Warne's model cookery and house-keeping book


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Seite 74 - ... the dough, with a fork, on baking-tins, and bake the buns for about 20 minutes. This mixture makes a very good cake, and if put into a tin, should be baked lj hour.
Seite 434 - VEAL AND HAM PATTIES.— Chop about six ounces of ready-dressed lean veal, and three ounces of ham, very small ; put it into a stewpan with an ounce of butter rolled in flour, half a gill of cream, half a gill of veal stock, a little grated nutmeg and lemon peel, some cayenne pepper and salt, a spoonful of essence of ham, and lemon juice, and stir it over the fire some time, taking care it does not burn.
Seite 605 - When cold, beat with an egg beater, until as white as snow ; beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and stir them into the pudding.
Seite 618 - Grate half a pound of pippins, stir to a cream one-quarter of a pound of sugar, and a quarter of a pound of butter...
Seite 442 - Fill the cabbage with this, and tie it together : put it into a deep stewpan, with half a pint of water, a quarter of a pound of butter rolled in a little flour, the yolks of four...
Seite 58 - ... carver, being compelled to exercise a degree of strength which should never be suffered to appear, very possibly, too, assisting gravy in a manner not contemplated by the person unfortunate enough to receive it. Cut diagonally from...
Seite 447 - ... sprinkle them with pepper and salt and serve hot. An excellent way to peel onions so as not to affect the eyes is to take a pan full of water, and hold and peel them under the water. ONIONS STEWED. Cook the same as boiled onions, and when quite done turn off all the water; add a teacupful of milk, a piece of butter the size of an egg, pepper and salt to taste, a tablespoonful of flour stirred to a cream; let all boil up once and serve in a vegetable dish, hot. ONIONS BAKED. Use the large Spanish...
Seite 63 - The stuffing, as in the turkey, will be obtained by making an insertion at the apron c. PHEASANT. Clear the leg by inserting the edge of the knife between it and the body, then take off the wings, B to A, but do not remove much of the breast with them, you are thus enabled to obtain some nice slices ; the pheasant is then carved as a fowl. The breast is first in estimation, then the wings, and after these the merry-thought; lovers of game prefer a leg.
Seite 310 - A rery nice Dish. Take the best end of a neck of lamb, cut it into steaks, and chop each bone so short as to make the steaks almost round. Egg, and strew with crumbs, herbs, and seasoning ; fry them of the finest brown ; mash some potatoes with a little butter and cream, and put them into the middle of the dish raised high. Then place the edge of one steak on another with the small bone upward, all round the potatoes.
Seite 365 - ... boiled very green ; thicken it with a piece of butter rolled in flour, and add a glass of red wine ; then lay your sorrel in heaps round the chickens, and pour the sauce over them.

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