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of Surry, to maintain the said bridge, and to perform the other trufts reposed in them

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APRIL 26. Towards defraying the extraordinary expences of his Majesty's land-forces, and other services, incurred between the twenty-fifth day of February, 1772, and the eighth day of March, 1773, and not provided for by parliament

May 6. To make good the deficiency of the grants for the service of the year 1772

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MAY. 17. To be employed in repairing, maintaining, and fupporting the British forts and settlements on the coast of Africa

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and Queen Mary, intituled, '.« An act for an additional duty of excise upon beer and ale, and other liquors" —— —————

2. To be advanced to Doctor Richard Williams, of Saint Margaret's, Westminster, as a reward for his inventing a fall green and yellow dye on cottonyarns and thread, and for discovering the secret thereof —— ■

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Ways and Means for raising the above Supply granted to his Majesty, agreed to on the following days, viz.

December 7, 1772.

THAT the duties upon malt, mum, cyder, and perry, be continued from the 23d of June, 1773, to the 24th of June, 1774, and charged upon all malt which shall be made, and all mum which shall be made or imported, and all cyder and perry which (hall be made for sale, within the kingdom of Grtat-Britain, 750,0001. December 14.

That the sum of three (hillings in the pound, and no more, be raised, within the space of one year, from the 25 th of March, 1773, upon lands, tenements, hereditaments, pensions, offices, and personal estates, in that part of GreatBritain called England, Wales, and the town of Berwick upon Tweed; and that a proportionable cess, according to the ninth article of trjf treaty of union, be laid upon that part of Great Britain, called Scotland, 1,500,0001.

March 2, 1773.

That the charge of the pay and cloathirp ot the militia, in that part of Great-Britain called England, for one year, beginning the 25th day of March, 1773, be

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defrayed out of the monies arising by the land tax, granted for the service of the year 1773. April 8. That, towards raising the supply granted to his Majesty, there be issued and applied the sum of 350,1931.7 s. 4d.' remaining in the Exchequer, on the fifth day of April, 1773. for the disposition of Parliament, of the monies which had then arisen cf the surplusses, excesses, or overplus monies, and other revenues, composing the fund commonly called the finking fund, after satisfying all the charges and incunibrance; thereupon. Mai 27.

1. That, for every chalder of culm, Newcastle measure, exported to Lisbon, in any foreign (hip ur vessel, a duty be paid ot one shilling and six-pence, and no more.

2. That an additional duty of one penny halfpenny per iquuc yard, and in that proportion for any greater or less quantity, be laid upon all paper, printed, painted, or stained, in foreign parts, imported into this kingdom, over and above all other duties new payable thereon.

May 29. That, for raising the sum of 1,400,000!. granted to his Majesty, for the purpose of relieving the East-India Company, and for securirg securing to she creditors of the said Company a more speedy satisfaction of (heir demands, his Majesty be enabled to borrow the like lum, by Exchequer-bills, to be charged upon such monies as shall, by any act or acts of parliament, passed in this sclfion of parliament, be directed to be applied for paying the principal and interest of the said bills; and if such monies shall not be sufficient to discharge the whole principal, interest, and charges, of the said bills, before the 6th day of April, 1779, then the fame to be charged on liich aid] as shall be granted b% parliament, for the sevice of the yeas 1779; and such bills, if not discharged with interest before the laid 6th day of April, 1779, to be exchanged and received in payment, ia suen manner as Exchequer bilis usually have been exchanged and received in payment.

June 14. I. That an act, made in the sixth year os the, reign os his present Majesty, intituled," An act for "opening and establishing certain "jwjrts in the islands, of Jamaica "and Dominica, for the more «* free importation and exportation "of certain goods and merchan"dizes; for granting certain "duties to defray the expences "of opening, maintaining, se"curing, and improving, such *' ports; for ascertaining the du"ties to be paid upon the importa*' tian of goods from the said island "of Dominica into this kingdom; *' and for securing the duties upon "goods imported from the said "island into any other British co'* lony," which was to continue in force until the first day of November, 1773, and from thence to

the er.d of the then next session of parliament, is near expiring, and fit to be continued, with amendments.

2. That the duty of one pound ten (hillings, payable for every ncg.-oe which (hall be imported into the iflnnd of Dominica, and also the duty of one pound ten (hillings, payable for every negroe. which (liall be exported fro,11 the island of Jamaica, do cease, determine, and be no longer paid.

3. That, in lieu of the said duty, a duty of two (hillings and sixpence, sterling money, be paid for every negroe which shall be imported into the (aid island of Dominica; and also a duty of two sliilltngs and sixpence, sterling money, tor every negroe which sliall be exported from the said island of Jamaica.

June 15.

1. That, towards raising the supply granted to his Majesty, there be issued and applied the sum of 2,34.9,806 I. 11 s. 7d.£ out of such monies as (hall or may arise of the surplusses, excesses, or overplus monies, and other revenues, composing the fund, commonly called the sinking fund.

2. That, towards raising the supply granted to his Majesty, the sum of 1,000,000 1. be raised, by loans or Exchequer bills, to be charged / upon the n. ih aid' :o be granted in the next ieilio:i of parliament.

3. That the sum of io.oool. out os such monies as (hall be paid into the receipt of the Exchequer on or before the fifth day of April, 1774, of the produce of all or any of the duties and revenues, which, by any act or acts of parliament, have been \ directed to be reserved for the dis. position of parliament, towards de

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fraying the necessary expences of defending, protecting, and securing, the British colonies and plantations in America, be applied towards making good such part of the supply as hath been granted to his Majesty, for maintaining his Majesty's forces and garrisons in the plantations, and for provisions for the forces in North America, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and the Ceded Islands, for the year


4. That such of the monies as (hall be paid into the receipt of the Exchequer after the fifth day of April, J773, and on or before the fifth day of April, 1774, of the produce of the duties charged by an act of parliament, made in the fifth year of his present Majesty's reign, upon the importation and exportation of gum senega, and gum ar'abic, be applied towards making good the supply granted to his Majesty.

June 17.

1. That the sum of 169,398!. 18 s. 2 d. which, in pursuance os an act, made in the ninth year of his Majesty's reign, intituled, " An *' act for carrying into execu"tion certain proposals made by "the East-India Company, for the "payment of the annual sum of "400,0001. for a limited time, in "respect of the territorial acquisi"tionS and revenues lately oils' tained in the East Indies," is directed to be paid within the present year into the receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer by the said Company, be applied towards making good the supply granted to his Majesty.

2. That, towards making good the supply granted to his Majesty, there be issued and applied the sum of 99611. us. 8 d. remaining in the receipt of the Exchequer, for the disposition of parliament.

By the resolution of Dec. 7, 1772 — —

By that of Dec. 14 . — —

By that of April 8, 1773 — —

By that of May 29 — — _

By the first of June 15 —

By the second of ditto —

By the thisd of ditto — —

By the first of June 17 — — —

By the second of ditto — — —

Sum total of such provisions as can be ascertained

Excess of the provisions — —

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His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday tbt 1st of July, 1773.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

I Cannot close this session without assuring you, that I have observed, with much satisfaction, the zeal, assiduity, and perseverance, with which you have applied yourselves to the very important business, which, at the meeting of parliament, 1 recommended to your particular attention : and I hope, and trust, that the laws which have been the result of your deliberations, will be found to answer the salutary purposes for which they were intended.

The continuance of the war between Russia and the Porte, with both of whom I am closely connected in friendship, ahhuugh under no engagement to either, gives jne great concern. But, from the pacific dispositions of other powers, I have reason to hope, that those troubles will extend no further. I shall persevere in my earnest endeavours to preserve the general tranquillity of Europe; at the same time, it shall be the constant object of my care, to be sufficiently prepared against any event which may affect the honour, safety, or interest of my kingdoms.

Gentlemen of the House os

I return you my hearty thanks for the supplies, which you have granted me with so much cheerful

ness : and I se^ with pleasure, notwithstanding the ample provision which you have made for every branch of the public lervice, and the effectual relief and support which you have afforded to the East - India Company, you have been able to make some progress in reducing the national debt.

My Lords and Gentlemen, The experience I have had of your attention to the public good, and of your attachment to me, convinces me, that you will, in your several stations, use your utmost endeavours to assist me, in promoting the happiness of my people- I have no other object but th:ir welfare; and no other view but to employ the powers with which £ am entrusted, in maintaining the credit, reputation, and prolperity of my kingdoms.

His Excellency Simon Earl Harcourt, Lord Lieutenant - General and Gcneral-Go'vernor of Ireland, his Speech to both Houses of Par. liament, at Dublin, on Tuesday the 1 2th day of October, 1773.

My Lords and Gentlemen,

IT is with the highest satisfaction that I obey his Majesty's commands to meet you in parliament, and to concur with you in every measure that may promote the real interest of this kingdom,.

His Majesty, who has made the happiness of all his people the constant object of his withes, and the unvaried

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