The Early Ecclesiastical History of Dewsbury in the West-Riding of the County of York: Including a Sketch of the Introduction of Christianity Into Northumbria : to which are Added ... Dr. Whitaker's Account of Dewsbury ...

J.R. Smith, 1859 - 253 Seiten

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Seite 28 - Edwin, tutored in the school Of sorrow, still maintains a heathen rule, Who comes with functions apostolical ? Mark him, of shoulders curved, and stature tall, Black hair, and vivid eye, and meagre cheek, His prominent feature like an eagle's beak ; A Man whose aspect doth at once appal And strike with reverence.
Seite 99 - In the year 1288, Pope Nicholas IV. granted the tenths to King Edward I. for six years, towards defraying the expenses of an expedition to the Holy Land, and that they might be collected to their full value, a taxation by the King's precept was begun in that year, and finished as to the province of Canterbury, in 1291 ; and as to that of York, in the following year ; the whole being under the direction of John, Bishop of Winton, and Oliver, Bishop of Lincoln. A third taxation, entitled
Seite 95 - I judge this to be true, and utter it with heaviness, — that neither the Britons under the Romans and Saxons, nor yet the English people under the Danes and Normans, had ever such damage of their learned monuments, as we have seen in our time. Our posterity may well curse this wicked fact of our age, this unreasonable spoil of England's most noble antiquities."* 4.
Seite 95 - I know a merchant-man which shall at this time be nameless, that bought the contents of two noble libraries for forty shillings' price : a shame it is to be spoken ! This stuff hath he occupied instead of gray paper, by the space of more than these ten years ; and yet he hath store enough for as many years to come.
Seite 21 - Gregory, the servant of the servants of God, to the servants of our Lord. Forasmuch as it had been better not to begin a good work, than to think of desisting from that which has been begun, it behoves you, my beloved sons, to fulfil the good work, which, by the help of our Lord, you have undertaken.
Seite 63 - Romans, brought with them those superstitions which were suited to their actual condition. It was upon the materials arising from these two sources that Christianity was now called to do her work. The result is most remarkable. For after the new religion seemed to have carried all before it, and had received the homage of the best part of Europe, it was soon found that nothing had been really effected.
Seite 192 - The ancient manors and houses of our gentlemen are yet and for the most part of strong timber, in framing whereof our carpenters have been and are worthily preferred before those of like science among all other nations. Howbeit such as be lately builded are commonly either of brick or hard stone, or both, their rooms large and comely, and houses of office further distant from their lodgings.
Seite 89 - ... much larger, and by degrees contracted. For as the country grew more populous, and persons more devout, several other churches were founded within the extent of the former, and then a new parochial circuit was allotted in proportion to the new church, and the manor or estate of the founder of it.
Seite 100 - VIII, and because the Statutes of Colleges which were founded before the Reformation are also interpreted by this criterion, according to which their Benefices under a certain value are exempted from the restriction in the Statute 21 Henry VIII, concerning Pluralities.
Seite 28 - Peartaneu, a man of singular veracity, whose name was Deda, in relation to the faith of this province told me that one of the oldest persons had informed him, that he himself had been baptized at noon-day, by the Bishop Paulinus, in the presence of King Edwin, with a great number of...

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