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stien present, that Sir George should ■gain resume the banking business with his old partners; but others were of opinion, that it would be proper to associate a new partner, who would have an interest in keeping the old debts distinct.

The Kircudbright claim of peerage w-is further heard yesterday, by counsel, in the upper assembly, in behalf of Lieut. John. M'Clellan, when he was allowed the titles, honours, and dignities of Kircudbright.

Poelt, Jpril 30, Last week two severe shocks of an earthquake were felt in several parts of this town, which greatly alarmed many of the inhabitants, and roused them from their sleep, by the noise of throwing things from the shelves, Sec. but happily no other damage has attended the alarm.

. This day a numerous

'and respectable meeting of

the subscribers, benefactors, and friends to the society for the discharge and relief of persons imprisoned for small debts, was held at the Thatched House tavern in St. James's-street; when the Right Hon. the Lord Romney, president of the charity, being in the chair, rules and orders for the establishment of the society were read, and unanimously agreed to; and the noblemen and gentlemen present began ah annual subscription for the support of that humane institution.—Within the last fortnight the committee for the above charity discharged 42 debtors, who had 30 wives and 73 children, from the several prisons of this metropolis.

The company of cooks delivered filver medals to their liverymen, to produce when they go to Guildhall en any public occasion.

Came on before Lord ,

Mansfield, a trial between' Mr. Davies, of Church-street, pawnbroker, plaintiff, and a silversmith of Cheapside, defendant, concerning some plate which he sold some time ago to a person, whoin payment gave a forged draft; a little aster it was carried to the plaintiffs to be pawned. At first he suspected the man, (as the plate was new) but when he produced a bill of parcel and receipt from the silversmith, lent him money on it. The person who pawned the plate was tried at Guildford, where the parties and plate were produced; the defendant got the plate in his possession, and would not deliver it to the plaintiff. A verdict was given for the plaintiff, with costs ofsuit.

The following is an account of the legacies, &c. of the late Lord Berkeley, viz. To Miss Egerton, sister to the bishop of Durham, his lordship's executrix, BerkeleySquare, &c. for her life, to the amount of about 60,0001. To Earl Berkeley, of Berkeley in Gloucestershire, a very distant relation of his lordship, zo.oool. with all his plate and pictures, four large estates in Somersetshire, two estates in Dorsetshire, and, after Mis* Egerton's death, Berkeley-square, which is estimated at 15,000!. a year, at the expiration of the present leases. To Commodore Birost his estates in Yorkshire and Hampshire, estimated at 20,0001. 50001. to each of the commodore's daughters, and 20001. to each son. To Lady Sophi.i Egerton 50001. To the Hon. Mrs. Wodebouse, his lordship's niece, 50001. To Major Egerton 20001. To three of the major's daughters$001. each,, To Col. [#] i Egertoa

Egerton ioool. To the archdeacon or York 10001. ToMissDavisonan annuity of 501, a year. To his servants as follows: his gentleman 6col. his valet de chambre 5001. his houlckeeper 5001. his London and home liewards 2001. each; his butler, bailiff, coachman, housemaid, laundry and chamber maids, 1001. each; his under steward and family 4001. his groom and family 150I. his gardener and postillion 501. each. To the Bath, Bristol, Middlesex, and St. George's hospitals, ioool. each, and to the poor of Burton tool.

Henfnam Hall, in Suffolk, the feat of Sir John Rouse, Bart, was burnt to the ground. It is said that it was not insured, and that the loss amounts to 30,000 1.

, The following bills re

'ceived the royal assent by commission, viz.

The.bill to allow a drawback of the duties of the culloms on the exportation of teas to any of his Majesty's colonies or plantations in America.

The bill to regulate the importation and exportation of corn.

The bill to enlarge the powers - of two acts, for making a navigable canal, from the river of Forth, at or near the mouth of the river Carron, to the river Clyde, in Scotland.

The bill to enable the Earl of Thanct to make a navigable canal from the spring near Skipton in Yorkshire, to communicate with the Leeds and Liverpool canal. ,

The bill to enable Mr. James Cox to dispose of his Museum.

And also to several road, inclosure, and private bills.

©n Saturday came on in the rourt of King's Bench, Westminittr-IIall, a motion made by Mr.

Serjeant Glynn, in behalf of Miv. Miller, the printer, to remove the action of 10,000 I. damages brought against the said printer, by Lord S ch, into the city of London, instead of trying the fame in the county of Middlesex; but the motion was over-ruled, and the cause will be tried in the court of King's Bench, Westminster-Hall.

On Saturday Mrs. Tonge was dischaiged out of Newgate, by warrant of Mr. Recorder, she having entered into recognizance with sureties to transport herself to some one of his Majesty's colonies in America, pursuant to the conditions of his Majesty's pardon.

Was tried in the court of King's Bench, before Lord Mansfield, the long contested cause (upon a note of hand lost) between Mr. Ryder, plaintiff, and Mr. Chambers, defendant; and after a short hearing, the jury brought in a verdict for the plaintiff, for 10I. damages.

The L'Appollon, a French man of war, is foundered in a hard gale of wind off the Land's-End, and all on board perished.

Madrid, April 19. On the 13th of this month, about five in the morning, two violent shocks of an earthquake were felt here, which lasted a minute, but happily did no d image. The fame concussion was likewise felt at Cadiz, but we do not hear that the sea was agitated by it.

The order for the dis- . charge of the seamen from' the ships, fitting out at Portsmouth, was this day countermanded.

At the anniversary feast os the sons of the clergy, held this day, the whole collection, including donations, and the sum received at the rehearsal, was found to amount to 9511. 5 s. 3 d.


Letters from Cadiz mention, that an account is received there of an earthquake having happened io several of the Spanish islands in America, which had done considerable damage, and that a great number of persons lost their lives.

A letter from Gibraltar, fays, that on the 12th ult. at half past fire in the morning, a violent shock of an earthquake was felt there, but that no damage was received from it.

On the fame day, between five and six in the morning, a violent stiock of an earthquake was felt at Tangiers, on the coast of Africa, by which 98 houses were destroyed, aud the rest so shaken, that most of them must be rebuilt. Few lives were lost, but many people were much bruised by falling under the ruins. It is remarkable, that on the 15th and 18th of the fame month, several shocks were felt on the S. W. coast of this kingdom; and that on the 3d several shocks were felt at Lisbon. There is no period in history in which earthquakes have been so frequent as in the 20 years last past.

Letters from Warsaw mention, that the Russian General Tottleben, who died lately at that place, had made the best use of his time while in command, as, by a calculation made of the value of his elhte, effects, moveables, and bills of exchange, he was possessed, at his death, to the amount of sixteen millions of livres: and that his son was daily expected to take possession of t.'em.

Notice was given at the bank, that from the 24th of June next, no bill of exchange would be discounted under 5 I. per cent.

1 Lord Kircudbright was

* ' presented to his Majesty at

St. James's; his lordsliip's claim to that antient title having been allowed by the House of Peers. He was most graciously received.

This day a very important question came on to be argued in the court of King's Bench, in which the sheriffs of London (Baker and Martin) were plaintiffs, and Wenman and others, sureties for Bolland (sheriff's officer) defendants; for the recovery of 360 1. received by Bolland, but never returned to their office. The defendants plea was, that they had given parole notice to the sheriffs agent not to deliver any more warrants to be executed by Bolland, for that they would be no longer sureties for him after a certain day. This plea was over-ruled; because, had the notice been delivered in writing, it would have been optional in the sheriffs, or their substitutes, either to accept or refuse it, as the security was not conditional, but given for twelve months. Lord Mansfield, the Justices Aston and Ashurst, were clearly for over-ruling the plea; but Justice Willes was for lending the facts to be tried by an issue.

Amsterdam, May 10. Letters from Batavia of the 16th of September last, advise, that on the nth of August they observed at midnight a bright cloud that covered the mountain in the district of Cheribon, and that at the same time several reports were heard, like those of a gun; that the people who dwelt on the top, and at the foot of the mountain, not having been able to fly fast enough, a great part, of almost three leagues in, circumference, detached itself under them; and afterwards it was seen rising and falling like the

[//] 3, roiling rolling waves of the sea, and emitted globes of fire so luminous, that they were seen from afar, and rendered the night as dear as day; that the losses occasioned by this phenomenon were the most considerable and melancholy, as 2140 persons, both foreigners as well as natives, lost their lives; and 1500 head of cattle perished, and a great number of horses, goats, and fowls of every kind; that 39 negro habitations were destroyed; the plantations of coffee, indigo, &c. buried in the earth; that in the district Panimbam, where this mountain is situated, there remained only a fifth part of its inhabitants, and that the devastation occasioned by this accident was felt at the distance of seven leagues round.

• Being the anniversary of *° 'her Majesty's birth day, who then entered the 30th year of her age, his M jelly leceived the compliments of tne nobility and foreign jriinillers at St James's; as did her Majesty at her palace.

Letters from Basingslcke inform us, sonle workmen digging up the roots of an old tree in the foiest found 150 pieces of gold and silver coin of Henry I. in high preservation.

Canterbury, Mai I z. On Sunday last .1 lady, who had eloped from her husband, and carried off about 15CO 1. in cash, besides trinkets, &c. was stopped at Dover by two messengers, just as she was on the point of embarking with a French hair-dresser, On board the packet for Calais, and brought back the fame eve.iing to the Fountain faverrt in this city, en her way to London.

The Racehorse and Carcase frigates are fitting out for an expedi

tion to the north pole, under tue, command of Capt. Phipps. Mr. Lyons is appointed, by the board of longitude, to make observations in astronomy, natural history, and philosophy.

Extract of a Letter frer: China,

Aug. 20, 1772. "We have had the most violent tissoon or hurricane here, which began in the morning, and lasted twelve hours, and destroyed upwards of 150,0*0 Chinese in Canton river, but we have not heard of any of the English snips meeting with any damage, except the London, which had her main mast carried away,.but no other damage."

On the 4th ot February, 1 he general-assembly of tie province of Virginia met at the capital, when the Governor informed them in his speech, that all the emi'lions of tlieir paper currency, now in circulation, are forged, and that in so masterly a manner, as to make it almost impossible tor the most knowing to distingniih the good from the bad; and most sincerely congratulated them, both on its L-i.ig discovered lo soon, and that t'.e authors were in a fair way of receiving that punilhment which is due to ermes.

A pet ;ion was presented ,

to his Majesty in council, on behalf of Harvey, Esq. who

some time ago brought a suit of jactitation against his wife. This petition is for a commission of review, in order to have a new trial granted, which is referred to the Lord-Chancellor to hear counsel on both luies, in order to know .hat groui.ds there are for a new trial, and t<j iresent the same to his Majesty, ."his cause has gone through the Consistory-€ourt pf London,

front from thence was appealed to the Arches-Court of Canterbury, afterwards to the Court of Delegates, and was heard about three months ago at Serjeant's-Inn in ChanceryLane, before a full commission of lords spiritual and temporal, when the marriage was pronounced for.

Letters from Trowbtidge, in Wiltshire, mentis the death of William Temple, .:.lq. who, among other legacies to his friends, it is laid, has left Mr. Wilkes 500 1.

The ioi|-" ation of coals last year amonu -d to 720,000 chaldrons, which was by far the greatest ever known; and fortunately for the public, they were blessed with a very mild winter. With these advantages, there must remain stocks in hand sufficient to prevent any improper advantage being taken, especially if the public are not too precipitate in their orders

At a meeting held a few days ago by the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of London, aud the other trustees appointed by the will of the late Sa.nuel Wilson, of HattonGarden, Esq. for lending out his legacy to young men, who have been set up one year,, or not more than two years, in some trade or manufacture, &c. application was made by two young men, hair-dressers, to be partakers of the said loan, whose petitions were rejected, his Lordship and the rest os the tru;iees being of opinion, that the said occupation was not fit for young men to follow, and were periuaded the testator never designed his money should be lent to promote so pitiful and unmanly an employment, which did not seem to require a capital of above five pounds.

As a gentleman belonging to

Durham was crossing the river Wear, his horse got into a hole in the bed of the river, and, after remaining a little time under water, came up without his rider, and s.vam to shore. All means were immediately used to find the gentleman, but it could not be effected for above half an hour, when ha was taken up apparently dead. He was laid before the fire, and after rubbing his body with salt, and applying tobacco fumigations, he at length shewed signs of life, and is now so well recovered, as to be able to walk about.his room.

Lord North, by his Ma- ,

jetty's command, acquainted > the House of Commons, that his Majesty recommends to the House the consideration of making preparation lor the relief of the EastIndia Company, and for securing to the creditors of the said Company, a more speedy satisfaction of their demands. After this the House resolved, that the clear revenues and profits of the East-India Company, after the current payments of interest, and other outgoings of the said Company, shall be dt-ducted, ought from time to time to be applied, in the first place, to the discharge of such debts as being due and payable ac the time, shall be demanded by the respective creditors.

The fame day there was a general court of the proprietors of EastIndia stock, for ballotting for the following question:

"That the petition prepared by the general-court be approved of, and humbly presented to the Hon. House of Commons."

The ballotting began at eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and ended at six the fame evening, when the

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