Topological Graph Theory

Courier Corporation, 2001 - 361 Seiten
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Clear, comprehensive introduction emphasizes graph imbedding but also covers thoroughly the connections between topological graph theory and other areas of mathematics. Discussion of imbeddings into surfaces is combined with a complete proof of the classification of closed surfaces. Authors explore the role of voltage graphs in the derivation of genus formulas, explain the Ringel-Youngs theorem — a proof that revolutionized the field of graph theory — and examine the genus of a group, including imbeddings of Cayley graphs. 1987 edition. Many figures.

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Über den Autor (2001)

Jonathan L. Gross is Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University. His research in topology, graph theory, and cultural sociometry has resulted in a variety of fellowships and research grants. Thomas W. Tucker is Mathematics Professor at Colgate University. His research interests include topology, group theory, and combinatorics.

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