Destiny Comes on the Wind - The Legend of Opechancanough

James A. Wright, 4 mars 2012

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Table des matières

Dedications and Acknowledgements
The Premise
The Bear Hunt
The Abduction
Cayugas Benefactor
The Court of Philip II
Cloistered in Castile
On to Cadiz and Across the Ocean
The Good Life
The Dark Days to Come
The Blessing of a Child
A Plan Develops
Easier Tirnes
The Devil and the Dragon
The Spanish Inquisition
The Sharks of Pescados

Factions in Cuba
Treasure of the La Madalena
Expedition to Aj acan
The Prisons of Seville
Return to New Spain
A New Career
Veracruz Society
Six Mules to Acapulco
A Brief Holiday
The Return to Veracruz
The Jesuits Reorganize
Farewells are Difficult
The Homeward Journey
The Final Sea Voyage
The Aj acan Landing
The Saint Marys Mission
A Somber Warning
The Village of Powhatan
The J esuits Fear Chapter 38 The Call to Serve His People
Cayugas Wives
Confronting the Jesuits
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