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Printed for J. and R. TONS ON, åt Shakespear's
Head, over-against Catharine-Areet in the Strand. I


Lately Publishid, T HE Miscellaneous Works, in Verse and Profe,

of the late Right Honourable JOSEPH ADDISON, Efq; in three Volumes. Consisting of such as were never before Printed in 12mo. With some Account of the Life and Writings of the Author, by Mr. Tickell.

N. B. These Three Volumes, with the Tatlers, Spectators, Guardians, Freeholder, and Remarks on feveral Parts of Italy, compleat Mr. Addison's Works, in Twelves.

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S IR, 101N the Character of GuarMe dian, it behoves me to do L e Honour to such as have

deserved well of Society, and laid out worthy, and manly Qualities, in the Service of the Pub. Az


lick. No Man has more eminently distinguished himself this way, than Mr. Cadogan; With a Contempt of Pleasure, Rest, and Ease, when called to the Duties of your Glorious Profeflion, You have lived in a familiarity with Dangers, and with a strict Eye upon the final Purpose of the Actempt, have wholly disregarded what should befal your Self in the Prosecution of it; Thus has Life risen to You, as fast as You religned it, and every New Hour, for having so frankly lent the preceding Moments to the Cause of Justice and of Liberty, has come home to You, improved with Honour: This happy Distinction, which is so very peculiar to You, with the Addition of Industry, Vigilance, Patience of Labour, Thirst and Hunger, in common with the meanest Soldier, has


made your present Fortune Unenvied. For the Publick always reap greater Advantage, from the Example of Successful Merit, than the Deserving Man himself can possibly be possessed of; Your Country knows how eminently you excel in the several Parts of Military Skill, whether in assigning the Encampment, accommodating the Troops, leading to the Charge, or pursuing the Enemy: the Retreat being the only part of the Profession which has not fallen within the Experience of those, who learned their Warfare under the Duke of Marlborough. But the true and honest Purpose of this Epistle is to desire a place in Your Friendship, without pretending to add any thing to your Reputation, who, by Your own Gallant Actions, have acquired that

A 3. Your

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