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slipping on part of his dress, hurried had arrived; “I know of none in
to arouse him. Unluckily, however, Spain at present."
a servant, who had not yet retired to “ In the name of King Ferdinand
rest, had also heard the knocking, the Seventh," replied the corregi.
and going to the door, inquired who dor.
was there.

Vil Afrancesado !exclaimed
Gente de paz," was the answer, Diez, his eyes flashing, and his fea-
and the man recognizing the voice of tures assuming so terrible an expres-
the corregidor of the town immediately sion that his captor stepped a pace
withdrew bars and bolts, and gave backward, and looked to his armed
entrance to that functionary, followed retinue as though for protection.
by two other magistrates of inferior “ Add pot hypocrisy to your treason,
grade, and a score of well-armed but say at once it is by order of
alguazils. Leaving sentries at the the French you commit this base act,
door, the party mounted the stairs; unworthy of a true Spaniard."
and as the master of the house, whose While this was passing above stairs,
alertness a life of ease and sloth had and notwithstanding the lateness of
somewhat impaired, was entering a the hour, a number of persons had
gallery leading to the Empecinado's assembled at the door of the Canon's
apartment, he found himself face to house, attracted by a report which had
face with the corregidor.

spread that an important arrest was You are doubtless proceeding to taking place. The assemblage con. the same quarters as ourselves, Senor sisted chiefly of artizans and labourers, Canonigo, although on a different a class that almost, without exception, errand probably,” said the magistrate entertained a violent hatred for the with a sarcastic smile, running his eye French, differing in that respect from over the unfortunate churchman's per- some of the higher ranks, of which plexed countenance and scanty attire. many individuals had deemed it 6. This is a serious matter, senor," necessary to their security, or adadded he, resuming his gravity.

vantageous to their interests, to side “ You are said to be sheltering a with the invaders. Nicolas el Coco notorious robber and traitor, on whose was also there. Scarcely had he given head a price has been set. Be good information to the corregidor of the enough to accompany me in the search Empecinado's arrival in the town, I am about to institute for the outlaw when he began to be agitated by vioJuan Martin Diez."

lent fears lest the large reward that And pushing the unlucky canon had been his stimulus to the treachery before them, the party proceeded along should yet escape him, and be grasped the gallery, and stopped at the door of by some more powerful hand than his the Æmpecinado's room. Making a sign

Nor were his apprehensions to his followers to move silently, the unreasonable, considering the then corregidor entered a large apartment, confused and disorganized state of at the further end of which was an things in Spain, and the corruption of alcove where Diez lay sleeping with the new authorities appointed by the his pistols and sabre on a chair beside French. The corregidor asked him his bed. These were removed by an where Diez had alighted, but to this alguazil; but even then, so great was he was unable to reply. The magisthe terror inspired by the well known trate's suspicions, however, were immestrength and desperate courage of the diately directed to the canon, whom he partizan, that, backed as he was by knew to be a townsman and friend of twenty armed men, the corregidor's the Empecinado, and to his house he hand trembled as he laid it on the forthwith proceeded, as has already shoulder of the sleeper. A touch was

been seen.

The beggarman, tremsufficient to arouse the guerilla ; he bling for the price of his villany, sprang into a sitting posture and con. stuck close to his skirts, but on arriving fronted the magistrate.

at the canon's door, even his avarice “ In the King's name, Martin Diez, was not sufficiently strong to induce you are my prisoner,” said the latter. him to confront the man whom he had

“ In the name of what King ?” betrayed, and he waited in the street asked the Empecinado, who saw at while the capture was effected. once that resistance was useless, and • What's to do neighbours ?'' said a that a day of triumph for his enemies burly, beetled-browed man, in the garb


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of a butcher, pushing his way into the A sorrowful groan ran through the midst of the crowd. “What is it that crowd on learning the name of the prihas brought you all out of your beds, soner, and the corregidor, apprehensive and set corregidor and alcade and the of a rescue, quickened his step, and rest of them running about the town at ordered the escort to close well up. this time o' pight?

The force he could command, how. “ You know as much about it as we ever, would probably have been totally do, friend Esteban,” replied one of the inadequate to enable him to preserve persons addressed.

“ It seems they his prize, had not the large number of are arresting somebody, but whom I French troops, quartered within a few cannot tell you.”

hours' march of the Burgo de Osma, “Somebody!" reiterated another by operated as a more effectual check on stander, “some dozen you mean. Why the populace. man, there were near upon thirty al- s The Empecinado!" repeated Esguazils entered the house, armed all teban, in the tone of a man stunned of them to the very teeth. It must be and stupefied. Ha!" roared he, and something out of the common way to giving a bound that carried him across render such a force as that necessary.' the street, and upset one or two of the

They are there, perhaps, not so bystanders, he grasped by the throat a much to seize the prey as to hold it figure that was endeavouring to steal when taken,” said Esteban. “May- away and follow the corregidor and hap the corregidor has a notion that it his myrmidons. cannot be very agreeable to true-heart- “ Help! murder !" shrieked the ed Spaniards to see their countrymen man, as well as his compressed windand friends thrown into prison, and pipe would allow. “Help! Senor Corhung and shot at the command of the regidor !" French. By the Holy Trinity! we are Silence, traitor!" vociferated the a craven and degenerate people, or butcher, and dashed his captive to the such things would not be."

ground. “ Hush! man," said another speak- Two or three lanterns were brought erin a lowertone, “such words are dan- to the spot, and their light fell on the gerous. But yonder is Nunez the al- hideous face of the mendicant, now guazil, I will ask him what is going on.' pallid and quivering with deadly ter

And making his way to the door, he exchanged a few words with one of the “You betrayed the Empecinado," men that had been left to guard it, said Esteban, placing his heavy foot and returned to Esteban's side.

upon the breast of the prostrate “ He knows not whom they are ar- wretch. resting, but Nicolas the beggar gave “No! Senor, no!" cried the beggar, the information."

o'tis false ; I told no one of his com“Nicolas!” exclaimed the butcher, ing." " bas that crippled cur turned infur. * You betrayed the Empecinado," mer? Nay, then, let him keep clear repeated the butcher in an unaltered of me. This very morning I gave him tone, but pressing hard upon the chest an alms and a bone, but, by the tail of of his victim. St Anthony's pig, a cudgel shall be his “ Mercy! Senor," shrieked the unwelcome when he next crosses my happy Nicolas, “I betrayed him not, threshold.''

I knew not he was here." • Where is the hound ? ” cried an- “ The butcher's brow contracted, other ; "'tis but a moment since I saw and he threw the whole weight of his his ill-omened visaye in the crowd." body upon the foot which held down Before any search could be institu

the beggar. ted for the mendicant, the house door "Liar 1” he exclaimed ; and a third was thrown wide open, and the magis time he repeated, “ You betrayed the trates issued furth, preceding the Em. Empecinudo." pecinado, handcuffed, but preserving The blood gushed from the mouth bis usual commanding gait and stern

of the traitor. unquailing countenance, amidst the Perdon! perdon!" he gurgled in a fixed bayonets of his guards.

quenched and broken voice.

" Es “ The Empecinado! exclaimed verdad ! 'tis true!" Esteban the butcher, to whom Diez “Who has a rope ? ” cried Esteban. was personally known.

Two or three were produced.


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The first sight that on the following favour with the French, had selected morning greeted the eyes of the cor- as one of the most comfortless dunregidor of the Burgo de Osma, was geons at his disposal. It had no win. the dead body of Nicolas hanging by dow or opening looking out of the the neck from a tree opposite bis prison, but received air and a glimwindows. A paper pinned upon his mering sort of twilight through a breast was stained by the blood that grating let into the wall that separated had flowed from his mouth, but not it from a corridor. Furniture there sufficiently so to prevent the magis. was none; a scanty provision of straw trate from reading the following words, in one corner served the prisoner to " Los Vendedores del Empecinado, sit and lie upon. His hands were free, Numero Una,

but he was debarred from exercise, Venganza !*

even such as he might have taken The corregidor could not repress a within the narrow limits of the cell, shudder as he turned from the win- by weighty iron manacles, worthy of dow, and thought who might chance the most palmy days of the Inquisi. to be Numero Dos.

tion, which were fastened upon his This daring and significant demon- legs in such a manner as to prevent stration, whose authors it was impos- his walking, or even crossing his prisible to discover, owing to the fidelity son, otherwise than by a succession of with which the secret was kept, alarm- short leaps, in taking which his ankles ed the authorities, and their first care could not fail to be bruised and was to send off to the village of San wounded by the severity of his fetEsteban de Gormaz, where the nearest ters. French detachment, consisting of three One morning shortly after his inhundred infantry, was quartered, in carceration, the Empecinado was lying order to obtain a sufficient guard for on his straw bed, and reflecting on the the important prisoner that had been circumstances of his position, which made. These troops immediately might well have been deemed despemarched to the Burgo de Osma; and rate. But Martin Diez possessed, in as the intelligence of the Empecinado's addition to that headlong courage capture spread, other parties, both of which prompted him to despise all infantry and cavalry, kept pouring in, dangers, however great the odds against until in a very short time nearly three him, other qualities not less precious. thousand men, commanded by a bri- These were, an unparalleled degree gadier-general, were assembled in the of fortitude, and a strength of mind town. The Empecinado having been that enabled him to bear up against arrested by the Spanish authorities, it sufferings and misfortune that would was thought proper to go through the have reduced most men to desponformalities of trying him by a civil dency. However abandoned by friends tribunal, instead of subjecting him to and shackled in his own resources, he the more summary operation of a ten never allowed himself to despair; and minutes' shrift and a dozen musket it was this heroic spirit, added to great balls, which would have been his lot confidence in his physical energies, had the French themselves been his that, fifteen years later, when he was captors. Accordingly the corregidor led out to execution, prompted the was charged to get all ready for the most daring attempt ever made by a trial, and to collect the necessary wit- prisoner to escape, naked and weanesses to prove the murders and rob- ponless, from a numerous and wellberies of which the Empecinado was armed guard. accused; for the French had through- To break out of the prison where out affected to consider him as a mere he now was, certainly appeared no bandit and highwayman, and as such easy matter, and a sum in gold that ņot entitled to the treatment or privi- he had on his person when he entered leges of a prisoner of war.

the town, having been taken from The room in the town prison in him, he could have no hopes of corwhich Diez had been placed, was a rupting the jailer. While ruminating small stone-floored cell, damp and on the means of communicating with cold, which the jailer, anxious to curry his friends without, he heard his name

* The betrayer of the Empecinado-Number One--Revenge !

his escape:

pronounced in a distinct but cautious him upon his shoulders, and in that whisper, and, turning his eyes to the manner carried him to the door of the only quarter whence such a sound jailer's room. could come, he beheld the grated win. The alcayde, or jailer, was lolling in dow nearly blocked up by the head of a large well-stuffed arm-chair, and a man, who was gazing at him through opposite to him was seated the lawyer the bars.

appointed to conduct Diez's prosecu“Martin Diez,” said the stranger, tion. On a small table between them perceiving that he had attracted his were placed glasses and a dusty cobattention; “dost thou not know me?" web-covered bottle, with the contents

The Empecinado arose, and, ap. of which the two worthies were solaproaching

the window, recognised the cing themselves, while they discussed features of a certain shoemaker named

the all-absorbing topic of the day, the Cambea, a native of Aranda, and who trial of the Empecinado, and its prohad served with him in the war of '92. bable, or rather certain result. As He had been thrown into jail for some glass after glass was emptied of the offence which was, however, of so oily old Xeres wine, the lawyer retrifling a nature, that he was not con- hearsed his speech, the jailer found fined to a cell in the daytime, but had guilty, and passed sentence, until, step the run of the prison, and even worked by step, and before the bottle was out, at his trade by the connivance of the the Empecinado had, in imagination, jailer. Having learned that the Em. and somewhat prematurely, been conpecinado was a prisoner, he watched demned, placed in capilla, confessed, an opportunity to visit him, and now and led out to execution. Just as the offered to do all in his power to aid in lawyer was conjecturing how he would

look with the rope round his neck, The risk of discovery was too great some one tapped at the door. for Cambea to remain long in confe- Adelante ?cried the jailer, and rence with the guerilla. A few sen- Cambea made his appearance. tences, however, were exchanged, and " Senor Alcayde,

said be, “the he then went away, but returned the corregidor is at the prison-gate, and same afternoon, and with a lump of desires to speak with you." wax contrived to take an impression Putting on one side the bottle and of the lock on the Empecinado's dun- glasses, the jailer hurried to receive geon-door, in order to get a key made the chief magistrate of the town, but by a friend he had in the town, who as he passed through the door behind by trade was a locksmith.

which the Empecinado was concealed, Two days elapsed without his re- the latter made a sort of buck leap, appearance, and Diez began to fear with his fetters upon his feet, and that their communication had been grappled him like a tiger, seizing him discovered, and Cambea subjected to by the hair with his left hand, and stricter confinement, when the door of with his right clutching his throat so the cell gently opened, and the shoe- as nearly to strangle him. At the maker entered, a key in his hand, and same time Cambea threw himself upon his face radiant with satisfaction. the lawyer, whose head he muffled in This difficulty being overcome, their his own cloak, and then, taking him plans were soon arranged, and it was up in his arms, carried him bodily to agreed that on the following Sunday, the Empecinado's cell, and there lockwhile mass was celebrating, the grand ed him in. Then returning to the attempt should be made.

assistance of Diez, they tied the jailer's The day arrived, and at ten in the hands, and, putting a gag in his mouth, morning the wife and daughter of the placed him also in the dungeon. The jailer, their servant and the turnkey, next thing to be done was to rid the having gone to church, the prison Empecinado of his manacles, which remained silent and deserted, except was soon accomplished by means of by the prisoners and the jailer himself, riveting tools found in the jailer's who was shut up in his apartment. room. Without losing a moment, and with But they had as yet only surmounted the greatest silence and caution, Cam. a part of their difficulties, and much bea repaired to the Empecinado's dun- remained to be done before they could geon, and arming him with one of the consider themselves in safety. It is knives he used for cutting leather, took true, they had the keys, and could un


lock the door and walk out of the pri. officer rank who was about to take son, but the streets were swarming a ride. The Empecinado had found with French soldiers, through whom in a pocket of his borrowed garmenis they would have to run the gauntlet a box, full of that excessively fine and before getting out of the town. To pungent snuff, called in Spain the do this with less chance of detection, Encarnado de los frayles. Emptying they returned to the dungeon, and, the contents into his hand, he walked taking the clothes off its present in- up to the soldier, and asked to be mates, put them on themselves. Cam- directed to the quarters of the general bea took possession of the lawyer's commanding. While the man three-cornered bat, and Diez of that answering him, Diez threw the snuff of the alcayde, and then arranging in his face and eyes, and, opening his their cloaks in such a manner as to cloak, gave him a buffet that stretched conceal the greater part of their faces, bim, stunned and blinded, upon the they walked out of the principal gate ground. Then, seizing his drawn of the prison, carefully shutting it sword, he sprang upon the officer's after them, and passing unsuspected horse, and Cambea mounting that of through the French soldiers on guard. the dragoon, they succeeded in passing Fortunately, as it was the hour of high the town.gate unchallenged. mass, all the town's people were in the They had not been clear of the church, and the French took no notice town five minutes, when they heard of the two fugitives as they walked trumpets sounding and drums beating through the streets with grave and to arms, and soon the road in their deliberate pace, studiously avoiding rear was covered with light cavalry in any appearance of haste, lest it might hot pursuit. But their horses were lead to detection.

good, the start they had was sufficient, In this manner they had nearly got and they speedily reached the mounout of the town, when they perceived tains. Three days afterwards the an orderly dragoon holding two horses, Empecinado had rejoined Mariano saddled and bridled, at the door of a Fuentes, and was again at the head of house, apparently waiting for some his band.

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