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Dominica, in the room of John Ashley Hall, Esq; deceased.—William Myres, Elq; to be Lieut. Gov. of the province cf Senegambia in Africa, and also to be superintendant of trade in the fame province, in the room of John Gilpin Sawley, E!iq; deceased.—Joseph Wall, Esq; Secretary and Clerk of the Council of the province of Senegambia, in Africa, in the room of Theobald Burke, Esq; deceased.— Thomas Browne, Esq; (Norroy King of Arms) the Office of Clarencieux King of Arms —Ralph Bigland, Esq; Somerset Herald, to the office of Norroy king at arms, and principal herald of the North part of England.

—29. Christopher Rigby, John Trenchard, Thomas Wyndham, Daniel Bull, George Blount, Charles Deering, and John Eames, Esquires; to be Commissioners for holding intelligence and correspondence with the Receivers-General of tbe taxes.—Francis Burton, Esq; to be Comptroller of the Duties upon Salt, and Rock Salt.

June" 2. William Campbell, Esq; (commonly called Lord William Campbell) to be Capt. Gen. and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's province of South Carolina in America, in the room of Lord Charles Greville Montague.—— Francis Legge, Esq; to be Capt. Gen. and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's Province of Nova Scotia in America, in the room of Lord William Campbell.—Robert Gunning, Esq; Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the court of Peteriburgh, the order of the Bath.—Patrick Tonyn, Esq; to be Capt. Gen. and Governor in Chief as the province of East Flo

rida, America.—Alexander Broivn>, Esq; to be Consul at Dromheim, Norway.—William Fleming, hsq; one of the Clerks of the Privy Seal, in the room of Purbeck Laugham, Esq; deceased.—Henry Hastings, Esq; to be Somerset Herald.

—22. Johu Carter, Esq; Mayor of Portsmouth, tq the honour of Knighthood.

—24. Vice Admiral Pye, to the rank of Admiral of the Blue.— Richard Spry, Esq; Rear Admiral of the White j Capt. Joseph Knight of the Ocean, senior Captain ia the Fleet at Spithead; Capt. Edward Vernon of the Barfleur, and Captain Richard Bickcrton, Optbe Augusta Yacht, who had theTlonour each day to steer the King's Barge, the honour of Knighthood, under the Royal Standard, upon the Quarter-deck of the Barfleur.

—25. Rt. Hon. Lord Edgcumbe, Vice Admiral of the Blue, to be Vice Admiral of the White.

July 10. William English, Esq; Treasurer of the Salt Office, in the room of William Mitchell, Esq; deceased.

— 15. Gen. John Earl Waldegrave, Col. of the Coldstream reg. of soot guards, in the room of Field Marstial Lord Tyrawley, deceased. General George Vise Townfhend, Lieut. Col. of the second, or Queen's regiment of dragoon guards, in the roora of the Earl Waldegrave.—Lie-it Gen. Edward Harvey, Gov. of Portsmouth, ia the room of the late Lord Tyrawley.—Hugh Palliser, Esq; Comptroller of the Navy, and Richard Hughes, Esq; Commissioner osib* Navy, residing at Portsmouth, the dignity os Baronets of Great Britain.—A Commission, passed the

Great Great Seal, constituting and appointing the following gentlemen Commissioners of his Majesty's Na;-y, with a salary of 500I. a year each, payahle quarterly, by the Trealurer of the Navy: Sir Hogh Palliser, Bart. Comptroller; Sir John Williams, Knt. Surveyor; George Marsh, Esq; Clerk ot"the Acts of the Navy, in the room of Edmund Malbn, Esq; deceased.— Timothy Brett, Elq; Comptroller of the Treasurer's Accounts, James Gambier, Esq; Comptroller of Victuallers Accounts; William Bareman, Esquire, Comptroller of Storekeepers Accounts; Frederick Rogers. Esq; Comptroller of Plymouth Yard ; Sir Richard Hughes, Birt. Comptroller of Portsmouth Yard; and Charles Proby, Elq; Comptroller of the Yards at Chatham and Sheernels. — Mr. Impey, Chief Justice, and Messrs Chamlx:rs, Le-Maitre, and Messaircs, Puilne Judges of the New Court in the East-Indies.—John Phipps, Eiq; one of the Band of Gentlemen Pensioners, in the room of John Nichol, Ksq; resigned.

■—27. Henry Talbot.Esq; Strjohn Grestiam, Bart. Oliver Tilion, Milward Rowe, and John Hillerfdon, Eiqrs. to be cemmistioners for the receipt and management of the Duties on Salt.— To the Right Hon. Thomas Baron Pclhnm, of Stanmer in Sussex, the Office of Surveyor-General of the Customs in the Port of London.—John Charles Brooke, Gent, the Office, of Rouge Croix Pursuivant at Arms.—Lieut. Col. Tho. Clarke, of the Coldltream regimt nt ot'footguards, Aid de Camp to his Majesty.—Mr. Edward Lloyd, to be Mews-keeper at Charing-cross, in the room of the late Mr. Montague.

Aug. 2. Major General Thomas Erie, to be Col. of the 28th regiment of foot, in the room of Lord Vise. Townlhend, preferred. —Lieut. Col. John Burgoyne, of the 58th regiment of Foct, Lieut. Col. of the 14th regiment of dragoons, in the room of Major General Erie.

—3. William Baillie, Esq; one of the Commissioners for managing the Duties on Stampt Vellum, Parchment and Paper, &c. And John Brettel, Esq; to be Secretary or Chief Clerk to the said Commissioners.

—4. The Rt. Hon. Sir William Lynch, a Privy Counsellor.

—18. The Earl of Northington, to the Order of the Thillle.

Sept. 1. The Right Hon. Sir John Goodricke, Bart, a Privy Counsellor.

—4. Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. Sir John Williams, Knight, George Marsh, Timothy Brett, William Palmer, and William Bateman> Esqrs. Sir Richard Temple, Bart. Frederick Rogers, James Gambier, and Charles Proby, Esqrs. to be principal Officers and Commissioners of his Majesty's Navy.

Oct. 19. John Strange, Esq; son of the late Sir John Strange, to be Consul at Venice, 13 the room of Sir James Wright, Bart, lately come home.

—29. Edward Hughes, Esq; Commander in Chief nf his Majesty's thins and vessels to be employed in the E 1st Indies, the honour of Kniglv.h 'od.

Nov. 6. George Hay, Doctor of Laws, the Office of Judge and President of the High CojTt of Admiralty, in the room of Sir Thomas Salufbury, decealed.—Sir Henry Bankes, President of Christ's Hospital.

[M] 3 29. Lewi*

—29. Lewis De Visme, A. M. at present his Majesty's Minister Plenipotentiary to the Elector of Bavaria, and Minister to the Diet of Ratisbon, to be his Majesty's Envoy-Extraordinary at the court of Sweden, in the room of Sir John Goodricke, who has obtained his Majesty's permission to resign.— 'William Scott.LL. B. Professor of Ancient History in the university of Cambridge,—'Lord Charles Cavendish, a Trustee of the British Museum, in the room os the late Lord Lyttelton.

Dec. 18. Win. Buller, M.A. the place and dignity of a Canonry or Prebend in the collegiate church or free chapel of St. George, in the castle at Windsor, void by the death of Dr. Robert Hon.—The Rev. Dr. Wollaston, one of the King's chaplains, to be a Prebendary of Peterborough, in the room of Dr. Burroughs—General Keppel, to be Commander in Chief of the Forces in Ireland. Col. George Warde, Lieutenant-colonel of the 4th regiment of dragoons, to be Col. of the 14th regiment of dra

foons (in Ireland), in the room of lieutenant General Daniel Webb, deceased.—Sir William Boothby, Bart. Colonel of the 6th regiment of foot.—Major-General William Alexander Sorrell, to be Colonel of the 48th regiment of foot.

—24. Hugh Elliot, Esq; Minister Plenipotentiary to the Elector of Bavaria, and Minister to the Diet ofRatilbon, in the room.of Lewis De Visme, A. M. appointed his Majesty's Envoy-Extraordinary at the court of Sweden.

—28. The King has been pleased to approve of Paul Amlinck, of Londoi., merchant, to be Agent ior the Hanse-Towns, within his

Majesty's kingdom of Great Britain, the said Mr. Amlinck having received a commission for that purpose from the cities of Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburgh.

—29. The Earl of Guilford, Treasurer and Receiver-General to the Queen, in the room of Andrew Stone, Esq; deceased.

DEATHS, 1773.

Jan. i. Sir Arthur Forbes, of Craigievar, Bart.

Hon. Miss Dorothy Hamilton, sister to the late Lord Boyne.

3. Mrs. Elizabeth Arbutbnot, Lauy Balwillo, in Scotland.

7. Mrs. Clive, mother to Sir George Rodney's Lady, in Jamaica.

9. Sir James Gray, Knight of the Bath. He was Ambassador to the Court of Spain in 1769.

Lady of the Right Hon. the Earl of Rochford, at his house in Berkley-square. Her Ladyship was daughter to Edward Young, Esq; of Durnford, near Sarum, in Wiltshire, and died without issue.

Lady Bramstone, in Cork-street.

10. Lady Harrison, relict of Sir Thomas Harrison, late Chamber' lain of London.

Mademoiselle die Princess Louisa Albertina of Schleswig-Holsteio, Countess-Dowager of Seeguth Sanislawsky, aged seventy-seven years.

11. The Princess Carolina Augusta, youngest daughter of Prince Charles of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, at Hanover, in her second year.

21. Her Grace the DutchessDowager of Somerset, at her seat near Chiswick. She was sister to the late Earl of Winchelsea. Her Grace was widow of Charles Seymour, late Duke, of Somerset, to

whom whom (he was married on Feb. 4, 1725-6, and had issue by his Grace, two danghters, viz. Lady Frances Seymour (sometime since deceased), who married the late Marquis of Granby, and had by him two sons and two daughters; and Lady Charlotte Seymour, who married the prelent Earl of Aylessord, by whom the has a numerous issue.

24. Right Hon. Gabriel Hanger, Lord Coleraine, at his feat near Maidenhead, in Berk.ib.ire, member in the last parliament for Bridgewater, in Somersetshire. He was created a peer of Ireland, Dec. 1, 1761, 1 George III. His Lordlhip served in two parliaments for the borough of Maidstone, in Kent, and married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Richard Bond, of Cowbury, in the county of Hereford, Esq; by whom he had issue three sons, John, William, and George; and one daughter, Anne.

At Malta, at a great age, Don Emanuel Pinto, the Grand-Master.

29. At Moscow, in the 73d year of his age, the celebrated Count Soltikow, memorable for giving a total defeat to the King of Pruliia, on the banks of the Oder near Frankfort, in the last war.

30. At Stobball, in Perthshire, in an advanced age, Jane DutchessDcvagerof Perth, Lady of James Duke of Perth, eldest son of John Chancellor of Scotland, who followed the fortunes of James VII. and was created Duke of Perth by that Prince, during his residence at St. Germain's. She was daughter of George, first Duke of Gordon, aud great grand aunt to the present Duke.

Feb. 4. Sir Digby Legard, Bart, of Ganton, in Yorkshire, well known for his improvements in husbandry.

Mary Dutchess Dowager of Berth* Lady of Lord John Drummond, also a son to the Chancellor already mentioned. She was daughter of Charles, fifth Earl of Traquair, and sister to the present Earl.

Lady Dawes, relist of Sir Darcy Davves.

8. At his house in Burlingtonstreet, Sir William Breton, one of the Grooms of the Chamber, and Privy-Purse Bearer to his Majesty.

Hon. Walter Molesworth.

12. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. William Lord Newark.—His Lordlhip was son to Sir Alexander Anstruther, and Jean Lefly, Baroness Newark ; and upon her death in 1740, assumed the nameofLesly,

and the title of Lord Newark

His Lordlhip dying without issue, the title devolves on Alexander Anilruther, Esq; merchant in Bologne, his only surviving brother.

.14. Sir George Gray, Bart. Lieutenant-General and Colonel of a regiment of foot.

The Hon, Sir John Wynne, Bart. He is succeeded in title and estate by his eldest son, now Sir Thomas Wynne, Bart.

Lieutenant-General Ru.fane, Colonel of the -6th regiment of foot.

19. Sir Stephen Anderson, Bart.

20. At Turin, in the 7zd year of his age, his Majeily the King of Sardinia.

at. At his feat at BramhamPark, in the 77th yearof iiis age, the Right Hon, George Fox-Lane, Lord Bingley,-Baron of Bingley, • in Yorkshire. -His Lordlhip represented the borough of Hendon, in the 8th, and the city of York in the 10th, nth, and izth parliaments of Great-Britain. On the 12th of July, 1731, he married Harriot, only daughter and heir of

[M] 4 the the Right Hoo. Robert Benson, late Lord Bingley, by his wife Elizabeth, eldest aaughter of ihe Right Hon. Heneage, Lord Guernsey, afterwards Earl of Gufrnsey, by whom, bdid?saiortuncof Ioo.oooi.

At Rome, Cardinal Frederic Marcel Lante, Bishop of Porto, and Sub-Dean of the Sacred College, at the age of 78 years. He was railed to the purple by Benoit XIV. in 1743. His death makes the 14th

in money, he obtained an estate of hat vacant in the Sacred College.

70001. a year. On the 4th of May, 1762, his Maj sty was pleased to revive the title, by creating him Baron Bingley, with limitation to hii heirs male by the said Harriot his wisp. Their only son, the Hon. Robert Lane, who, July 19, 1761, married Lady Bridget, daughter of die Earl of Northington, dying without issue, the title is extinct.

At Spanish-Town in Jamaica, on the 1 ith of December last, as universally lamented at his death, as he was beloved and honoured in his government while living, his Excellency Sir William Trelawny, Barti Governor General of that island. This wprthy gentleman set an example to other governors; he died in the esteem of his Sovereign, and almost adored by the people, over whom he prelided. For the particular honours paid to his memory, fee the Appendix.

24. At her house ac Kingston, Lady Phipps, relict of Sir John Phipps, Bart.

March 1. Hon. Mr. Bateman, uncle to Lord Bateman.

3. At Vienna, of a broken heart, from the miienes ot his country, the brave Prince Poniatowsici, brother to the King or Poland, and a general in the Austrian service, in which he had been greatly diitinguifhea during the last war.

4 Lady Smythes, relict of Sir Thomas Gorges Smythes.

6. Right Hon. Lady Nithsdale, suddenly.

At Chick:ands, in Bedfordstiire, the Lady of Sir George Oibornc, Bart.

16. John Charles Jenkins, Esq; in Cleveland-court, only son and heir of Sir Wiiliam Jenkins of Northampton.

At Edinburgh, the Hon. Miss Mackay, eldest daughter of the late Lord Reay.

17. Alexander Ferdinand, Prince of La Tour and Taxis, at Ratilbon, his Imperial Majesty's principal commissary at the diet there.

18. After a long illness Sir Thomas Pym Hales, Bart, of Howletts, in Kent, and Brymore in the county of Somerset, one of the representatives in the present parliament for the port of Dover, whose ancestor, Sir Robert Hales, was created a Baronet at the Restoration: dying without issue male, the title delcends to his only surviving brother, Philip, one of the grooms of his Majesty's bed-chamber.

At Castle-Grant, in Scotland, Sir Ludovick Grant, of Grant, Bart.

24. Sir Charles Smith, Bart, of Hill Hall, Essex. Leaving only a daughter, he is succeeded in honour and estate by his only brother, now the Rev. Sir William Smith, Bart.

At his palace at Seville, he Most Rev. Francis Anthony de Solis, Cardinal of the Roman church, and Archbishop of that fee, in the 117th year of his ace.


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