Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Band 13

A. and C. Black, 1817

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Seite 505 - Remarks on Arsenic, considered as a Poison and a Medicine ; to which are added, Five Cases of Recovery from the Poisonous Effects of Arsenic; together with the Tests successfully employed for detecting the White Metallic Oxide.
Seite 99 - A Treatise on the Nature and Cure of Gout ; comprehending a General View of a Morbid State of the Digestive Organs, and of Regimen : with some Observations on Rheumatism. By Charles Scudamore, MD Member of the Royal College of Physicians, of the Medical and Chinirgical Society of London, &c.
Seite 292 - Okey was taken by mistake (going ' of himself to the Enemy, thinking they had been friends), and Captain Guilliams slain in a charge. We took Sir Bernard Astley ; and killed Sir Richard Crane, — one very considerable with the Prince. We had a council of war concerning the storming of the Town, about eight days before we took it ; and in that there appeared great unwillingness to the work, through the unseasonableness of the weather, and other apparent difficulties.
Seite 76 - Medical, Geographical, and Agricultural Report of a Committee appointed by the Madras Government to inquire into the Causes of the Epidemic Fever, which prevailed in the Provinces of Coimbatore, Madura, Dindigul, and Tinnivelly, during the years 1809, 1810, and 1811, of which Dr.
Seite 489 - The patients first call the attention of parents more particularly to the seat of the disease by complaints of pain in voiding urine, or when too young this is observed by the cries and struggles of the child during the act of emptying the bladder. When the genital organs are examined, one or both labia are found inflamed and enlarged, the inflammation is of a dark tint, and soon extends internally over the clitoris, nymphae and hymen ; the pain in voiding the urine may induce a supposition that...
Seite 41 - World, extending itself also to this region of the globe, and mitigating the excess of its fervour. While the negro on the coast of Africa is scorched with unremitting heat, the inhabitant of Peru breathes an air equally mild and temperate, and is perpetually...
Seite 530 - AN EXPERIMENTAL INQUIRY INTO THE LAWS OF THE VITAL FUNCTIONS; with some Observations on the Nature and Treatment of Internal Diseases.
Seite 486 - The femoral artery was laid bare at the usual place, by an incision three inches in length, and compressed (but not tied circularly) by a narrow tape, so as , completely to obstruct the current of the blood with the least possible disturbance to the artery, or injury to its coats.
Seite 479 - Wise men have said are wearisome; who reads Incessantly, and to his reading brings not A spirit and judgment equal or superior (And what he brings, what needs he elsewhere seek) Uncertain and unsettled still remains, Deep versed in books and shallow in himself, Crude or intoxicate, collecting toys, And trifles for choice matters, worth a sponge; As children gathering pebbles on the shore.
Seite 125 - The greater the attainments of the candidates in various branches of science, in addition to competent professional knowledge, the more eligible will they subsequently be deemed for promotion...

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