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O my Lady

Page 1 Preface to the first Edition of Mr. Waller's Poems, after the Restoration ; printed in the Year 1664

3 Préface to the second part of Mr. Waller's Poems; Printed in the Year 1690

7 Of the Danger his Majesty (being Prince) escaped in the Road at Saint Andero

15 Of his Majesty's receiving the News of the Duke of

Buckingham's Death To the King on his Navy On the taking of Salle

24 Upon his Majesty's repairing of St. Paul's

25 To the Queen, occasioned upon sight of her Majesty's Picture

28 Of the Queen

30 The Apology of Sleep, for not approaching the Lady

who can do any thing but sleep when she pleaseth 32 Puerperium

34 To the Queen-Mother of France, upon her landing 35 The Country to my Lady of Carlisle

36 The Countess of Carlisle in mourning

37 In answer to one who writ a Libel against the Countess of Carlisle

39 Of

Page 40

Of her Chamber
To Phyllis

41 To my Lord of Northumberland, upon the Death of his Lady

42 То my

Lord Admiral, of his late Sickness and Re. covery

44 Song. “Stay, Phoebus, ftay!"

46 On my Lady Dorothy Sidney's Pi&ture

ibid. To Van Dyck

4 At Pens-Hurft

49 To my Lord of Leicester

50 Of the Lady who can sleep when she pleafes S3 Of the Mis-report of her being painted

52 Of her passing through a Crowd of People

53 The Story of Phæbus and Daphne applied 54 Fabula Phobi et Daphnes

ibid. Song. “ Say, lovely Dream ! &c."

55 To Mrs. Braughton, Servant to Sachariffa At Pens-Hurst To my young Lady Lucy Sidney

59 To Amoret

60 On the Friendship betwixt Sachariffa and Amoret 62 To Amoret A la Malade Upon the Death of my Lady Rich The Battle of the Summer-Ilands, in three Cantos 68 Song. “ Peace, babbling Mufe !"

76 Of Love

77 To Phyllis •

79 To my Lord of Falkland


56 58





83 84


For drinking of Healths

Page 81
Song. “ Chloris, farewel! &c.”

Of my Lady Isabella playing on the Lute
To a Lady singing a Song of his composing
Of Mrs. Arden

ibid. Of the Marriage of the Dwarfs

85 Love's Farewell

86 From a Child

ibid. On a Girdle To the mutable Fair

ibid. Song 'Tis not your Beauty can engage" 90 The Fall

91 Of Sylvia

92 The Bud

ibid. Song. “ Behold the brand of Beauty tost!" On the Discovery of a Lady's Painting

94 To a Lady, from whom he received a Silver Pen

95 To Chloris

96 Song. “ While I listen to thy Voice"

ibid. Of loving at first Sight The Self-banish'd

ibid. Song. “Go, lovely Rose!"

99 Thyrsis, Galatea On the Head of a Stag To a Lady in Retirement

103 The Miser's Speech; in a Masque

104 Upon Ben Jonson

ibid. On Mr. John Fletcher's Plays.

106 To Mr. George Sandys, on his Translation of some Parts of the Bible

107 То





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