house, Dingle, in the county of Kerry. 9. In Curzon-street, May-fair, Gen. R. Manners,

At St. James's church, by the Rev. John Ma- Col, of the 30th regt., son of the late Lord R. genis, Vicar of Harold, Bedfordshire, J. A. W'arre, Manners, of Bloxbolm, in the county of Lincoln, Esq. MP. of Cbeddon Filey Paine, Somerset- MP. in several sessions for Cambridge. shire, to Florence Catherine, youngest daughter 10. After a short illness, Sidney, third son of Hen.

of Richard Magenis, MP. of Grosvenor-place. Streatfield, Esq. of Cheddingstoue, Kent, and 10. At Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Edward, Private Secretary to the Right Hon. Robert

eldest son of William Castleman, Esq. to Apne, Peel, only danghter of W. Fryer, Esq.

- At Clifton, in his 21st year, Gresley Tatlock, 12. At Chatteris, by the Rev. Charles Simeon, MA. Esg. of Upper Grosvenor-street. the Rev. R. G. Hawkinson, of Walpole, St. Pe. 12. at Paxton-place. Mrs. Standly, relict of the ter's, Norfolk, to Susannah Mary Anne :-and late H. P. Standly, Esq. the Rev. Martin Boswell, to Dorothea, daugh- - At Southampton, Sir James Lind, KCB. Cap

ters of the Rev. Dr. Chatfield, Vicar of Chatteris. tain in the Royal Navy. 14. By special licence, at St. George's, Hanover. 13. At his seat, Theobalds, near Hatfield, in the

square, by the Lord Bishop of Calcutta, Andrew county of Herts, in his 75th year, the most no. W. Corbet, Esg. of Sandorne.castle. Shrop- ble the Marquis of Salisbury. He is succeeded shire, to Mary Einma, youngest daughter of the by his son Lord Crapborne. By his death there late John Hill, Esq. of Hawkstone-park, in that are become vacant, a blue ribbon, of the Order county, grand-danghter to Sir John Hill, Bart. of the Garter, and the Loru Lieutenantey of the and niece to the Right Hon. Lord Hill.

county of Herts. At Mary-le-bone church, by his Grace the Lord 14. At Twickenham, Frances Susannah, wife of Archbishop of Dublin,John M'Neile. Esg. eldest Lord De Dunstauville, of Tebidy Park, Corn. son of Alexander M'Neile, Esq. of Ballycastle, wall. Ireland, to Charlotte Lavinia, youngest daugh: 15. In Winchester-row, New Road, Paddington, ter of Major-General Sir Thomas Dallas, KCB. J. G. Parkhurst, Esq. of Catesby-abbey, North 16. At St. Pancras, Jesse Ainsworth, Esq. son of amptonshire,

Jesse Ainsworth, Esq. of Wicken-ball, Lan. 16. In Welbeck-street, J. Colby, Esq. of Fynone, cashire, to Hannah, daughter of the late Robert in the county of Pembroke. Lees, Esq. of Oldham. The parties had been - At Lyme Regis, Dorset, in his 88th year, Si. married at Gretna Green in September last, the mon Lee, Esq. lady being a ward in Chancery.

- At Whitehal, aged 76, Lady Lemon, wife of 17. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, by the Rev. R. H. Sir W. Lemon, Bart.

Millington, Ba. of St. John's College, Oxford, 18. In South Audley-street, after a long illness,
John Prince, Esq. of Cheltenham, to Mary Ann, Caroline Georgina, relict of the late Col. Evelyn
only daughter of the late Richard J. Millington, Anderson, brother to Lord Yarborough.
Esq. of Gullford-street, Kassell-square.

In Devonshire-street, Portland-place, William 19. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Bi- Gonlon, Esq: of Cambelton, in the Stewartry

shop of Meath, the Rev. Richard Bracker Michel, of Kirkcudbright.
Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, to Henrietta 19. At his lodgings, in Lambeth-road, aged_83,
Harriet, eldest daughter of the late Duncan Wm. Combe, Esq. author of the Devil on Two
Campbell, Esq. of Bed ford-square.

Sticks in England, Dr. Syntax's Tour in Search - At Streatham, George Chilton, Esg. of the of the Picturesque, Johnny Quæ Genus, and

Inner Temple, Barrister-at-law, to Miss Poore, other popular productions. eldest sister to Sir Edward Poore, Bart,

22. Found drowned near Westminster bridge, IX SCOTLAND.

Francis Chichester, Esq. of Trinity College,

Oxford, aged 21, At Edinburgh, Josiah Nisbet, Esq. of the Madras

23, At No. 4. Maddox-street, Bond-street, Thomas Civil Service, to Rachel, second daughter of Sir

Grnot Griffiths, Esq. and his son, Mr. Abel John Marjoribanks, Bart. MP. of Lees, in the

Griffiths, both of whom were found weltering in county of Berwick.

their blood in the drawing room; each being ABROAD,

wounded in the temple with a bullet. It is supAt Gibraltar, J. L. Cowell, Esq. to Harriot Mary,

posed that both pistols were fired by the son. eldest daughter of E. Cresswell, Esq. agent for

This borrible event took place about one his Majesty's Packets in that garrison.

o'clock. At Calcutta, Capt. W. Kennedy, Assistant Mili.

- At Arno's-grove, Southgate, in bis 232 year, tary Auditor General, to Charlotte, second

Alfred, fourth son of J. Walker, Esg. daughter of Lieut.-General Sir Robert Blair,


Dublin, at his bouse in Merrion-square, the veneDEATHS.

rable Judge Fletcher. He was elevated to the

bench in 1805, by the Duke of Bedford, then May 16.-At Oxford, aged 72, the Rev. George Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Thompson, DD. Principal of Edmund-hall, la that University, and Vicar of Bromley and the

ABROAD. United Parishes of Milford and Hordle, Hants. At Pisa, Lient.-Co!. James Stopford. 22. At Moore-place, Lambeth, Charles Hyde, At Madras, Henry Hodgson, Esq. of the Bengal Esq. suryeon.

Civil Service. - Jn Charlotte-street, Bedford-square, Mrs. At Sierra Leone, G. M. Keith, Esq. only son of

Mounsey, relict of the late R. Mounsey, Esq. Sir G. Keith, RN. 23. In his 66th year, J. G. Ridout, MD.

At Coire, in Switzerland, Lieut. Elton, of the 26. At St. Brooke's Rectory, Cornwall, Katherine, Royal Engineers, wife of the Rev. W. Molesworth.

At Calcutta, the Hon. Francis Sempill, youngest 27. Aged 75, Mr. Francis Clater, of East Retford, son of the Rt. Hon. Lord Sempill.

author of Every Man his own Farrier, and the at Calais, Henry Forster, Esq. MA. Student of Cattle Doctor.

Cbrist Church, Oxford, Barrister at-law. Com30. At Walton, Warwickshire, Sir Charles Mor. missioner of Bankrupts, and Nephew to the Earl daant, Bart.

of Eldon, and Lord Stowell.

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