Göttingische gelehrte Anzeigen, Band 3

Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1846

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Seite 1798 - I call therefore a complete and generous education, that which fits a man to perform justly, skilfully, and magnanimously all the offices, both private and public, of peace and war.
Seite 14 - Typographical Antiquities; or the history of printing in England Scotland and Ireland: containing memoirs of our ancient printers, and a register of the books printed by them.
Seite 10 - Histoire naturelle de la santé et de la maladie chez les végétaux et chez les animaux en général, et en particulier chez l'homme, suivie du formulaire pour une nouvelle méthode de traitement hygiénique et curatif.
Seite 2081 - THE HISTORY OF ITALY; from the Fall of the Western Empire, to the Commencement of the Wars of the French Revolution. By GEORGE PERCEVAL, Esq.
Seite 1616 - ... character, the amiable qualities of the apostle's, and the rigid disinterestedness of the intolerant reformer's, as warmly as if the former had never domineered in- the Vatican, and the latter had not outraged, the one all taste and decorum by his language, the other all humanity by his cruelty. But it is a merit of as high an order, and one which distinguishes all Voltaire's historical writings, that he exercises an unremitting caution in receiving improbable relations, whether supported by...
Seite 1792 - Ay, roar in his train ! let thine orators lash Their fanciful spirits to pamper his pride — Not thus did thy Grattan indignantly flash His soul o'er the freedom implored and denied.
Seite 81 - Des armes et des chevaux merveilleux, considérés comme moyens épiques dans les poèmes du moyen âge; par le baron de Reiffenberg.
Seite 14 - A View of the Early Parisian Greek Press ; including the Lives of the Stephani ; notices of other contemporary Greek Printers of Paris; and various particulars of the Literary and Ecclesiastical History of their Times.
Seite 7 - Histoire comparée du Théâtre et des Moeurs en France dès la formation de la langue. Par Onésime Leroy.

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