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Fox for Rome, 209-
to Wolfey, 246- - carries the
King's Point at Cambridge,
248 was Bp. of Winchester,
and hadthe Cuftody of the
Great Seal, 272.
Garter, the Order of the, first
eftablished in Ireland, 68.
Genoa, under French Government,
115-revolts, 159-furrenders
to the Emperor all their Ports,

Giglis, Sylvefter, Bp. of Worcester,

Patron to Erasmus, 79:
Gilbert, Mr. Baron, Lord Com-

miffioner of the Great Seal, 290.
Glames, John Lord, 66.
Goodrick, Bp. of Ely, had the
Cuftody of the Great Seal,

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cellor, 273-the prefent Lord
Viscount his Defcendant. ib.
Heath, Nicholas, Archbishop of
York, had the Cuftody of the
Great Seal, 272.

Henry the VIIIth, King of Eng-
land, fends Ambaffadors to con-
gratulate K. Francis on his De-
liverance, 15 enters into a
Treaty with him, 21-refufes
that of the Venetians, &c. 40-
lives at Peace,68—receives Let-
ters from the Doge of Venice
and the D. of Milan, 69, 70-
ill ufed by Luther, 72, & feq.

his Letter to Erafmus, So-
another to Wolfey, 103-en-
ters inte Treaties with France,
121-writes to Wolfey, 126-
the laft Treaties with France
regulated, 129- fend Am-
bafadors to France, ib. 131-
appoints a publick Thankf
giving, 136-fends the Order
of St. George to Francis, and
confers greater Power on Wol-
Sey, 138-fends new Inftruc-
tions to Spain, 142-in Con-
junction with Francis, pro-
claims War against the Empe-
ror, 148-writes to Rome in
Favour of Wolfey, 164-fends
Ambaffadors to Scotland, 175

enlarges Hampton-court Pa-
lace, 183-requests the Bi-
fhoprick of Winchester for
Wolfey, 199-fends Fox and
Gardiner to Rome about the
Divorce, 209-gives Cam-
peius an Audience, 214-his
Oration to the great Men, 215
-difpleafed with Campeius's
Stiffness, 219 not fatisfied
with Campana's fmooth Mef-
fage, 220--fends new Inftruc-
tions, relating to the Divorce,
to his Ambaffadors at Rome,
240 haftens the Commit-

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fioners in England to forward it, 241-throws his Difappointment in the Divorce on Wolfey, 243-publishes an Order against the Pope's Decrees, ib. orders Q Catherine to retire, 244 goes a Progress to divert his Melancholly, ib. tranfported with Cranmer's Advice, 245, 246fends Commiffioners to all foreign Univerfities, &c. with a State of his Cafe, ib. their Certificates in Rymer, &c. ib. -threatens the University of Oxford, 247-both the Univerfities debate on his Cafe, 247, 248 his Slight of Q. Catherine, and Amoroufnefs to Anna Bullern, 250, & feg.-receives Wolfey gracioufly, 253 has Conflicts about facrificing him, 255neglects him, 257- haftens to London, and gives Campeius his Audience of Leave, 260 -but diffembles with him, ib. -orders Wolfey to be profecuted, 263- -difmiffes him from his Chancellorship, ib. peremptorily demands the Great Seal, 267 fends a comfortable Meffage after him, 284-affigns him Attorneys, 296 fends Judges for his Anfwer to the Information, 298-fends Sir John Ruffel to Wolfey with a Token of Favour, 302-grants him a Protection, 303-exhibits a Commiffion of Inquiry after his Effects, 304-directs a Parliament to be called, 305-fends to demand York-house of WolSey, 321 builds St. James's Houfe, and enclofes the Park, ib.-grown quite mercenary,

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fey, ib.-fends him comfortable Meffages, 323 - prevails on Lady Anna to fend him a Token, ib.-fiezes his Tómb, 325-fends a Physician to vifit him, ib. relents again, 326-and grants him a full Pardon, ib. - and other Favours, 327, 328- yet prevailed on by his Enemies to order him to remove to York, 329 tries again to bring Wolfey over, 338-Memoirs of his Reign, from Wolfey's Death to his own, p. 1, after. Herbert, Lord, the Hiftorian, 103, 135; 247, 314, 319— Mem. 26. P. Herbert, Sir Edward, had the keeping of the Great Seal, 277 the prefent Lord Herbert of Cherberry his Defcendant, 278. Heylin, Dr. quoted, 128. Hoadley, Dr. Benjamin, Bp. of Winchester, 200.

Howard, Lady Catherine, becomes a Favourite of King Henry's, Mem. p. 22—and his fifth Wife, 23. executed for Adultery, ib.

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Hume, Sir Patrick, his Defcendants, 178. Hungarians fadly beat by the Turks, 63 invaded again, Mem. P. 39: Hungary, Affairs of, 62-Defcription of it, ib. 63—endures great Calamities, 64. Hutching, Sir George, Ld Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 283. Hyde, Sir Edward, Lord Charcellor, 278 Author of the Hiftory of the Rebellion, ib.


322 has Remorfe of Con- James I. King of England,

fcience for his Ufage to Wol



James II. King of England, is commanded to quit Whitehall, 169.

James V. of Scotland, escapes from the Earl of Angus, his Father-in-law, 175-calls a Parliament, ib-regulates his Government, and restores the Order of St. Andrew, 176— -honoured with four Orders of Knighthood, 177-commits feveral of the Nobility to Edinburgh Castle, and does other Acts of Justice, ib. fixes the College of Justice at Edinburgh, 179-lives fome time peaceably, marries two Wives, falls into Despair, bewails the Fate of his poor Kingdom, and dies, ib.-his Character, 180. James's, Palace of, erected, Mem.

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cellor, 282.

Jekyll, Sir Jofeph, Lord Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 290.

Jerome, St. Monks of, Mem. P. 49.

Jefus, Society of, inftituted, Mem. P. 43-it's Founder's Death, ib. Inchiquin, William O Brien, Earl of, 66.

Ipfwich College founded by Wolfey, 191-the Corporation exceedingly pleafed with it, 194 -their Letter to him, 195affign their Grammar-school Lands over for the Support of his College, 196-its Foun dation, and the Town defcrib


199. Ireland, Affairs of, 66, 180erected into a Kingdom, by A&t of Parliament in England, 182.


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Kecke, Anthony, Efq; Ld. Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 282. Kent, Samuel, Efq; Member of Parliament for the Corporation of Ipfwich, 199.

Kerry, Thomas Fitz Morris, Earl of, 67.

King, Peter Lord, Ld. Chancellor, 290-Infcription on his Tomb, 292.

King fton, Mr. Lieut. of the Tower, goes to affift in bringing Wolfey to London, 344-comforts him, 345-vifits him again, ib.-again for the laft Time, 346.

Knight, Dr. his Mistakes, relating to a Difference between Card. Wolfey and Dr. Yonge, rectified, 76, to 78-relating to Dr. Lee, 81- fevere upon Wolfey, 82.


Lambert, Sir Daniel, 94. Lancafter, Dutchy Court of, defcribed, 121.

Lane, Sir Richard, had the keeping of the Great Seal, of Eng land, 277. Lanoy, Vice-roy of Naples, conducts Francis to the Borders of his Kingdom, 10-and his Sons to Fuenterabia, 12—fummonfes Francis to execute the Hhh Treaty

Treaty of Madrid, 24-quits the French Court, 39-amufes the Pope, 51-fruftrates theExpectations of the Duke of Milan, 52-dies of the Plague, 113. Lautrec takes up Winter Quarters, 116-befriends the Pope, 145, 146, fets out for Naples, 154 many Towns open their Gates to him, 155


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circumvents the Viceroy of Naples, 156 fiezed with a contagious Distemper, ib.-his Death, and fome Account of his Life, 157, 158. Law-Proceedings ordered to be in English, Mem. p. 37. Lee, Dr. a fmart Antagonist to Erafmus, 80-mifreprefented by Dr. Knight, 81. Legatine-court, for trying the Validity of the Divorce opened, 220- - Journal of its Proceedings, 229, to 239-fits for for the laft Time, 241. Leger, Anthony St. Efq; Lord Deputy of Ireland, 182-Ar thur St. ib. Leland, celebrates Hampton-court Palace, 183. Lewis, King of Hungary, wars with the Turks, 62-his Defeat and Death, 63-odd Circumftances of his Birth, 64. Leyva, Anthony de, defeats Duke Sforza, 114-furprizes Pavia, &c. 159 takes Count St. Pol Prifoner, 160. Lilly, the famous William, fome

Account of him, 107, & feq. Lincolnshire, a Rifing there, Mem. P. 15.

Littleton, Sir Edward, Lord

Kceper, 277. Lyttelton, Mr. 350.. Living fione, Lord, 176. London, Affairs of, 92, 93, 94a particular Service done it by

Mr. Alderman Lambert, ib.→ Longland, Bp. a Friend to Erafmus, 79-Confeffor to King Hen ry, 247.

Lorain, Card. difgraced, Mem. P. 34.

Love Letters, fingular ones from Henry VIII. to Anna Bulleyn, Mem. p. 3, &· feq. Luther's rude Epithets to King Henry, 72-his Letter of Submiffion to him, 73, to 75his Doctrines prevail, 139the Conclufion of the Account of him, 173. Lutherans greatly flourish, Mem, P. 37-the Emperor makes War upon them, 46.


Macclesfield, George Earl of, 290. Magdalen-college, Oxford, its Students remarkable Letter to Wolfey, 85.

Maid, the boly one of Kent, a

notorious Impofler, 97, & feq. Mandeville, Henry Viscount, Ld Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 276. Marchmont, Earls of, their Family and Character, 178. Margaret, Governefs of the Lowcountries, dies, 172. Margaret, Queen Dowager of Scotland, concerts Measures to get her Son from the Earl of Angus, 64-fues for a Divorce, obtains it, and marries Lord Meffin, 174

Mary, Princefs, (afterwards Q of England) her Legitimacy difputed, 123.

Mary, Princefs of Portugal, married, Mem. p. 45. Maureen, Viscount, 181. Masters of the Rolls, and in Chan cery, a Lift of them from King Charles

Charles the Ild's Time, 294. Maynard, Sir John, Lord Commiffioner of the Great Seal, 282, 283.

Meath, Earl of, 181.
Medicis, Alex, de, made Duke of

Florence, 170. MEMOIRS, Additional, facing 358. Memorandum on Wolfey's delivering up the Great Seal, 270. Mercers, Worthipful Company of, their Gratitude, 109. Merone pardoned and restored to Favour, 50. Michael, Military Order of St. explained, 173.. Milan, Duke of, joins with the Pope and the Venetians, 22 capitulates with the Duke of Bourbon, 43 coins the Church Plate into Money, 49 -fruftrated by the Vice-roy of Naples, 52-his Letters to Wolfey, 69, 70-one to King Henry, 70-his Death, Mem. p. 32.

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Miferai's Character of Francis I.
Mem. p. 38.
Monafteries fuppreffed, Mem p. 20.
Monmouth, Duke of, marries the

Duchefs of Buccleugh, 64his Death and Iffue, 65. Montacute, Lord, beheaded, Mem. P. 21.

Montagu, John Duke of, 321. Montmorency, Marshal de, deputed to go and receive the two French Princes, and Queen Eleanor on the Frontiers of Spain, 166.

More, Sir Thomas, a moft intimate Correfpondent of Erafmus's, 80, 82-deceived by Barton, the Impofter, 97Chancellor of the Dutchy of Lancaster, 121 Lord Chancellor of England, Memoirs of

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Naples befieged by the French, 155-its Vice-roy killed, 156 -infected with the Plague, ib. -the Siege railed, 159- - a Rebellion there, Mem. p. 46. Norfolk, Duke of, pays the Cardinal a fycophant Vifit, 320 -pushes on his Removal to York, 329, 330. - narrowly efcaped King Henry's bloody Axe, Mem. p. 26-his Confeffion, ib. Norris, Sir John, very complaifant to Wolfey, 252 fent after him with a kind Meffage, 284. North, Sir Francis, Baron Guil ford, Lord Keeper, 282the prefent Lord Guilford his Defcendant, ib. Northumberland, Earl of, readily accepts the ungrateful Office of arrefting Wolfey, 340 does it with Trembling, 341retires ignominiously, 342.

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Onflow, the Right Hon. Arthur, 239.

Orange, Prince of, fuccours Naples, 155-defends it bravely, 156-his Death, Burial, Hhh 2 and

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