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is Rome; abolition of the Jtsuits ; charges against them in the Pope's hull; conducl ofthe Italian satis, <witb refped to the ecclesiastical power in their dominions. Death of the King of Sardinia; no appearance hitherto ofits causing pny change in the public affairs of Italy. Injurreclian at Palermo.



general state of public affairs previous to the meeting of parliament. Ministry. Parties. State of the East-India Company ; Jhort review of its affairs, with the causes of its present embarrassment ; supervision; application to government for a loan. Parliament meets. King'sfpeech. Secret committee. Debate on the establishment for the navy. Report from tht secret committee. Bill for restraining the East-India Company, with resped to the Jupcrvificn % debates; witnesses; counsel; second resort from the secret committee. Rill passed in both houses. Protest. [6?


Expedition against the Caribbs in the istand of St. Vincent. Some account of these people; black and yellow Canbbs; cession of the istaud by the late treaty of peace. The Caribbs refuse to have their lands surveyed, and to submit to the proposed transplantation. Nemo proposals made, and rejeSed. Troops ordered from North-America; proposal for transporting the Caribbs to the coast of Africa. Enquiry set on soot in the House ofCommons, as tt> the nature and causes of the expedition; witnesses examined; debates; resolutions moved, and resided upon a division. Treaty concluded with the Caribbs. Petition from the captains of the navy for an addition to their half-pay, opposition to the Petition; received, upon a division, and the request complied with. Fa:e of the Dissenters Bill. Motion relative ta tests required in the Universities; rejeded by a great maority, [*8i


Proposals from the East-India Company for a loan. Papers. Resolutions relative to the loan. Right to jhe territorial possefftons questioned. Resolutions for restraining the dividend, contrary to the proposals delivered by the Company; great delates thereon. Resolutions for continuing the territorial ac quifit ions in the Company for fix years, and relative to the future participation and disposal of the surplus profits. Debates. Exportation of teas duty-free. Petition from the East-India Company against the foregoing resolutions. Bill for regulating the affairs of the East-India Company, as well in India a.' in Europe. Lord Clive's condud in India arraigned. Resolution.-. Final rejolution in his savour. Petitions, from the East-India Company, the city of London, and the proprietors of less than looo/. capital stock, against the regulation bill; counsel heard against it; great debates; bill passed. Protests. Speech from the throne. ['93


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Some Account of the Proceedings at Westminster. Hall, on the Trial of Lord
Sandwich against Mr. Miller. — — [»/S

Seme Account of the Trial between Antonio Fabrigas, a Native cf Minorca,
and General Mastyn, Governor of that IJland. [l8i

Summary of the Proceedings at Guildhall, »" the Trial relative to the refrac-
tory Com sanies. — — [,88

Some Account of the remarkable Trial of Major General G ans el, on the Black

A3, for firing a Cafe of Pistols at three Bailiffs. [ 191

Abstraa of an A8 for the better preventing the counterfeiting, clipping, and

otherwise diminishing the Gold Coin of this Kingdom. — [195

Abstraa of an Aafor the better regulating of the Assize and making of Bread.


Extras from thi Will of tbt late Right Hon. Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl
of Chesterfield. — ['9*

Extraafrom the Codicil annexed to the Last Will and Testament cf Robert

North, late of Scarborough in the County of York, Esq. — [200

Account of the Distress of the London East-Indiaman, in the Hurricane ca the

Coast if China, in July last. [201

Ah Account of the Naval Review at Portsmouth. [zzi

An authentic Account os the Earthquake at the Birches, about Half a Mile
below Buildwas Bridge, Shropshire. ■ — [*C7

The humble Address, Petition, and Remonstrance, of the Lord-Mayor, Aider-
men, and Livery, of the City of London, in Common-Hall assembled; with
his Majesty's Answer. [*°9

The humble Petition os the United Company of Merchants trading to the Eist-

Indies, presented to the Hon. House of Commons. [210

Message from a Committee, appointed by the General Court of the Eest-Itdia
Company, to the Right Hen. the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen and Commons cf
the City of London, in Common-Hall assembled. [lit

The humble Petition of the Lord-Mayor, Aldermen and Commons of tbt City
of London, to the Hon. the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament ej-
fembled, against the East-India Regulating Bill. [114

The humble Petition of the United Company of Merchants of England tradisg
to tht East-Indies, presented to the Hen. House of Commons, May 28. [ibid.

The bumble Petition os several Proprietort os the East-India Company,
possessed os 500 /. or more, but less than 1000/. oftbe Capital Stock of
the saidCompany, presented to the Hon. House ofCommons. — [al J

Authentic Letters relative to the intended Tax upon Irish Absentees, viz. From

the Duke of'Devonshire, and other Lords, to Lord Nortb. —— [217

two from Lortb North to the Duke of Devonshire. •• [218

A Circular Letter- [219

A second Circular Letter. ■ • [220

Account of the Honrurs ptid by the Assembly and Council of Jamaica, to the
Memory os the late Sir William Yrelaviney, Bart. Governor of that Island.


Address ofthe Council of'Jamaica to Lady Trelavuney. [222

State of the Expot: Linen and Linen Tarn Trade of Ireland for the last Seventy

Years. — — — — [223

Account of the tola! Quantities of British and Irish Linens exported front
England, from the Commencement ">' the Bounty, to January 1772, distin-
guishing the Quantitiis and Bern: • / paid eac hyear. — [ 2 24

Account of the Quani.iy of Linens stamped in Scotland in the Tears 1727,

«747> 1757. «7^7- — — . — [>bld-

Account of the total Quantities of foreign Linens imported into England, and

the Duties paidthereon from 1762 tu 1771, both inclusive. — [ 22 5

Account of the progrtjfi-ve Increase of the Revenue of the Post-Office, [ibid.

Supplies granted by Parliament for the Tear 1773. —— [226

ffays and Means for raying tbt supplies, ———— [2


His Majesty's most gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Thursday

the 1st of July 1773. ■ - [233

His Excellency EarlHarcourt's Speech to the Parliament of Ireland, on Tues-
day the xxth Oclober, 1773. — — [ibid.

The Addresses of both Hcu/es of Parliament in Ireland to his Majesty. [234

His Majesty's Answers to the Addresses of both Houses of Parliament in Ireland.

The Thanks of both Houses of Parliament in Ireland for his Majesty's most

gracious dnsivcr to their Addrcffes. — [ibid.

The Addresses of both Houses of Parliament in Ireland to his Excellency the

Lord-Lieutenant, miitb hisExcelltncy's Answers. ■ [23^

The Lords Protest against the East-In Ha regulating Bill. — [240

Second Pretest of the Lords, upon the RejeSion of the Duke of Richmond's

Mo/ion relative to the East-India regulating Bill. ■ [ 24.3


A Description of the Island of Otaheite; vjitb many Particulars of its Produce

and Inhabitants, their Dress, Habitations, Food, Domestic Life, Amuse-

ments, Manufactures, Klic. , m 1


Of the Inhabitants of New Zealand. ij

Some Account of the Inhabitant! of Bat'avia and the adjacent Country, thi.r

Manners, Customs, &c. — — — 45

Some Particulars relative to the Arabs. — —- JJ

Hospitality and Politeness ofChouetar Aga, the Governor of Hilla, a Turkish

Town on the Euphrates. — — — $J

Of Nadir Shah. — — — 60

Of the Sicilian Banditti. — — — 62

Of the Florentines, by the late Earl of Corke and Orrery. — 65

CharaSier of Lewis XIV. by the fame 67

__ ,— ofMetastasio' — — — 68

Seme Particulars relating to the famous Lord Fairfax, extracted from an

original MS. — — — — 75

Character of Mrs. Bridget Bendijh, Grand-daughter to Oliver Cromwell. 77
Character of Sir Francis Bacon, Lord High Chancellor of England, by

Monsieur d'Alembert. — — — 80

Some Account of the itlebrated Sir John Tradefcant. — 81

Some Account of Mac Murchard, an Irijh Chieftain in the Reign of Richard

the Second. — — — ~ 8 3

Of the Customs, Manners, and Language of the Northern Indians of America.



New Observations upon Vegetation. — — $9

An Account of the Cavern ofDunmore Park, near Kilkenny, in Ireland. 94
Of the dreadful Ejects of Cold in the Streights of Le Maire. — 96

Some Particulars of the Nat urn! History of New Zealand. — IOO

Surprizing Sea Weed in the Neig hbourbood of the Streights of Le Maire. 104
Same Account of the Peak of'Tennist'e. — — — 105

Of an extraordinary Fog-Bank an tpe Passage from Rio de Janeiro, to Pert

Desire. — — — — ibid.

Of an extraordinary Squall of Wind. — ■■ 106

Observations on the milky Appearance of some Spots of Water in the Sea. ibid.
Anountofane-wSpeciesofOak. — — 107

On the Digestion of the Stomach after Death. — — Io3

Of the Climate 0/ Naples, and of the Sirccc, or South east Wind. 112

Of the prodigious Chejnut Trees on Mount Etna, with some other curias

Particulars. — — ■ 114

Ob.'ervaticns with the Barometer, to ascertain the Height of Mount Etna. I lS
Account of a surprizing Diver at Mcjjir.a. — 120


An Account of the Discovery of the Manner of making Isinglass in Russia;

with a particular Description of its Manufacture in England from the

Product of Bnlijh Fifierus. — — — 12Z

Of the Preparation, Culture, and Use of the Orchis-Root. — j:3

y Abstrad

Alls raft of a Memoir on the Causes of sudden and 'violent Death, wherein
it is proved, that those who fall Victims to it may be recovered. 132

Of the Effects of Elder, in preserving growing Plants from Insects and
Flies. — — — — — 134.

An approved Method of washing eld Paintings, and giving them a good
Gloss. • 136

A N T I Q^U I T I E S.

Of the Saxon and blorman Architecture ; from Grojse's Antiquities of Eng-
land and IVales. — — — — 137
On the Suppression of Religious Houses \ from the fame. 146
Of Doomsday- Book ; from the same. — —' 14.7
Observations on Bclton Castle, in Yorkshire ; from the same. 1 ri
'Che Voyages of Ohthere and Wulfftan; from the Anglo-Saxon Version of
Oroftus, by Alfred the Great. \rz
Ancient Epitaph on Sir John Mason, who lies buried under St. Paul's. 158


Extracts from a Discourse delivered to the Students of the Royal Academy, on

she Distribution of, Dec. 10, 1772. by the President. 160

Curious Extracts from Mr. Burnef's Journal of his Voyage down the Iscr

and the Danube, from Munich lo Vienna. — — l65

Ofthe Carillons, -or Chimes, in the Low Countries; from the fame. 173

Ofthe popular diversions in Vienna % from the fame. 177

Incidents relative to the Roads and Manner of Travelling in Germany;

from the fame. — — — — ibid.

Of the Approaches tt Berlin ;from the fame. 180

Description of Potsdam. — . — — 18l

Sor.e Instances of the inordinate Passion fr Music which prevails in the
German Courts;from the feme. — — — 18 J

Of the present State rf Dresden, and of Saxony ; from the same. 186

'Some curious- Particulars of the Island of Malta — — 188

Rebuke to au English Gentleman, bv a Sicilian Nobleman. — l^t

Instances of the Oppressiveness of the present Government in Sicily. ibid.

Of the Italian Language; by the late Earl of Corie aud Orrery 193

Of three extraordinary Pirces of IVax-work at Florence ; from the fame. 196
Letter from the Countess of Pomfret to the Countess of Hertford, afterwards

Dutches ofSomer/it. - — — — ibid-

Letter from the late Dutchess-Dowagcr of Somerset to Mrs. —< . 19K

Account of two Joumies into IVales, in two Letters from Bistjop Herring to

Mr. Dwicombe. — — — — .20© -

Curious Letter from the Lord Mottntnarris to the Earl of Stafford, the Day

before his Execution; from the Second Volume of Clarendon's State-Pa-

ptrs. — —- —. — 203


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