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York, ib. --writes to his Stew- soning himself, ib._his Bus ard in the North, 329-re- rial, with a Soliloqué, 347 tires to a Monastery at Sheine, his Remains not afterwards and conforms to the Rules of to be found, ib. - his Characà a Monaftick, 331 -- sets out ter by Mr. Collier, 349 for York, and his Progress thi- two of his original Letters to ther, ib. -reaches Southwell, Secretary Gardiner, 350, & 332 writes to the King,

feq. - his Character by the receives from him a Sup- Church Historian, 354, & feq. ply of Money, & c. 333—

by Shakespeare, ib. spends his Time very com- an Application from Mont. mendably, ib. arrives at Bruyere, 358.No CompaScrooby, and Cawood, 334- rison between Wolsey's Beha. receives a Letter from his faith- viour and the Duke of Nore ful Steward, Robert Smythe, ib.

folk's, Mem. another from his hearty duced State and Charles Vth's Friend, Lasurence Stubbs,335– compared, 49. desires Cromwell to come down Wood, Mr. 249. into the North to him, 336– Wright, Sir Nathan, Ld Keepers his Enemies still inviduous, 337 286. -his Reply to Cromwell, 338 Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton, Clergy of York attend him,

Ld Changellor, 27.1. 339-prepares for his Installi ment, ib. an ominous Ac

Y cident explained, 340 his Porter's Integrity, 341---is ar- Tonge, Dr. John, one of Eraf. Tested for High Treason, ib. mus's Correspondents, a short refuses to submit to Northum- Account of him, with his berland, 342—but soon does Death and Epitaphş, 76, to to Walk, is in Cuftody, and 78--the present Rt. Hon. Sir sets out for London, ib.

William, Bart, his Descenappeares the Exclamations of the People against his Ene- York-Citizens Letter of Thanks mies, 343

is taken ill at to the Cardinal, 205. Sheffield, ib. - his Speech to York-house, " - where

White-hall King ftan, 345

and to the now is, formerly belonged to Abbot of Leicester-abbey, ib

the See of York, 321. his Illness increases, ib. Yorkshirę, two Revolts there, great Resignation, laft Words, Mem. p. 16.-a third, 24. and Death, 346-his Body

Z 'expofed-to View, ib. clear. ed of the Imputation of poi- Zeal of the Church, 92.

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dant, 79.

F I N I S,

DIRECTIONS for placing




Pag. 27




i The Head of the Cardinal to be


Emperor CHARLES the Vth,

3- JAMES the Vth, King of Scotland, m2 Vil. 4 View of Dr. COLET'S Tomb,

THOMAS CROMWELL, Earl of Esex, 141
Another of the CARDINAL,


182 -Queen CATHERINE,

207 9

ANNA BULLEYN introduced to Court, 250

John Russell, Earl of Bedford, 302
11 The East and West Prospects of


312 ANNA BULLEYN, when Queen, Mem. 12




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