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Sulp. * No; 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door; but 'tis deep enough ; 'twill serve; I am pepper'd I warrant, I warrant for this world. A pox on all madmen hereafter. If I get a monument, let this be my epitaph:

Sulpitius lies here, that troublesome slave,
That sent many honester men to the grave;
And died like a fool, when h’had liv'd like a knave.

[Exeunt omnes. EPILOGUE.

* « Romeo and Juliet,” act 3. sc. I,

A MISCHIEF on't! tho' I'm again alive,
May I believe this play of our's shall thrive?
This drumming, truinpeting, and fighting play:
Why, what a devil will the people say?
The nation that's without, and hears the din,
Will swear we're raising volunteers again.
For know, our poet, when this play was made,
Had nought but drums and trumpets in bis head;
Had banish'd poetry and all her charms,
And needs the fool would be a man at arms.
No 'prentice e'er, grown weary of indentures,
Had such a longing mind to seek adventures;
Nay, sure at last th’infection gen’ral grew;
For t'other day I was a captain too :
Neither for Flanders nor for France to roam,
But, just as you were all, to stay at home.
And now for you who bere come wrapt in cloaks,
Only for love of Underhill and Nurse Noakes*,
Our poet says, one day to a play ye come,

half a
a year

for wit at home.
But which amongst you is there to be found,
Will take his third day's pawn for fifty pound?
Or, now he is casbier'd, will fairly venture
To give him ready money for's debenture?
Therefore when he receiv'd that fatal doon,
This play came forth, in hopes his friends would come
To help a poor disbanded soldier home.


* The actors who supported the characters of Sulpitius and the Nurse. The latter obtained so much celebrity from his part, that, afterwards, he was commonly termed Nursé Noakes.





Qui pelago credit, magno se fænore tollit;
Qui pugnas & castra petit, præcingitur auro;
Vilis adulator picto jacet ebrius ostro
Et qui sollicitat nuptas, ad præmia peccat:
Sola pruinosis horret facundia pannis,
Atque inopi lingua desertas invocat artes.


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