The ship-owners' and ship-masters' handy-book


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Seite 276 - ... freight and passage money at risk, of such charges and crew's wages as would not have been incurred in earning the freight had the ship and cargo...
Seite 54 - ... the crew, and is in a condition to warrant the belief that she may be used in navigation with safety to life.
Seite 35 - Before making the sale the wharfinger or warehouseman shall give notice thereof by advertisement in two local newspapers circulating in the neighbourhood, or in one daily newspaper published in London, and in one local newspaper, and also, if the address of the owner of the goods has been stated on the manifest of the cargo, or on any of the documents which have come into the possession of the...
Seite 275 - When a ship is intentionally run on shore, and the circumstances are such that if that course were not adopted she would inevitably drive on shore or on rocks, no loss or damage caused to the ship, cargo and freight or any of them by such intentional running on shore shall be made good as general average, but loss or damage incurred in refloating such a ship shall be allowed as general average.
Seite 58 - Eefined petroleum, which will not ignite at a temperature less than one hundred and ten degrees of Fahrenheit thermometer, may be carried on board such steamers upon routes where there is no other practicable mode of transporting it...
Seite 275 - Loss or damage caused by cutting away the wreck or remains of spars or of other things which have previously been carried away by sea-peril, shall not be made good as general average.
Seite 67 - ... is hereby Imposed at each entry on all vessels which shall be entered in any port of the United States from any foreign port or place in North America, Central America, the West India Islands, the Bahama Islands, the Bermuda Islands, or the Coast of South America bordering on the Caribbean Sea, or...
Seite 21 - SHIPS' ANCHORS, a Treatise on. By GEORGE COTSELL, NA Illustrated. is. 6d. 149. SAILS AND SAIL-MAKING, an Elementary Treatise on. With Draughting, and the Centre of Effort of the Sails. Also, Weights and Sizes of Ropes ; Masting, Rigging. and Sails of Steam Vessels, &c., &c.
Seite 31 - The proposed alteration runs thus : — "New RULE. — That the rule for admeasurement be as follows:— The length shall be taken on a straight line on deck, from the fore part of the stem to the after part of the stern-post, from which, deducting the breadth, the remainder shall be esteemed the...
Seite 54 - ... floats, anchors, cables, and other things are faithfully complied with ; and if they deem it expedient they may direct the vessel to be put in motion, and may adopt any other suitable means to test her sufficiency and

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