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volumes all a summer's day you may man is as different as may be from seek without finding among the works ! that of the other-agreeing, however, of " our Young Poets.” People do in this, that each exhibits bone and not call Lockhart and Macaulay poets muscle sufficient, if equitably distribuat all—for both have acquired an in- ted among ten“ Young Poets," to set veterate habit of writing prose in pre- them up among the “ rural villages ference to verse, and first-rate prose as strong men, who might even occatoo; but then the genius of the one sionally exhibit in booths as giants.


ABEKEN's Cicero, strictures on, 4, 6. Christian Pilgrim, a Poem, by Edmund
Adventure during the Greek Revolution, Peel, review of, 225.

Cicero, 1-importance of his era, ib.
Affghanistan and India, review of the historic misrepresentations of it, 2-
recent Events in, 100-proposed

and of himself, 4-errors of Middleton
lonization of, 155.

regarding, ib.-his conduct as governor
Albigenses, Crusade against the, 534, of Cilicia, 7-his return to Rome, 9-
Alison's History of Europe, Vol. X., Re his position during the civil war, 10–
view of, 419.

foresees the fall of Pompey, 14—his
Alp-hunter, the, from Schiller, 446.

inconsistency, 16-lessons tanght by
Ambassador's Party, the, 494.

his history, 19.
American Notes for General Circulation, Colonies and Colonization, Merivale on,
Dickens's, review of, 783.

reviewed, 206.
Ancient Dandy, the, Chap. I. 590_Chap. Colonization of Cabool, proposed scheme
II. 595-Chap. III. 600.

for the, 155.
Anti-Corn-Law Deputation to Sir Robert Communes, rise of the, in France, 539.
Peel, the, 271.

Confucius, sentences of, from Schiller, 589.
Astronomer, to the, from Schiller, 453. Corn Question, review of the, 271.
Ballads and Poems of Schiller, the-See Cranes of Ibycus, the, from Schiller, 752.

Dance, the, from Schiller, 297.
Barbarossa of Algiers, Career of, 184. Dandy, the Ancient, Chap. I. 590-
Basque Provinces, Recollections of a

Chap. II. 595-Chap. III. 600.
Ramble through the, in 1836-7, 200- Dennis on Shakspere, 368.
Part II. 379-Part III. 498.

Dickens's American Notes for General
Benjamin of Tudela, Itinerary of, 551. Circulation, review of, 783.
Betrayal, the, a Passage in the Career of Diego Leon, 379.
El Empecinado, 75.

Dithyramb, from Schiller, 581.
Breadth and Depth, from Schiller, 455. Diver, the, from Schiller, 287.
British Institution, the, 329.

Don Carlos, the last days of, 498.
Cabool, review of the recent Insurrec Doom of the Mirror, the, by B. Simmons,

tion and Events in, 100-proposal and 498,

scheme for its colonization, 155. Duel, the, an incident of the Carlist war,
Caleb Stukely, Part V. Home Revisited, 380.

35— Part VI, Friends and Relations, Early Reading, Recollections of, a Psy-
235 – Part VII, the Transition, 374 chological Curiosity, 299.
Part VIII. the History of Emma Fitz El Empecinado, passages in the career
jones, 505--Part IX. the same

of, Part III. the Betrayal, 75.
cluded, 614.

Elopement, the, an adventure in Old
Carnival, Recollections of the, 405.

Castile, 312.
Cassandra, from the German of Schiller, Employer and the Employed, the, 642.

Exhibitions, the Royal Academy's, 23
Chapters of Turkish History, No. VIII. continued, 319_the British Institu-
Barbarossa of Algiers, 184.

tion, 329.
Charlemagne, 530.

Europe, Alison's History of, during the
Child in the Cradle, the, from Schiller, French Revolution, Vol. X. reviewed,



- the

Evening, from the German of Schiller, 296. Income Tax Act, defence of the, 146.
Expectation, the, from the German of India, Human Sacrifices in, 177Review
Schiller, 294.

of the state of, 100.
Ferrara, 166_ Tasso's Prison at, 169. Indian's Death Song, the, from Schiller,
Fêtes and Diversions among the Basques, 765.

Italy, Sketches of, Part V. Verona, 159–
Feudalism, Reign of, in France, 531.

the Open Theatre, ib.—the Amphi-
Florence, 485 — the prison, 489 -- the theatre, 160—La Porta Stupa, 162–

madhouse, 491_ambassador's party at, Vicenza and Palladio, 163—Mantua,

164, Modena, 165– Ferrara, 166-
Foreign Trade, 462.

Tasso's prison, 169—the Duke of Mo-
Forum of Women, from Schiller, 761. dena's country house, 170 Padua,
Four Ages of the World, the, from Schil Church of St Anthony, 172-St Jus-
ler, 582.

tina, 173—the Circus Maximus, 174-
Frarree, Michelet's History of, Part I. the University, ib.—the Botanic Gar-

386 – Fall of the Roman Empire; den, 175--Part VIII. Florence, 485–
system of slavery, 388 intellectual the Prison, 489- the madhouse, 491
condition of the province, 391-the -- Ambassador's party, 494-Visit to
Franks, 392 sluggard kings; an antiquary of distinction, 497— Part
mayor of the palace, 395–- Part II. IX. A Naples day, 655-Coiners, old
Charlemagne, 530--the reign of feu and new, 656— More dealers, 658-
dalism, 531-revival of the monarchy, the musuem,-Gems, 660 — Painting,
533-crusade against the Albigenses, 662-Sculpture, 663-Egyptiaca, 665
53+--St Louis, 537-the Communes, -Coins, 666-Glass, ib. —Vases, 667.

Jamitson's Scottish Dictionary, review of,
Fridolin ; or, the Message to the Forge,

from Schiller, 576.

Jesuits at Rome, the, 404.
Funerals, 87.

Journal of a Tour in Greece, by William
Girandola, the, 408.

Mure of Caldwell, review of, 120.
Glove, the, a tale, from Schiller, 287. Key, the, from the German of Schiller,
Greatness of Creation, the, from Schiller, 453.

Khonds, manners and habits of the, 177.
Greece, present state of, 120.

Knight of Toggenburg, the, from Schiller,
Greek Revolution, an adventure during 287.
the, 668.

Knights of John, the, from Schiller,
Hero and Leander, a ballad from Schiller,


Landor, Walter Savage, Imaginary Con.
History of Europe during the French Re versation by, 687.

volution, by Archibald Alison, Vol. X, Lay of the League, a, 640.
Review of, 419.

Lay of the Mountains, the, from Schiller,
History of France, Michelet's, Part I. 386. 166.
Part II. 530. See France,

Lays of Ancient Rome, by T. B. Macau-
Homer's Hymns, translations of by the lay, review of, 802.

Sketcher. Hymn to Mars, 139--to League's Revenge, the, 542.
Diana, ib.--to Minerva, 140--to Juno, Letter from Gilbert Young on the Colo.
ib.- 1o Ceres, ib.-to the Mother of the nization of Cabul, 155.
Gods, ib.--to Hercules, ib.-

1.--to Hermes, Light and Colour, from iller, 453
141-to Vulcan, ib.-- Apollo, ib.

and Warmth, from the same, 455.
Neptune, ih.---Jove, ib.--to the Muses Lines upon Letters, hy B. Simmons, 73.
and Apollo, 142—to Aphrodite, ib.- London, the World of, Part XIII. Walk-
to Selene or Luna, 154-to the Sons ing the Hospitals, 85— Funerals, 87
of Jove, Castor and Pollux, ib.

the Stomachs of London, 89-a Mir-
Honours, from the German of Schiller, ror of Magistrates, 92--Westminster

Hall, 98.
Hope, from the German of Schiller, 452. London, the Stranger in, a Tale, 740.
Hostage, the, a Ballad, from Schiller, 756. Longing, the, from Schiller, 296.
Human Sacrifices in India, 177.

Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome, re.
Hymns of Homer, translations of, by the view of, 802.

Sketcher, 139, 154. See Homer. Macbeth, Critique on, 368.
Imaginary Conversation, by Walter Sa Maiden from Afar, the, from Schiller,
vage Landor, 687.

Immutable, the, from Schiller, 453. Maiden's Lament, the, from Schiller, 447.
Incident on the Road in Spain, 502. Maitre d'Armes, Passage in the Life of a,
Income Tax, the, An Excellent New Song, 565.

Mantua, 164.

Merivale on Colonies and Colonization, Poetry, Lines upon Letters, by B. Sim.
Review of, 206.

mons, 73 - Translations of Homer's
Michelet's History of France, Part I. Hymns, by the Sketcher, 139, 154-
386_Part II. 530.

the Income Tax, 235 — the Norman
Middleton's Life of Cicero, Strictures on, Conscript, by Delta, 262- Poems and

Ballads of Schiller, translated, Part I.
Mines, on the Rent of, 457.

285_Part II. 446 - Part III. 569-
Minna, from Schiller, 762.

Part IV. 751—the Doom of the Mir-
Mirror of Magistrates, a, 92.

ror, by B. Simmons, 397-two scenes in
Modena, 165-country house of the Duke the life of Xenophon, by the same, 400
of, 170.

a Lay of the League, 640-_ Verses
Modern Greece, 120.

written after a Pilgrimage to the Grave
Monarchy, Revival of the, in France, 533. of Scott, 715.
Municipalities, Rise of the, in France, Political Economy, Ricardo's. See Ri-

Mure's Journal of a Tour in Greece, re Pompeii and Herculaneum, from Schil-
view of, 120.

ler, 454.
Museum, the Naples-Gems, 660_Paint Pompey, sketch of the career of, 11.

ings, 662-Sculpture, 663–Egyptiaca, Pope's Benediction, the, 406.
665 --Coins and glass, 666--Vases, Profits and Wages, 460.

Punch Song, from Schiller, 760-the
My Belief, from Schiller, 453.

same to be sung in the North, ib.
Naples, a day at, 655--Coiners, old and Pyramids, a Record of the, reviewed, 113.

new, 656-more dealers, ib.--the mu. Reade's Record of the Pyramids, review of.
seum, 660.

Norman Conscript, the, by Delta, 262. Recollections of a Ramble through the
Northern Circuit, the, No. V. 351.

Basque Provinces in 1836-7, 200-
Padua, 172_Church of St Anthony at, Martin Zurbano, ib.--Auxiliary Portu-

ib.-its Circus Maximus, 174-Univer guese Troops and Military Punishment,
sity, ib.—Botanic Garden, 175.

202–Garrison Tertulias, 204- Part
Paintings, Notices of, in the Exhibitions, II. Diego Leon; the Hussars de la

23, 319-in the British Institution, Princesa, 379-a Duel, 380---Plunder

and Pillage, 381- Part III. the last
Palestine, Poems on, 224.

days of Don Carlos, 498.- Village Fêtes
Pan, a Pastoral, review of, 227.

and Diversions of the Basques, 499-an
Parliament, the Session of, reviewed, 143 Eyrie, 501--an Incident on the Road,

- prospects at its opening, ib.-policy 502.
and position of the Ministry during, 144 Recollections of Early Reading ; a psy-
their measures contrasted with those chological curiosity communicated by a
of the Whigs, 145-passing of the In country magistrate, 299.
come Tax Act, 146--and of the Tariff Recollections of the Carnival, 405.
Act, 148-general summary of its re Rent, Exposition of, 319.
sults, ib.-advantages resulting from it Reviews—Jamieson’s Scottish Dictionary,
to the crown, ib.—to public credit, 150 61 - Thomson's Seasons illustrated,
-increased agricultural and colonial 74-Record of the Pyramids, 113-
protection, ib.--contrasted with those Mure's Tour in Greece, 120— Merivale
of Whig ascendency, 151.

on Colonies, 206- Poems on Palestine,
Passage in the Life of a Maitre d'Armes, 225- Alison's History of Europe, Vol.

X., 419–Reynolds's Discourses, by Bur-
Passages in the Career of El Empecinado, net, 767-Dickens's American Notes,
Part III. the Betrayal, 75.

783— Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome,
Peel, Sir Robert, Interview of with the 802.
Anti-Corn-Law Deputation, 27.

Revolt of the Workers, the, 612.
Peel's Christian Pilgrim, review of, 225. Reynolds's, Sir Joshua, Discourses, edited
Pegasus in Harness, from Schiller, 763. by Burnet, review of, 767.
Philosophers, from Schiller, 759.

Ricardo Made Easy; or, What is the Ra-
Philosophical Egoist, from Schiller, 456. dical Difference between Ricardo and
Pictures by Old Masters, the, in the Bri Adam Smith ? Part I. 338 -on value,
tish Institution, 334.

343-on rent, 319- Part II. 457- on
Pilgrim, the, from Schiller, 447.

the rent of mines, ib. — profiis and
Playing Infant, the, from Schiller, 761. wages, 460-on foreign trade, 462—
Poems on Palestine, 224.

effects of accumulation on profits and
Poems and Ballads of Schiller, see Schiller. interest, 464--Part III. 718.
Poet to his Friends, the, from Schiller, Ring of Polycrates, the, from Schiller, 450,

Riots, review of the, 410.

Riply Hall, a tale, 470_Chap. II. 474– Sketcher, the, Translations of Homer's
Chap. III. 481.

Hymns by, 139, 154.
Roamings in Rome, Part II, the Jesuits, Sketches of Italy, No. V. Verona, 159–

“ Te Deum," and our tædium, 404– Vicenza and Palladio, 163-Mantua,
recollections of the carnival, 405- the 164-Modena, 165— Ferrara, 166–
Pope's benediction, 406—the girandola, Tasso's Prison, 169–Padua, 172.-

Part VIII. Florence, 485. - Part IX.
Royal Academy, exhibition of the, 23. Naples, 655-its museum,

St Louis, 537.

Smith, Adam, comparison of, with Ricardo,
Schiller, the poems and ballads of, trans Part 1.338.--Part II. 457.- Part III.

lated, No. J. introduction, 285 — the 718.
diver, 287—the glove, 290—the knight Space, from Schiller, 589.
of Toggenburg, 291—the secret, 293 Stomachs of London, the, 89.
-the expectation, 294—the poet to his Stranger in London, the, a tale, 740.
friends, 295-evening, 296—the long T. C. L., Verses by, written after a Pilgri-
ing, ib.—the dance, 297—the sharing mage to the Grave of Sir Walter Scott,
of the earth, 298. No. II. the Alp 715.
hunter, 446—the maiden's lament, 447 Tariff, the New, 148.
--the pilgrim, ib.—the veiled image at Thomson’s Seasons, illustrated by the
Sais, 448—the ring of Polycrates, 450 Etching Club, review of, 674.
– Hope, 452—the sexes, ib.—honours, Time, from Schiller, 589.
453--the child in the cradle, ib.—the To from Schil er, 761.
Immutable, ib. Wisdom and Prudence, Turkish History, Chapters of, No. VIII.
ib._light and colour, ib.-my belief, Barbarossa of Algiers, 184.
ib.--to the astronomer, ib.--the key, ib. Two Guides of Life, the Sublime and
-Pompeii and Herculaneum, 451 Beautiful, from Schiller, 582.
light and warmth, 455_breadth and Two Scenes in the Life of Xenophon, by
depth, ib.—the philosophical egoist, B. Simmons, Scene 1st, 400-Scene
456— Wisdom, ib.—the alternative, ib. 2d, 402.

-Kant and his interpreters, ib. No. Value, Exposition of, 343.
III. Hero and Leander, 569--Cassan Veiled Image at Sais, the, from Schiller,
dra, 573_Fridolin, 576—the Maiden 448.
from afar, 581-Dithyramb, ib.-the Verona, 159--its theatre, ib.--and am-
Sublime and the Beautiful, 582__the phitheatre, 160.
Knights of St John, ib.—the four ages Verses written after a Pilgrimage to the
of the world, ib.—the walk, 584—-sen Grave of Sir Walter Scott, 715.
tences of Confucius, 589. No. IV. the Vicenza, 163.
greatness of creation, 751—the youth Visit to a distinguished Antiquary, 494.
by the brook, 752--the cranes of Iby. Walk, the, from Schiller, 584.
cus, ib.—the hostage, 756 – philoso- Walking the Hospitals, 85.
phers, 759—punch song, 760-punch Wellesley, Marquis, Sketch of the Career
song to be sung in the North, ib.--the of, 606.
playing infant, 761 -- the forum of Westminster Hall, 98.
women, ib.-to ib.—Minna, 762 Why not Colonize Cabool ? 155.
- Pegasus in harness, 763—the Indian's Wilkie, Sir David, the Works of, 329.
death-song, 765—the lay of the moun Wisdom, from Schiller, 456.
tain, 766.

Wisdom and Prudence, from Schiller,
Scott's Grave, Verses written after a Pil 453.
grimage to, 715.

World of London, the, Part XIII.
Secret, the, from Schiller, 297.

Walking the Hospitals, 85– Funerals,
Sentences of Confucius, from Schiller, 87—the Stomachs of London, 89-a

Mirror of Magistrates, 92–Westmin-
Session of Parliament, see Parliament. ster Hall, 98.
Sexes, the, from Schiller, 452.

Xenophon, Two Scenes in the Life of, by
Shakspere, Dennis on, 368.

B. Simmons, Scene I. 400--11. 402
Sharing of the Earth, the, from Schiller,298. Young, Gilbert, Letter from, on the Co-
Simmons, B., Lines upon Letters by, 73 lonization of Cabool, 155.

Doom of the Mirror by, 397-Two Youth by the Brook, from Schiller, 752.
Scenes in the Life of Xenophon by, Zurbano, Martin, 200.

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