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went, and on, and on--expecting pre- playing away, and every body is talksently to be finally entangled, and ing of all that is to take place, and fixed for an hour or two, as an ele- quite contented to stand for an hour, ment of a mass that was equally before expecting to be blessed; for the church us and behind. At last, however, we knows what she is about, and makes reached the object of our wish, and her masses and her girandoles of sufgot beyond the obelisk of the piazza, ficient length to leave no fugitive imin a line with the two magnificent pression; and so the bells went on, fountains, whose conduit pipes had presenting us their open mouths for been recently cleaned to give full scope the thousandth time, and swinging to the play of their waters, and from backwards and forwards to show how this position we will first tell the reader happy they were on this great occawhat we saw. We saw the central sion. It was only when Attention, window of the Basilica with large tired of her tiptoe attitude, and indeed coloured awnings hanging over, and weary of any one attitude whatever, a fine canopy, such as thrones have in began to rest herself on the sides of kings' chambers, and much superb her feet and yawn, that a sudden upholstery of silks and velvets. Be silence fixed us afresh. The balcony low and around this spot we saw and where the Pope is expected, and heard a buzzing mass of concentrated where a crowd of different subordi. eagerness, which filled the immense nate functionaries had hitherto been piazza, as far as they were permitted stationed, is filling fast with whiteby the armed force of the church, which robed episcopacy and silver tinsel miseems as ready to smite, if it dared, tres. Then came the officiating caras the irritable apostle himself. Re- dinals, and then a huge plume is seen giments of these heroes gird the whole surmounting a scarlet uniform, both front of the building, and leave an of which are the property, it seems, of empty area for bands of music and one Captain Pfeffer, the centurion of the manquvres of the Pope's cavalry. the Swiss guard—for even in a paCarriages full of pretension and pret- geant the church cannot trust itself to tiness are soon obliged to back-so its proper empire on the mind and will the soldiers-on a densely com- heart, nor, if soldiers there must be, to pressed crowd in the rear, amongst its own faithful Romans—the said which you may see the most striking Pfeffer comes at present to show himprovincial costumes ; for Albano and self, and further to give the Romans Frescati, and every village which skirts a notion of the prosopa of the Æsthe Appenine, has its own petticoat, schylean drama, Violence and Strength. green, scarlet, or amber-coloured—and More pontifical upholstery, in silver, its own mode of disposing kerchief or in gold, and in satin, is now being atriband. These are mixed just as tached to the ledge of the balcony, the painter's pallet would desire, with and the Pope will not tarry. He rough-shod contadini, in leathern gait comes !!~a louder peal of bells from ers and sheep-skins with the fleeces the melted brass of Agrippa's Pantheon upon them, and are further chequered acknowledges his approach. The canby the various liveries of prince, car- nons of St Angelo (more of Agrippa's dinal, or ambassador. As we seldom property, consecrated or desecrated, see a vast crowd in England looking as the case may be) are unmuzzled, up in eager anticipation to any thing and the match is applied! Scarcely but a gibbet, the high window to have we time to cast our eye once which all eyes are now turned strikes more on the piazza, around which us with an indescribable feeling, and cohorts of ill-dressed shabby soldiers we want no more than that one grand have stood, shouldering arms and unity of object to repay us for our yawning for the long-withheld benetrouble in assisting at it. The drums diction, when the drums are snatched and the high-hung bells are all peal- hastily from the pavement, and a miing away, and a respectable-looking litary march of all things is struck man of many campaigns rides forth up! He comes ! That is the Pope! into the midst, in fine regimentals and There he is with two tiny gilt cruciunsheathed sword, and looks up like fixes before him! Off mitres! Off the rest, while his horse, which does hats, red ones and all ! for the pasha not look up, careers in front of the of three mitres is at hand. A slowlyall-important window, and the band is approaching chair, bearing a personage dressed in flowing robes and back- ing made the sign of the cross, the ed by a long “ tail" of prelacy, arrives white sleeves fluttering forth to the at the open space, and is in front of breeze at their full extent of inflation. all eyes--a huge white bird seems he He speaks, and you hear him speak, at this distance with some strange though you cannot collect the words. plumage on its crest_hush! bush !– He subsides into his arm.chair, and we bend forward with the multitude, the thing is over! Still not a sound ! and are half idolaters already! What but when the slowly-receding form a silence! the imposing solemn silence has disappeared, then thousands, unof such a multitude, during which the der the first influence of the homæo. great pontifical bird stirs not a fea- pathic dose of benediction administer. therl and now a fiag is thrown outed to them, fight and scramble for from the window, to warn the bells in the indulgences or bonbons which are the belfry, who have told it in an in- falling profusely and promiscuously stant to the cannon at St Angelo, who among them from the balcony-first are telling it to the people who know come first served! There is luck in it already! The object of all eyes spiritual as in temporal things. Dogs now rises like a large white albatross howl! the sounds of whips and caron a rock, preparing to descend over riages break the silence! and secular the sleeping waters below. Erect affairs are resumed as if nothing exstands the “ Pontifex Maximus' traordinary had happened. amidst that motley cortege, and hav


“ Within that giant mole,
Scowls the fell bandit; from its towering height
Old Tiber's flood reflects the Girandole,
Its rockets, balls, and showers of arrowy light !”

Describe a girandola, indeed! said small-talk had been long discharged ; a friend, as he looked his astonishment the street-noises of hoops, and whips, at it for the first time, from a window and soldiers keeping order, and pefacing the bridge, and saw the dark destrians resisting, and pushing; and bronze of Michael and his sword striving towards the scene of action ; glaring in the rosy light of an artifi- the commingled discords and perpecial aurora.

Well! we know that we tual buzz of voices below; the auri. cannot describe it; but we have just cular evidence of all that crowds do seen it for the second time, and are in and suffer, was astounding, and yet such a state of intoxication from the had ceased to be noticed—when bang! effects of gunpowder, that we are de- a booming message from the castle termined to say something about it, walls bids us be ready-for they were. and so here goes! We had waited Anon a second signal! the exploraabove an hour on the third story of a tory rocket cleaves the air, and in one small dingy house on the bank of the brief moment is a mile over our heads, Tiber, opposite St Angelo, in a mere while 20,000 brains conceiving in cobbler's garret, (for the hour's rent that same moment the same act of of which the poor people-glad may volition, 20,000 pairs of the muscles they be of Easter-get twelve crowns appointed to that office, lift up as or more.) The three-nozzled brass many pairs of eyes to pursue the lamp—the light of which was included rocket and its fortunes, till it falls in our contract-refused to burn any with its wide spread golden shower, longer, without fresh oil and new trim- copious enough to baptize half the ming-with no creature comforts about population of the Borgo. Then came us, no carpet, no fire, except a pan of a short pause of silence and darkness, wood ashes, which soon gave some of during which the stars had time to us headache, and compelled us to re- peep out to see what was the matter, treat, and catch cold, as a matter of and what was to happen next. To preference, at the open door or win- tell of all that succeeded this signal, dow. The conversation of our party, one should, indeed, have words that animated and firework-like at first, kindle like the things they speak of; began also to burn dim; the squibs of in place of which, we, alas ! are pro

vided only with a few lucifer matches, itself those incredibly beautiful and to be applied to the tip of the reader's surpassing greens, those turquoise imagination.

The dam then gave and sapphire blues, which oft as the way at once, and there was an awful dishevelled meteor shapes her tresses outbursting of fire, as well-ordered “ high o'er the archangel's sword," and effective as the play and spray of are flung forth with such prodigality the magnificent fountains on the from above! but hark !-a whole volmatchless Piazza of the Vatican it- ley of rockets has taken eternal leave self. All round the castle walls, at of this nether world, to announce the once came forth some miracle of py- conclusion of the act, and another rotechny; and in the midst, the giant pause of the pyrotechnic storm. Eyes form of Hadrian's mole, till now up! you should have had a place in scarcely visible in the darkness, stood the Nassau balloon to make out which out in all its opaque grandeur, backed got in first; and if the Nassau balloon by incredible varieties and gradations had been transfixed, as it would have of coloured light. Streams of liquid stood good chance of being, by some amber, and of molten gold and silver, of these aerial Lancers, caro mio, there flowed in commingled streams over is no saying what would have become the battlements, welling forth like of you! But neither is there time to water overlapping the tips of the huge think about it, for now the wheel-work granite tazzas in the public ways. begins, Ixion's or Catherine's, or by White sheaves of a fiery harvest.field whatever name, wheels of fire prodiwere projected from the Solfaterro, giously transcending those of Phaeton and widening as they rose, burst their in his adventurous day'sdrive!-wheels bonds at a suitable elevation, and sent with blue ruin round their tires, and down whole cart-loads of the ears of empyreal axle trees to turn upon, rethat corn of which they were com- volving too swiftly for their spokes to posed, into the Tiber, which reflected be seen in motion, and spreading rich them as they approached, and then kaleidoscopes in all the variety of quenched and absorbed them for those concentric colours which please

the human eye from infancy to age; A few seconds' pause, and but a whether seen on a revolving card, or few, allowed our mouths time for ex- the “ volubile buxum" of the boy's top, clamations, and our minds to take up which he learns to paint as soon as he a position for the reception of greater can spin it. Roman candles, in this marvels, during which the dark old city of candlesticks and long moulds, castle stood again, as it always stands, ought to be worth looking at; and in silent grandeur over the flood there behold a thousand of them at when crack, crack, crack, crack, the once, popping up their blue balls as batteries are at it again! and so soon big as oranges, with all the dexterity as the rolling cannonade is over, there of Chinese jugglers; while brillantini is an upsend from the mines beneath- disperse their treasures round the a donation from all the demons that castle moat, and jasmines of unearthly are at work there, of strangely confi- growth, and wreathed by fire proof gurated bodies that cross each other's fingers, invite those that have the paths in all sorts of eccentric and entrée to the Fire-King's bowers, and lawless courses, and career away in fountains all his own irrigate the parsurprizes, which indeed deserve their terres of the Fire-King's garden. In name. Some send you down a legacy the midst of all this furious and variof young serpents, wriggling and zig- ous and exhaustless ignition, and while zagging through the air; some are you gaze, and gaze, and gaze, your rapped upwards from you for ever in ears are stunned by a last outburst of a loud thunderclap ; some rain rubies prodigious violence-10,000 missiles and emeralds over your lat, but you are launched at full speed in the air, hold it out in vain—they are too sub- and the next moment all is dark and tile to reach the earth, and dissolve, silent, and cold-and Easter is over. like soap bubbles, ere they fall. It is Verily, blue brimstone, and dulllong since it rained riches at Rome; burning charcoal, and deflagrating, Livy's showers of marvellous things harmless nitre, which we doctors are good in their way, but he never of reckon a cooling thing, produce strange a surety saw any thing like this, in wonders! but they work not quite any year ab Urbe Conditâ.

alone-the rosy strontian from the Match me out of the realms of fire hills of Argyil, concerning which


Hope told a flattering tale” some in the Borgo without BEPPO? There fifty years ago, must take a trip to must be genius and inventiveness, or Vesuvius, and con a new lesson at the no Girandole ; you must try, and try, fountain-head ; Elba must send us and try, and be disappointed, and bestore of iron-filings; the copper-mine gin again ; you must burn your fingers must be put under contribution; and and blow them cool again, eat your even antimony and arsenic dulcified bread with gunpowder hands, make and rendered palatable by gum-lac, and Harrowgate water of every drop you sugar and flour, and what not, must drink, sleep on a cartridge bolster, enter into our pastes. The connec-- and be ready to be blown up at a motion of the first of those metals with ment's notice. And why not? surely throwing up every thing is a familiar sicitur ad astra"_surely among the fact, and scarcely less so that an em- many ways of getting to the stars prepoisonneur at Stafford got people per. scribed by poets and other authentic suaded to take the others in " drops," guides, this must ever appear to be the under the pretence that they were least liable to failure. tasteless. Tasteless indeed! but we The art is improving like all others should like to know who will venture - long since Beppo was a fuocista, to apply the invidious epithet to the they had nothing but white lights to arsenical or other " drops” prepared show; it is but a few years ago that a by us?

We call up our orpiments man charged eight scudi for a box of and realgars from the mine to do us red illumination powder, and it is not red and yellow service, and barytes much later since they had no green ; in our hands becomes one of the now Titian might as well paint withlightest bodies in nature, by simply out those colours, as a fuocista set up obliging him to contract a suitable business on white lights for his stock marriage. But what is all the batterie in trade. de cuisine without the cook ? the la- And now that we have given the boratory without thechemist, the forge reader the fire-works of Rome, why without Vulcan, the black back-parlour not the water-works ? and so we will.


Ar last the storm has broken ; the good citizens, by tempting them into Corn-League traitors have done their tyranny the foulest over their fellowworst; and the executive power will labourers, and into mutinous ingratinow show them the impotence of that tude towards Providence, in the midst “ worst” towards any one the very of a harvest the most splendid on releast of those objects which it pro- cord. claims. If it had become inevitable The points are striking, in this vast that sooner or later such a conflict insurrection, which demand earnest must be weathered, if it was past all notice ; for some of them are already deprecation that such an experiment misrepresented in the London papers, must be fought through-then we re- many are likely to be forgotten, and joice that the explosion has happened all are connected with a case of life at this particular time: at a time when and death for the welfare of this Parliament is not sitting, from one mighty empire. Is it really come to chamber of which issues for ever a this, that

among us-first, voice of encouragement to sedition- midst, and last-are to live under the that voice, having now no privilege to uplifted rod of colliers and weavers ; protect its accursed counsels, is sea- to be threatened in perpetuity with sonably gagged: at a time when the the “ five points of the charter;" and, country is disengaged from foreign if standing conspiracies go for any wars; but above all, at a time when thing, to hold every atom of our freethe universal revival of prosperous dom-of our civil rights—and of our auguries has stripped the insurrection property, on the sufferance of one sole of any specious alliance which else it class, and that the very lowest (exmight have assumed with real distress, cept paupers) and the most desperately has alienated from the insurgents a ignorant amongst us? We know the dangerous sympathy, and has forced claims of our country : for our own them to become odious in the eyes of parts, we carry these claims almost to

every order


an extravagant height. But rather point they would first begin to learn than submit to an indignity and a risk

the fatal reaction of their first mealike that which for years back has been

At this moment, we see men offered to the majesty of these ancient notorious for wealth, and so far within nations, the atrocious menace from a the reach of better counsels, as is knot of delegates begrimed with soot argued by the fact that they are broand tarnish--that they, even they, thers to members of the present parwill put an end to our whole polity liament, actually hounding on the and civil existence, by placing us all people to substitute, for a course of (not their own class, but every class momentary violence which must soon amongst us) under some vile scrib- recoil upon themselves, a cool, deterbler's pamphlet entitled “ a

charter" mined combination for obtaining the and “ five points," as a supreme law five points-- which being obtained, we for Great Britain,--who would not have explained what would be inevit. rather choose to migrate into a land ably their first act.

And if, by any of forests, having yet but few bles- lucky accident, intestine feuds amongst sings of civilization diffused over its members of the new parliament should surface ?

intercept, at the very first opening, We write up to the latest moment this capital measure of destruction, allowed by the press, and, with such then-because by another of the five light as the public journals furnish, points, each parliament is to reach its we will now rapidly review the main natural death within the twelve months features and characteristics of this vast -of course, the mob electors would confluent tumult—the most formidable, return no man to the second parliaby its example and its tendencies, of ment but such as would enter into any that has ever existed in any region solemn securities for passing their of the earth. We say this advisedly: sine-qua-non measures. Besides which, the distinctions are several which di. a sixth point would soon be added to vide this insurrection from any other this “ Quinquarticular" code, viz.on record.

In England, up to this that, in respect to all restive members time, no riots have ever occurred who should presume, after a certain having any, the smallest, connexion settled warning, to disobey the orders of with disorganizing plans; in these their constituents, a power should be riots, though often dişowned by local held in reserve for suspending their mobs, many times over has been hoist- wages; being an acknowledged mered the banner of the people, calling cenary seryant, self-proclaimed to be themselves Chartists; and we need such by the badge of wages, no memnot to tell any man of reasonable un- ber, under such a system, could for a derstanding, that this thing calling moment resist what would then have itself the Charter, would to-morrow,

become so reasonable a condition of if it were conceded, establish a Par- service. A mob-flunky he would have liament of paupers.

One of the five become, and the duties of a mob. points enacts universal suffrage-a funky he must discharge, or else be second abolishes all property qualifi- committed to a treadmill—though it cation of the simplest kind for Parlia- were Mr Cobden, Mr Hawes, or Mr mentary candidates-a third, by en- Marshall himself. Such being the acting daily wages for the members, machinery for coercing the House into would remove the last shadow of a obedience, and having adverted to its repulsion such as now exists to the first measure, we now point to the needy, or even destitute, men of clever second, viz. the "equitable adjust. speechifying talents, for entering, by ment. Often, and significantly, has a vast majority, into the composition of this been mentioned, in the way of our legislative body. What follows ? hope and consolation, by the CharThat within three weeks, were it mere- tists. What is meant, under any mysly to earn their wages, the new house tification of words we need not say, of legislators would have abolished all is--one universal partition, amongst funded property, under the showy the nineteen millions in the island, of pretence of remitting to the people the existing property, be its nature that annual thirty millions of taxes what it may, and under whatsoever requisite for meeting the interest. tenure. Here first the legislators Their second step would be, what al. would learn the meaning of a reacready they parade as an equitable tion. They would be headed back distribution” of property; and at this in hideous confusion by their own


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