Studies of Chess: Containing Caïssa, a Poem, Band 1


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Seite 18 - Where late his Consort spread dismay around, Now her dark corse lies bleeding on the ground. Hail, happy youth ! thy glories not unsung Shall live eternal on the poet's tongue ; For thou shalt soon receive a splendid change, And o'er the plain with nobler fury range. The swarthy leaders saw the storm impend, And strove, in vain, their Sov'reign to defend : Th...
Seite 18 - Here strain'd with azure, there bedropp'd with gold : Thus on the alter'd Chief both armies gaze, And both the Kings are fix'd with deep amaze. The sword which arm'd the snow-white Maid before, He now assumes, and hurls the spear no more ; Then springs, indignant, on the dark-rob'd band, And Knights and Archers feel his deadly hand.
Seite 7 - He once imprUon'd, all the conflict ends. The queens exulting near their consorts stand ; Each bears a deadly falchion in her hand ; Now here, now there, they bound with furious pride, And thin the trembling ranks from side to side ; Swift as Camilla flying o'er the main, Or lightly skimming o'er the dewy plain : Fierce as they seem, some bold Plebeian spear May pierce their shield, or stop their full career.
Seite 9 - Knights, for courage famed and speed, Each knight exalted on a prancing steed : Their arching course no vulgar limit knows, Transverse they leap, and aim insidious blows, Nor friends, nor foes, their rapid force restrain, By one quick bound two changing squares they gain ; From varying hues renew the fierce attack, And rush from black to white, from white to black. Four solemn Elephants...
Seite 64 - Every Pawn which has reached the eighth or last square of the Chessboard, must be immediately exchanged for a Queen or any other piece the player may think fit, even though all the pieces remain on the board. It follows, therefore, that he may have two or more Queens, three or more Rooks, Bishops, or Knights.
Seite 13 - Tis there it lies." This said, she sunk beneath the liquid plain, And sought the mansion of her blue-hair'd train. Meantime the god, elate with heartfelt joy, Had reach'd the temple of the sportful boy : He told Caissa's charms, his kindled fire, The naiad's counsel, and his warm desire. — " Be swift," he added, " give my passion aid ; A god requests.
Seite 12 - Kind njmpb, said Mars, thy counsel I approve ; " Art, only art, her ruthless breast can move. " But when ? or how ? Thy dark discourse explain : " So may thy stream ne'er swell with gushing rain ; " So may thy waves in one pure current flow, " And flowers eternal on thy border blow !" To whom the maid replied with smiling mien : <{ Above the palace of the Paphian queen " * Love's brother dwells, a boy of graceful port,
Seite 67 - England, he whose king is stale-mated wins the game (l>); but in France and several other countries, the stale-mate is a drawn game. XVII. At all conclusions of parties, when a player seems not to know how to give the difficult mates, as that of a knight and a bishop against the king, that of a castle and a bishop against a castle...
Seite 16 - And adds new glory to th' exulting Knight. At this, pale fear oppress'd the drooping maid, And on her cheek the rose began to fade : A crystal tear, that stood prepar'd to fall, She wip'd in silence, and conceal'd from all ; — From all but Daphnis : he remark'd her pain, And saw the weakness of her ebon train ; Then gently spoke : " Let me your loss supply, And either nobly win, or nobly die ; Me oft has fortune crown'd with fair success, And led to triumph in the fields of Chess.
Seite 4 - Thou, joy of all below, and all above, , Mild Venus, queen of laughter, queen of love : Leave thy bright island", where on many a rose And many a pink thy blooming train repose ; Assist me, goddess ! since a lovely pair Command my song, like thee divinely fair. Near yon cool stream, whose living waters play, And rise translucent, in the solar ray ; Beneath the covert of a fragrant bower, Where Spring's soft influence purpled every flower ; Two smiling nymphs reclined in calm retreat.

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