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and Character, 168-Prede- Philip, Prince of Caftile, born,
ceffor to the Prince of Orange, 116-baptized, 117-mar-
who was crowned King of ried, Mem. p. 45.
England, by the Name of Wilc Pol, Count St. retakes Pavia,
liam Ill. 169.

but soon after is taken Pri-
Ormond, Sir Pierce Buttler of, foner, 16o.
made Earl of Osory, 67:

Poland, Affairs of, 119.
Oxford-University, great Disturb- Pole, Cardinal, one of Erasmus's

ances there, 84, 85 - their Friends, 79_his Education,
Charter, 86, & leg.and Mem. p. 17--condemned for
Letter to Wolsey, 88-

High Treason, 18 — when

cise History of it, 9o, & feq. made a Cardinal, :b. his

Mother's fingular Letter to

him, ib.

Pope, Alexander, Esg; his Enco-
Pace, Dr. Richard, a short Histo- mium on Craggs, Murray, and

ry of him, 100, & feq. Hyde, 177.
Papists and Protestants, terribly Pox, the French, a new Way of

executed by King Henry. See conveying it, 312.
the Memoirs after 358.

Poyet, Chancellor of France, dis-
Paris-University bribed, 246. graced, Mem. p. 34.
Parker's Ant. Brit. 215.

Premunire, the usual Sentence in-
Parker, Thomas, Earl of Maccles-

curred on it, 300.
field, Ld. Chancellor, 238. Privilege, the great Difference
Parliament meets, 306—is dis- between that enjoyed now,
solved, 320.

and what was felt in Wolfey's
Parr, Lady Catherine, K. Henry's

Time, 299
fixth Wife, Mem. p. 25-im- Protestants, whence fo called, 172.
peached for Heresy, but escapes Puckering, Sir John, Ld Keep-
with her Life, ib.

er, 273.
Paul III. elected Pope. Mem.
p. 40-endeavours to restore

Peace among Chriftians, 41-
his Death, 47.

Rapin's Summary of the Affairs
Paulet, William, Efg; Represen- of Europe, 52, to 62 - Re-

tative in Parliament for Win- marks thereon, 68, to 71–
chester, 200.

Reflection on Wolley wiped off,
Paulet, William, Lord St. John, 132---comes to Confeffion, 144
Lord Treasurer, 272.

laborious on what passed in
Pelham, the Right Hon. Henry, Spain, 151–Remarks on the
Chancellor of the Exchequer, lame, 152, 153.

- comple-
the present Possessor of Card. ments the Cardinal, 182

Wolsey's House at Esher, 202. Opinion on Wolsey's Conduct,
Pembroke, the Right Hon. Earl relating to the Divorce, : 249

- miltaken, 313--virulent,
Pensions, given on account of Pro- 347-Remarks on the Ac.


tections in Ireland, first disused, tors in the Divorce, Mem.

p. 8.


of, 321.


dies, 17.

cellor, 272

Rawleigh Redivivus, 280.: the E. of Angus, 64, 65-his Rawlinson, Mr. Sergeant, Ld Family and Descendants, ib.

Commissioner of the Great Scotland, Affairs of, 64, 1743

Seal, 282~Sir William, ib. Seymour, Lady Jane, became a Raymond, Lord Chief Justice, Favourite of K. Henry's, Mem.

and Ld Commissioner, 290. p. 11.-who marries her, 15 Record-office, in the Exchequer, 246.

Shaftsbury, Earl of, Lord ChanReligion, the State of, 72.

cellor, 280—the present Earl Rich, Sir Richard, Ld Chan- Henry descended from him,

the Rt. Hon. ib. Edward, Earl of Warwickand Shakespear, on the Steps previous Holland, ib.

to the Divorce, 210, & feq. Richmond, Duke of, Ld Com- on the Legantine Court,

missioner of the Great Seal, 220, & feq.- on its Proceed

276-Charles Duke of, 321. ings, 231, & feq. on the Richmond-Park first enclosed in Courtiers conspiring against K. Charles I.Time ; but closer Wolsey, 251, & feq. - on the

. shut up since, to the no small King's fending for the Great Inconvenience of the present Seal, 260, & feq.-draws Wola Inhabitants, 189.

Sey's Character, 354, & feq. Rolls, Master of the, a Dispute Shelley, Judge, demands of Wol. about his Authority, 191,

fey the Surrender of York-house, Rome plundered, 112.

321-posts to Court, 322. Rofcomon, the Earls of, 67. Shrewsbury, Earl of, kindly enRothes, Earl of, the Origin of

tertains Wolfey, 343 much the Family, 176.

concerned at his Illness, 344. Russel, Sir John, returns to Skeffington, Sir William, Lord

England, 202 his Let, Deputy of Ireland, 181 ter to Wolsey, 203

the Rt. Hon. Clotworthy, ib. tains his Affection for him to Skelton, the Poet, his Verses the last, 205-goes to him upon Wolsey, 105, 106 with a Token of the King's smartly corrected by Lilly, Favour, 302.

108.. Rymer's Fædera, 136, 246, Smythe, Robert, one of the Car

dinal's faithful Stewards, 334. 270. S

Soliman, the Great Turk, invades

Hungary, Mem. p. 39 is Salisbury, Countess of, behead

beat in Africa, 40. ed, Mem. p. 24

Somers, John Lord, Ld ChanSalmon's Remarks on the Articles

cellor, 284. against Wolfey, 320. Spain, Affairs of, 1, 116. Saluzzo, Marquiss of, fucceeds Spanish Writers complain of the in Lautrec's Command in Ita

Pope, 4!

but takes no Noly, 159 but forced to sur

tice of their Master's Perfidy render, ib.

to Wolfey, 42-on the PlunScot, Sir Walter, Laird of Buc- dering of Rome, 112-quoted cleuh, heads Forçes against

again, 118.



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Mem. p. 39.

Sperrt, the Hiftorian, 246. --fupports John de Zapol a-
Stafford, Henry Lord, a finished gainst Ferdinand of Austria, 64
Scholar, 80.

invades Hungary again, Stathmore, Thomas Lyon, Earl

concludes a of, 66.

Peace with the Venetians, 43.
St. John, Lord, fold Wolfey the Tuscany, the Grand Dukes of,

Ground on which he built the Foundation of their mak
Hampton-court, 182.

ing so great a Figure, 170.
Stokeslie, Bp. one of Erasmus's
· Correspondents, 79.

V Stow, the Historian, 95, 132, 215, 244.

Vannes, Peter, K. Henry's AmStuart, Henry, Lord Melin, baffador at Rome, 209

marries the R of Scotland, joined with Casali to manage 174

the Business of the Divorce Stubbs, Lawrence, a tight Friend there, 210. to the Cardinal, 336.

Varillas, the French Historian, Subfcribing Lords, 318.

146 Mem. P: 37 Suit at Law merrily determined, Venice, Doge of, his Letters to Mem. p. 47:

K. Henry, Q. Catherine, and Surry, the noble Earl of, be

Card. Wolsey, 69.
headed, Mem. p. 26. Venetians join with the Pope and
Sweating Sickness, divers great the D. of Milan, to send Am.

Men dies of it in England, bassadors to Francis, 22
159-fatal in Ireland, 181. enter into a Treaty with him,

23- the fame published, 39

enters into another, 114

left out of the Treaty of Cam. Talbot, Lord, Ld Chancellor, bray, 161--conclude a Peace 292—the Rt. Hon. William

with the Turks, Mem. p. 43. his Son, 293

Vernon, Admiral, Member of ParTanner, Dr. Bp. of Afaph 200. liament for Ipswich, 199. Tarbe, Bp. of, first objects to the Virgil, Polydor, a bitter Enemy Princess Alaiy's Legitimacy,

to the Cardinal, 103 - his 123, 127

fawning blasphemous Letter to Teftament, the New, burnt, 139.

his Eminence, 348.
Thanistry, a particular Ufage in Voltaire's Character of Francis I.
Ireland, 66.

Mem. p. 38.
Thomond, Henry E. of, his Sire, Urbino, D. of, marches his Ar-
Titles and Estate, 67.

my into Naples, 46 — foon Trevor, Sir John, Ld Com- quits it, 47.

missioner of the Great Seal,

Tunis-city described, Mem. p. 40.
Tunftal, Bp. of London, a Friend Walh, Sir Walter, repairs to
to Erasmus, 79-translated to

arrest Wolfey, 341

- executes Durham, 200.

his Orders, 342. Turks beat the Hungarians, 63. Warham, William, Archbillaop


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of Canterbury, one of Eras not deceived by the holy Maid mus's Patrons, 80. deceived of Kent, 1oc--the Charges on

100by the holy Maid of Kent, 93, him relating to Secretary Pace, 99 his obliging Letter to removed, ib. & feq.--as well Wolley, 189-his Death, Mem. as other Defamations, 102 p. 7.

the King's Letter to him, 1:03 Westmeath, Thomas Nugent, Earl

libelled by paltry Authors, of, 67.

105-keeps up his CorresponWestminsterold Palace burnt, 321.

dence with Bp. Fox, 109 White Hall, formerly York-Place, receives a Letter from Sigisdescribed, 321

mond, K. of Poland, 119 ---Williams, Dr. John, Bp. of Lin- nother from Lady Anna Bulleyn, coln, Ld Keeper, 276.

125-one from the King, 126 Williams, William Fitz, Elg; a a second from Lady Anna, worthy Domestick of Cardi.

ib. obtains another Comnal Wolfey's, 140, 331, (and mission for hearing Causes in Ancestor both to the prelent

his Absence, 130 - gces as Earl and Viscount, ib. )--en- High Ambassador to France,

tertains the Cardinal, 343, 131 arrives at Abberville, Wills, Dr.esteemed by Erasmus, 133-called there the Pacifick 88.

Cardinal, 134-compleats seWilton-priory, 104.

veral Treaties between his Winchelsea and Nottingham, Da- Master and Francis, ib. 135 niel Earl of, 282.

---returns to England, 136 Winchester-bishoprick described, but, in his Way home, direct199

ed a Mart to be kept at Calais, Winter,

the Cardinal's ib.-made his Holiness's Vicar natural Son, very extravagant,

General, 138. takes Crom

well into his Service, 141319. Wolley, Cardinal, discovers his tries a third Time for the Pa

Address and Policy, 16 to 21 pacy, 162 & feq. - presents demands Commissioners to Hampton-court to the King, be sent from the Venetians, 182--his Care not to deprive &c.40-receives Letters from the People of their common the Doge of Venice and the High-ways, 186-of Archbp. D. of Milan, 69, 70 - pre

Warham, 189 founds his serves the Balance of Power College at Ipswich, 191 well, 72 - compromised the writes to the Masters of his Differences of Magdalen Col- School there, directing Lilly's lege, 85--the Charter he ob

Rudiments to be taught, 197tained for the University of his College fell with him, 198 Oxford, 86, & feq.--his fur- -made Bp. of Winchester, ther Care of them, 90

199--the Pope fent Inítruforms the Royal Houshold, ments for that Purpose, 200, 94-regulates the Coins, 95 201---the King's, ib. 202encourages Trade and Na- orders Ejber-place to be repairvigation, 96-suppresses some ed, 201~obtains a Bull to upof the leffer Monatteries, ib. hold the Temporalities of Winwell, 3015



chester, 2020 his Care of Sir by special Commiffion, 296, Fobn Russell's Children, 203 297-submits to the King,

of his fellow Subjects, 298--his Speech to the Judges, 205--and of York in parti- 299-Judgment signed against cular, ib.

-never corrupted or him, Prisoner at large, influenced Persons to send Re. 300—had good Authority for presentatives to Parliament of

his Legantine Commission, ib. his Recommendation, 206- -bears his Misfortunes pretty joined with Campeius to fit in

I wants to reward Judgment on the Divorce, 210 his faithful Servants, ib. -introduces him to the King, most pathetick Interview with 214--cleared from the Charge them, 302—protected by the of first making him unealy King, 303

Reflections on with Queen Catherine, 230 him in the House of Com. yet charged with preventing mons answered,

309—Arti the Divorce, 242 visibly ticles exhibited against him in declines in the King's Favour, the House of Lords, 310, to 248-notwithstanding he was 318-charged with having determined to act impartially, the Pox, 312--the Articles 249

follows the King to rejected in the House of ComGrufton in Nottinghamshire, mons, 318 Collier's Re. 251-noProvision made for his marks on them, 319-SalReception there, 252--yet gra- mon's, 320--Wolley juftly reciously received by the King, proaches the Duke of Norfolk, 253, 254-Wagers laid about ib. at first reasons against it, 253----next time received surrendering York-house to the but coolly, 257 --departs from King, 321 but soon after

Court for London, 259--In- signs that Deed, and another di&tments, &c. drawing against

Instrument, 322 - writes to him, 260-at firit refuses to Lady Anna Bulleyn and Cromdeliver

the Great Seal, 263

reflects on his at last does it in great Form, Disappointments, ib.- ftill re270, Efeq. orders his ceives Messages from Court, Jewels, &c. to be taken care 324-takes the Dismembering of for the King, 281 fe- and Suppression of his colverely reprimands his Treasu

leges to Heart, 324—writes rer, ib. -- sets out for Ejher, to the King about them, ib. 282 his Devotion on his his Patience, 325-falls danKnees, in the High-way, 285 gerously ill, ib. cherished

makes Sir John Norris a again by the King, and Lady Present, 287--and another to Anna, 326—and obtains his the King, 288--his kneeling full Pardon, ib.--the Articles in the Dirt, cleared up, 289, of it, 327--the King grants & feq.-brought the Court him further Marks of Friendof Chancery into high Efteem, Thip, ib.

complains to 293---arrives at Ejber, 294- Cromwell, 328--his Enemies the Information against him, alarmed at the King's Favour, 295-appoints his Attorneys and push for his being sent to


well, 323

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