Javascript for R

CRC Press, 15.07.2021 - 354 Seiten

Little known to many, R works just as well with JavaScript—this book delves into the various ways both languages can work together. The ultimate aim of this work is to put the reader at ease with inviting JavaScript in their data science workflow. In that respect the book is not teaching one JavaScript but rather we show how little JavaScript can greatly support and enhance R code. Therefore, the focus is on integrating external JavaScript libraries and no prior knowledge of JavaScript is required.

Key Features:

● Easy to pick up.
● An entry way to learning JavaScript for R.
● Covers topics not covered anywhere else.
● Easy to follow along.



List of Figures
List of Figures
Introduction to Widgets
Basics of Building Widgets
Your First Widget
A Realistic Widget
The Full Monty
Tips and Tricks
Custom Outputs
Custom Inputs
Widgets with Shiny
The V8 Engine
Machine Learning
Managing JavaScript

Advanced Topics
Linking Widgets
Final Revisions
Bidirectional Communication
A Complete Integration
Discover Webpack and
Webpack with
Webpack Advanced

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Autoren-Profil (2021)

John Coene has been working with R, and JavaScript for a number of years, and has worked for a variety of organisations ranging from large tech companies in China to International Organisations in Switzerland.

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