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CHAP. I. A Conference betwixt an Angler, a Hunter,
and a Falconer ; each commending his Recreation.

OU are well overtaken, Gen-
tlemen: a good morning to
you both : I have stretched my
legs up Tottenham-hill to over-
take you, hoping your business
may occasion you towards
Ware, whither I am going this

fine, fresh, May morning. VENATOR. Sir, I, for my part, shall almost answer your hopes ; for my purpose is to drink my morning's draught at the Thatched house in Hoddesden ;


and I think not to rest till I come thither, where I have appointed a friend or two to meet me: but for this Gentleman that you see with me, I know not how far he intends his journey; he came so lately into my company, that I have scarce had time to ask him the question.

AUCEPs. Sir, I shall, by your favour, bear you company as far as Theobalds; and there leave you, for then I turn up to a friend's house who mews a Hawk for me, which I now long to see.

VEN. Sir, we are all so happy as to have a fine, fresh, cool, morning, and I hope we shall each be the happier in the other's company. And, Gentlemen, that I may not lose yours, I shall either abate, or amend, my pace to enjoy it; knowing that, as the Italians say, Good company in a journey makes the way to seem the shorter.

Auc. It may do so, Sir, with the help of good discourse, which, methinks, we may promise from you that both look and speak so cheerfully : and, for my part, I promise you as an invitation to it, that I will be as free and open-hearted, as discretion will allow me to be with strangers.

VEN. And, Sir, I promise the like.

Pisc. I am right glad to hear your answers : and in confidence you speak the truth, I shall put on a boldness to ask you, Sir, whether business or pleasure caused you to be so early up, and walk so fast ; for this other Gentleman hath declared he is going to see a hawk, that a friend mews for him.

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