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rest, upon his tailless hunkers, but you arrive at a small incommodious ever and anon turns his head, quick and pitiful little hole, like the dirty and sharp, in the direction of the dock wharf of a provincial seaport. “blackfaces,” over-whom, for many Have a care of looking round, or you a weary league, he was posted as will probably break your shins over a whipper-in or adjutant. Now the retail lot of shrimps, lobsters, or flatshepherd, tired of leaning against the fish, refuse of the morning's market. rail, goes over to an old woman's But this is Billingsgate. If you hapbook-stall, turning over and cheapen- pen to be a Liverpool man, you will ing the volumes. See, the colley fol. turn up your nose with contempt, and lows, looking up into his master's invite us to express our approbation visage with erudite nose. No doubt of your fish-market. And so, with a on't, that cur is familiar with books; safe conscience, we may; for never and we should be no whit astonished did we see any piscatory mart that to find him, upon examination, as well was not, to use an expression borread as many a cockney. Now, if you rowed from Billingsgate, a scaly please, reader, we will be off, for al concern in comparison. But, my though our clothes cannot suffer, yet dear sir, recollect that Billingsgate is the concussion of greasy butchers, not a fish-market, but a fish-waredrovers, raggamuffins, and the like, house-a place of import-a great may contaminate, by spot or stain, fish exchange. The market is in the your unexceptionable “rig out.” Be- three thousand fishmongers’shops, (we fore we leave the market, however, have counted here five hundred carts let us step up stairs to the first floor on one morning at one time,) of every room of the “ Cock and Gooseberry,” neighbourhood in and about the me. and take a coup-d'æil of the busy scene tropolis ; yea, as far as railways can from the window. What a paradise carry the article in a saleable condi. of beef! What snow.clad vales of tion. Business is carried on here, as mutton! What an undulatory sea of every where else throughout London, swine, tossing and tumbling like Nep- where a large amount of business has tune in his sleep, though rather less to be done in a short space of time melodious! There, sir, you behold that is to say, by factors, who expose neither more nor less than dinner for lots suited to the wants or means of three-days of the capacious maw of intending purchasers by auction, which universal London. What do we say? are purchased either by the retail Where is Newgate market, mighty in dealer in person, or by his commission butcher meat ? - where Leadenhall, agent. By this expeditious process tremendous in turkeys ?--where Bilthe market is opened, cleared, and lingsgate, alive with finny prey ? Scaly closed within a few hours : in sumreader, we have eaten nothing, posi- mer, before the regular working day tively nothing ; let us be off to Bil- begins. lingsgate for a fin of fish-take our At one o'clock P.M. every day, under poultry on our way back at Leaden- the auspices of the landlord of the Three hall-spoil a baron of beef at Newgate, Tuns, within the market is served up and consume at Covent Garden our a truly substantial and excellent fish hors d'æuvres and dessert.

dinner, but different, indeed, both as to When you reach the Monument on cooking and charges, from the more Fish Street Hill, you have only to fol. costly and recherche feeds at Greenwich low your nose; find Billingsgate by or Blackwall. The banquet consists of the scent, regaled with every variety a variety of whatever fish may be in of "ancient and fish-like smell :" Loch. season and abundance. If turbot fine herrings; Dutch ditto, swimming happens to have been a drug in the in seas of crimsoned brine; Finnan market the morning of the day you haddies, lying on the flat of their dine, then you may expect turbot ; backs, inviting purchasers; Yarmouth if cod, you will be sure to have a bloaters; split salmon, of which you slice from a magnificent head and may command even a solitary rasher, shoulders, cooked in the plain old if you have the twopenny-worth of cir- English fashion. After this, you will culating “ browns wherewith to re be served with a substantial joint of munerate the vender for the same; roast or boiled, with customary trimin brief, you proceed through a lead- mings. Your dinner costs you eighteening thoroughfare of dried fish, until pence; and if you take a nip of brandy,

as you ought, this additional extrava- casualties to which home-manufacturgance will swell your “ tottle" to one ed greens or fruits are liable ? Noand ninepence: the waiter invariably thing short of a general suspension of forgetting to return with the odd three- the laws of vegetative nature can depence, it will be advisable for you to prive us of our summer or our spring make a merit of necessity, waving cabbages, our early cauliflowers, or our your hand while giving the attendant sprouts. The agriculture, horticulfunctionary the needless permission ture, and floriculture of Covent Garto keep the change for himself. den, are comprised in a tolerably well

From Billingsgate we ascend through filled purse. You are here sure of a labyrinth of intricate lanes to Lead your crop by the liberal application enball. Here we have the great em of that universal fertilizer - ready porium of poultry-tons of turkeys; money. Now, here again you have cubic yards of geese, capons, and other examples of the artificial wants barn-door chucks; with, in the season, and difficult luxuries of London. absolutely clouds of game and wild Fancy a cabbage shop with polished fowl. Here you have a capital idea brass sashes, squares of plate glass of the numbers of the poultry eating, costing fifteen or twenty pounds or wealthy classes. A fowl in Lon- a-piece; within, a French polished don, humble reader, if it be good for mahogany counter, and a shopwoman any thing to eat, is good for three in black silk dress and braided hair, and sixpence or four shillings to pay; entering sales with a gold headed pen. so that, we need hardly tell you, the Observe in the windows how the very gizzard, wing, or a bit of the breast, seasons are anticipated, and Dame is meat for our masters. Yet here

Yet here Nature compelled to be productive you see waggon-loads of pheasants before her time. Look at those tuand partridges, caravans of hares, bers the bulk of marbles: they are bushels of larks, cart-loads of feather. young potatoes - half a guinea a ed bipeds of all sorts and sizes. You pound. Regard that saucerful of peas would positively imagine, from the -pale, sickly, and good for nothing. quantities scattered about, that the Just step in, will you, and ask the very union workhouses banqueted lady how she sells them.-A guinea every day upon poultry.

an ounce ! We glance at Newgate market on Only a guinea an ounce! Powers our way to Covent Garden, but there of peas ! where does the money come is nothing in it to detain us for a mo from? ment. We would call at Spitalfields “ What are these black, roughmarket, if it were in our way, because, looking things, something like Jeru-as our object is to exhibit to you salem artichokes ?"_“Those, sir, are both sides of life, we should be obliged, truffles-capital stuffing for pheasant even at the bazard of turning your or turkey." Cheaper certainly to stuff stomachs, to show you the horrid them with half-crowns, but then the viands poverty is compelled to taste, flavour would not be so exquisite. at this most miserable end of the This, you see, is the shop of an herbtown-this antipodes to the region of alist; here the proprietor prepares opulence, rank, and fashion, of the vegetable remedies, infusions, decocother hemisphere of our metropolitan tions, and the like ; so that you may be world.

physicked or fed, according as you are Nogarden like Covent Garden. Oh, prompted by appetite or indigestion. you dilettanti diggers and delvers, And the next shop, what a goodly amateur hoers and weeders, gentle array of pines, with their rich tropical men who delight in gardening, and orange bulbs and peculiar greenexult in the gratified ambition of tufted tops ; we have doubtless heard growing your own vegetables, look great things of the flavour of a pinehere, and say whether any of you can apple, but, in our present circumgrow any thing you require for less stauces, feel much more disposed to than double the money, and quadruple imagine that it tastes very like a the trouble, we town's-people have, turnip. when requiring similar articles, What “ What are those in the bottle with care we for blights, or frosts, or bro. moss ? "_" Snakes.”.

' _" Live snakes ken glass, or stoves out of repair, or for sale ?"_“Yes, sir." -"What use drunken gardeners, or any other of the is made of them ?"_" Pets, sir.”


Very delightful objects, truly: and so will not say nosegay-nose me no people in London are to be found who nosegays—but bouquet, for your miscan Aling away affection upon ser. tress. Perhaps you have studied the

After this, we can excuse language of flowers, and may disthe Countess-Dowager who adver. pose your selection so as to convey a tised for “a dog-boy of Evangelical sentiment, or hiot an assignation ; or, principles, and accustomed to the care more probably, you see something of pugs."

peculiarly appropriate in such a preHalt! This is a bouquet shop ; the sent. Flowers to the fair ; hang it, we window, as you see, filled with little ourselves will venture sixpence on a ground glass vases, each with its lily of the valley for Wilhelmina sprig of geranium, leaf of lily of the Popkins. "Eighteen-pence, sir." For valley, or mossy rosebud; here are a sprig of water-lily: Pooh! Why violets

should we lay out any thing for the Sweeter than the lids of Juno's eyes,

Popkinses? at our time of life we

should be only laughed at by Willy, Or Cytharea's breath.”

and jumped at by Mamma Popkins. Here are gem-like flowers, whose This bald patchi. on the crown of our names are to us anknown, tastefully head reminds us of our folly ; and, made up with silver wire into the leaving you young men selecting flowers most exquisite little nosegays, in the for your mistresses, we quietiy take evening to be transferred to the fili our way home with a bunch of o

"spargree holder of high-born damsel going row.grass” under our arm, meditating to rout or ball, or more favoured as we go along, not upon the Popnestling in her bosom.

kinses, but whether we shall eat our Now is your time, amorous youth, delicacy with sauce, or with a toast to pop in and cull a charming-we and butter.


“ All persons found trespassing will be prosecuted according to law."




seen no more.

Awful words-stopping in his on Law! when we think of thee-in ward course suburban hedgebreaker, thyself impalpable, invisible, incomapple or poultry stealer, or Cockney prehensible, yet in thy results tangisportsman on sanguinary deeds intent! ble, substantial, legible-how candid Formidable announcement " with and Protean are the aspects you prethe utmost rigour of the law.Mark

our imaginative peeper you, the owner of the sacred territory Sometimes we behold thee a hoofed over whòse pitched paling with crook- and horned Satan, thy parchment skin ed nails at top, peeps this terrible de curiously tattooed with captivating hienunciation in black letters on a white roglyphics, upon which, when the eyes ground, does not menace you with his of thy victims rest for a moment, utmost rigour. You are not to be straight are they spirited away, to be punished by him. No such thing.

Again, thou seemest Good kind Christian that he is, he like a wrinkled miser, brooding over hates the words utmost rigour. He is no his money bags, thy den fenced round Shylock thirsting for a pound of your with intricate and complicated engines flesh avoirdupois, with the gravy in it. to catch by the arm or leg such as He would willingly let you off with may venture to approach thee. Presa remonstrance or an admonition not to, thou changest to a bloated spider, to encroach upon his territory again, fattening in thy den upon the carcasses if he had his way of it : but then, my of blue-bottles, which, having sucked dear sir, he has nothing to do with it: dry, thou fingest out again, in thy you offend not against him, but against capacious web ever entangling more! the law : you are prosecuted, not ac Sometimes thou seemest a fisherman, cording to him, but according to law : closing fast upon the small fry of you are punished, contrary to your society thy drag-net, and opening wide prosecutor's inclination, and greatly every mesh to letthe well fed fish esio the easement of his conscience, not cape. Now thou wearest the effigy of with his utmost rigour, but with the a crown; thy fangs grasp fetters, the utmost rigour of the law !

gibbet, and the wheel, and out of thy

mouth cometh the words ukase or or seem, careless profusion, and cast an donnance, while cowering slaves lie eye upon the wretches who gloat, trembling at thy feet. Again, we see with hungry eyes, over the mine thee multiplied twelvefuld, with az which a strip of glass only divides pect honest, manly, and erect, the from their grasp-and wonder, as we terror of unjust judges, the dread of often have wondered, that that glass tyrannizing kings-sitting in fearless is seldom or never broken. How often judgment upon thy peers, tempering have we seen starving creatures find justice with mercy-seeing thee thus, themselves, as it were, with the unsawe are familiar with thy face, and thou tisfactory spectacle of viands exhibited art terrible no more!

in open windows, or upon benches We are not to be talked into an im- outside the tradesman's doors, yet how plicit deference to the excellences of few, how very few, comparatively our constitution, nor to blink whatever speaking, put forth the furtive hand, comes under our eyes of injustice in and pilfer that which might be life to the practical administration of our them, but wbich is not theirs to take, laws. But while we expose those de, though they have not wherewithal to fects that have crept into our adminis. buy. tration of justice; while we lament Perhaps you will say, the certainty that our practice recognizes, or at least of deteciion is sufficient to withhold tolerates, difft rences unthought of in the pilfering hand : but detection, our theory-we gratefully a:d gladly though probable, is not certain, and admit that the supremacy of the laws the love of liberty must, we should in this country is complete ; and that think, give place to the love of life ; in its completeness it is the greatest yet, do we not know, through the me. blessing a free people can enjoy; for dium of the public press, that hun. it is the parent of all national prospe- dreds, we might say thousands, in this rity, and the guardian of progressive metropolis have retired to holes and improvement.

corners to die-literally, to die, sooner In London, the supremacy of the law than purchase prolonged existence at is strikingly remarkable ;-the sur a disgraceful price; to perish sooner render of individual power is com than to steal ? plete. Whether we contemplate the Therefore, for God's sake, let us majesty of law as exhibited in preser- not take too low an estimate of poor vation of the public peace, or in the human nature: let us not be as brass protection of life and property in this or iron to our own flesh and blood : vast metropolis, its operation is equal. let us assure ourselves that the devil, ly wonderful and useful.

When we in all his diversity of shapes, can asconsider the heterogeneous character sume no form more seductive to crime of a London population-made up, in than poverty : and while we fill our the mass, of such incompatible mate- prisons with poor rogues, and sit in rials ; when we reflect that it is the our courts of justice making general asylum of the criminal, the prey of jail deliveries, let us have a care that the swindler, the dupe of the quack, we forget not, in our haste to punish the hiding place of the unfortunate, crimes, our own criminal negligence the knavish, and the vicious, as well in their privations. as the home of honest industry and Let us turn now to the supremacy continuous toil; when we reflect how of the law, as exhibited in the presermuch property is accumulated in vation of the public peace; and conevery district within the Bills of Mor- fess how completely the law has emantality, we are amazed at the compa- cipated itself from being in every rative infrequency of outrage and man's hand, to make what abuse he plunder, and the comparative certain- please of it. Take a street now, for ty with which attempts at either are instance, - how swimmingly every detected and suppressed.

thing goes on until a policeman turns Stand near a goldsmith's or money- the corner : what though he be the changer's window-one of those win- most ungainly lout (as indeed most of dows where gold in ingots, silver in these functionaries are) ever captured bars, crumbs and dust of the precious upon the moors of Yorkshire or the metals, thousand pound notes, and fens of Allen, yet is hę armed with every variety of the representatives of authority, and no man dreams of opcredit are displayed with, as it would position : not a lettre de cachet under

the old régime had more absolute “ A Morning at Bow Street," will power : the mob, for whose capacious give the best idea of the ordinary promaw said policeman would not be a cedure of our metropolitan police mouthful, slinks away at his approach: courts, albeit we cannot pretend to the combatants are effectually cowed, the graphic portraiture of the comicaand neither is the better man : there lities of the place, peculiar to a well stands the great officer of the law, known and justly popular publication clothed in authority and a stand-up bearing that title; but, in truth, we collar, listening to the origin of the do not visit courts of justice, high or scuffle, or, as the women who expound low, for the purpose of administering matters choose to say, “ the rights of to the amusement of our readers : a it :" there he stands, menacing the re court of justice is a sorrowful place, fractory, admonishing the quarrel- and the emotions it excites are of a some, and dispersing the dilatory : painful character: we enter it as we do nor does he seize the principal cul- an hospital, in expectation of breathing prits, so long as he perceives the most an impure air—an atmosphere of mo. remote probability of being invited to ral pestilence. There are, it is true, take any thing to drink. To poor 'both in madhouses and courts of justramps, as also to wretches who get a tice, passages that humour may torliving in the open air by selling nuts ture into the means of exciting mirth ; and oranges, he entertains a mortal but they are few and far between. At aversion ; as indeed he does to all who a police office we are compelled to behave no money, and who by no human hold the most loathsome of diseasespossibility can “ stand any thing," as moral plagues : there is much sufferthe official phrase is : but to the mid- ing-many tears: and Heaven forbid night pranks of noblemen and gentle that we should make the misfortunes men he is laudably indifferent. If a of our fellow-creatures incidents for charge be preferred against one of laughter. Our purpose is to present this privileged class, your policeman the public with rough pen-and-ink o cannot take the case, 'cos he didn't sketches-studies from nature-not see the gen'l'man do it,".

'-a nice dis- caricatures, of the familiar scenes of tinction, which procures our judicious London life ; perhaps unnoticed only guardian of the night many a half because they are familiar. Fond crown, over and above his weekly enough of fun, we like to be funny in wages.

proper places. Honest or not, however, your me Dulce est desipere in loco, and the tropolitan policeman a conjurer of impatient reader will have the goodno ordinary powers. He will spirit ness to bear with us, until we come to you away like a fairy, and, like the the House of Commons, or some other head of Medusa, he will turn you into place where we can play the fool with a stone (station-house :) men and wo. propriety, and be empty, loquacious, men, in his custody, are no longer and good-for-nothing to his heart's men and women, they are merely content. cases : and it is odds that, before they Bow Street, why so called we know get out of the business, the cases will not, unless it be that it is straight as be pretty well cleaned out,

an arrow, is situate, lying and being The inefficiency of our metropoli- somewhere about the middle of the tan police force, as at present consti- metropolis, bounded by brick and mortuted, for detective purposes, has been tar houses on all sides of the invisi. of late much dilated upon; and, per- ble horizon, with in the summer) haps, there may be some truth in that about as much blue sky overhead as assertion; but, whatever changes cir- would trim a lady's bonnet with ecocumstances may render necessary, we nomy; geologically, the carriage way trust that it will never be forgotten is Aberdeen granite, the footways that the old Bow Street myrmidons sandstone rag, with upper-lying strata owed much of their success in capture of mud or dust, according to the seaing notorious offenders to an atrocious son; the manufactures gin, in every system of tolerating, and by that to variety, with the various adulterations leration fostering crime until it became of beer now in vogue in the metroripe for the gallows;—a system dis. polis ; the natural history is comprised graceful to any country, but most of in two larks hanging out of a garret all to a free country like our own. window at the station house ; the po.

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