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Fox for Rome, 209

writes cellor, 273--the present Lord
to Wolsey, 246 carries the Viscount his Descenda nt. ib.
King's Point at Cambridge, Heath, Nicholas, Archbishop of
248-was Bp. of Winchester, York, had the Custody of the
and hadthe Custody of the

Great Seal, 272.
Great Seal, 272.

Henry the VIIIth, King of Eng-
Garter, the Order of the, first land, fends Ambassadors to con-

established in Ireland, 68. gratulate K. Francis on his De-
Genoa, under French Government,

liverance, 15

enters into a
115-revolts, 159-surrenders Treaty with him, 21-refuses
to the Emperor all their Ports, that of the Venetians, &c. 40.-

lives at Peace,68-receives Let-
Giglis, Sylvefter, Bp. of Worcester, ters from the Doge of Venice
Patron to Erasmus, 79:

and the D. of Milan, 69, 70%
Gilbert, Mr. Baron, Lord Com- ill used by Luther, 72, & feq.

missioner of the Great Seal, 290. his Letter to Erasmus, Som
Glames, John Lord, 66.

another to Wolsey, . 103-en-
Goodrick, Bp. of Ely, had the ters inte Treaties with France,

Cuftody of the Great Seal, 121-writes to Wolsey, 126-

the last Treaties with France
Gormanston, Jenico Prefion, Lord regulated, 129fend Am-
Viscount, 68.

balladors to France, ib. 131-
Grantham, Henry, Earl of, 288. appoints a publick Thankf-
Grocyn, the famous, celebrated by giving, 136---fends the Order
Erasmus, 79.

of St. George to Francis, and
Guicciardin, a Remark on his confers


Power on Wol-
History of the Wars of Ita-, sey, 138~--sends new Instruc-
ly, 173

tions to Spain, 142--in Con-
Guilford, Sir Robert, Bart. his

junétion with Francis, pro-
Ancestor, 131.

claims War against the Empe-

ror, 148-writes to Rome in

Favour of Wolsey, 164-lends

Ambassadors to Scotland, 175
Hales, Mr. Attorney Gen. drew enlarges Hampton-court Pa-

up the Informations against lace, 183-requests the Bi-
Wolfey, 294

shoprick of Winchester for
Hall, the Historian, 95, 102, Wolsey, 199-fends Fox and
112, 244, 306, 332.

Gardiner to Rome about the
Hampton-court Palace, built by Divorce, 209-gives Can-

Wolsey, celebrated by Leland, peius an Audience, 214-his
113-described, ib. -and its

Oration to the great Men, 215
delightful Situation, ib. & feq. displeased with Campeius's
Harcourt, Simon Lord, Ld Chan-

Stiffness, 219

not satisfied
cellor, 286.

with Campara's smooth Mef-
Hardwicke, Philip Lord, the sage, 220---fends new Instruc-

Ld. High Chancellor, 293– tions, relating to the Divorce,

his laudable Gratitude, 340. to his Ambaffadors at Rome,
Hatton, Sir Christopher, Ld Chan- 240c- haftens the Commiss


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it, 241-


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247, 248

fioners in England to forward Sey, ib.– sends him comforta-

-throws his Disap- ble Messages, 323 — prevails
pointment in the Divorce on

on Lady Anna to send him a
Wolley, 243----publishes an Or- Token,' ib._fiezes his Tomb,
der against the Pope's Decrees, 325~sends a Physician to vi-
ib. - orders Q. Catherine to fit him, ib. relents again,
retire, 244-goes a Progress 326-and grants him a full
to divert his Melancholly, ib. Pardon, ib.

-- and other Fa-
transported with Cran-

vours, 327, 328- yet pre-
mer's Advice, 245, 246 - vailed on by his Enemies to
fends Commissioners to all fo- òrder him to remove to York,
reign Universities, &c. with a 329 - tries again to bring
State of his Case, ib. their Wolfey over, 338—Memoirs of
Certificates in Rymer, &c. ib. his Reign, from Wolsey's Death
-threatens the University of to his own, p. 1, after.
Oxford, 247-both the Uni- Herbert, Lord, the Historian,
versities debate on his Cafe, 103, 1351 247, 314, 319-
his Slight of Mem.


O Catherine, and Amorous- Herbert, Sir Edward, had the
nefs to Anna Bullern, 250, & keeping of the Great Seal,
Segon-receives Wolfcy graci-

277 - the present Lord Here
ously, 253 has Confiicts bert of Cherberry his Descen-
about facrificing him, 255 dant, 278.
neglects him, 257.-- hastens Heylin, Dr. quoted, 128.
to London, and gives Campeius Hoadley, Dr. Benjamin, Bp. of
his Audience of Leave, 260 Winchester, 200.
but dissembles with him, ib. Howard, Lady Catherine, be-
orders Wolsey to be prose- comes a Favourite of King
cuted, 263-dismifles him Henry's, Mem. p. 22—and his
from his Chancellorship, ib. fifth Wife, 23 executed for

-peremptorily demands the Adultery, ib.
Great Seal, 267 fends a Hume, Sir Patrick, his Descen-
comfortable Mefiage after him, dants, 178.
284-assigns him Attorneys, Hungarians sadly beat by the
296---fends Judges for his

Turks, 63
Answer to the Information,
298 — fends Sir John Russel Hungary, Affairs of, 62— De-
to Wolsey with a Token of Fa- fcription of it, ib. 63-endures
vour, 302–grants him a Pro-

great Calamities, 64.
tection, 303-exhibits a Com- Hutching, Sir George, Ld Com.
mision of Inquiry after his missioner of the Great Seal,
Eficts, 304--directs a Parlia- 283.
ment to be called, 305-sends Hyde, Sir Edward, Lord Chan-
to demand York-house of Wol- cellor, 278 - Author of the
sey, 321 - builds St. James's

History of the Rebellion, ib.
House, and encloses the Park,

ib.agrown quite mercenary,
322 -- has Remorse of Con- James I. King of England,
frience for his Usage to Wola 321.


invaded again,

Mem. P. 39:

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James II. King of England, is Italian Princes make a Stand a-

commanded to quit Whitehall, gainst the Imperialists, 43--

vindicated by their Writers,
James V. of Scotland, escapes

44, to 46.
from the Earl of Angus, his Italians, their odd Superstition,
Father-in-law, 175calls a

Parliament, ib.-regulates his Italy, Affairs of, 1, 110, 154,
Government, and restores the - generally the Grave of the
Order of St. Andrew, 176 Frenchmen, 160.
-honoured with four Orders Julius Ill. elected Pope, Mem.
of Knighthood, 177 -com-

P. 49.
mits several of the Nobility to

Edinburgh Castle, and does O-
ther Acts of Justice, ib. - Kecke, Anthony, Esq; Ld. Com-
fixes the College of Justice at missioner of the Great Seal, 282.
Edinburgh, 179 - lives fome Kent, Samuel, Esq; Member of
time peaceably, marries two Parliament for the Corporation
Wives, falls into Despair, be- of Ipswich, 199.
wails the Fate of his poor Kerry, Thomas Fitz Morris, Earl
Kingdom, and dies, ib.-his of, 67.
Character, 180.

King, Peter Lord, Ld. Chancel-
James's, Palace of, erected, Mem. lor, 290-Inscription on his
p. 1.

Tomb, 292.
Jeffreys, George Lord, Ld Chan- Kingston, Mr. Lieut. of the Tower,
cellor, 282.

goes to assist in bringing Wol-
Jekyll, Sir Joseph, Lord Com. sey to London, 344-comforts
missioner of the Great Seal, him, 345 visits him again,


ib.-again for the last Time,
jerome, St. Monks of, Mem.
P. 49.

Knight, Dr. his Mistakes, re-
Jefus, Society of, instituted, Mem. lating to a Difference between

P: 43—it's Founder's Death, Card. Wolley and Dr. Yonge,

rectified, 76, to 78--relating
Inchiguin, William O Brien, Earl to Dr. Lee, 81
of, 66.

Wolfey, 82.
Ipswich College founded by Wol-

fey, 191-the Corporation ex-
ceedingly pleased with it, 194 Lambert, Sir Daniel, 94.
-their Letter to him, 195- Lancaster, Dutchy Court of, de-
assign their Grammar-school

scribed, 121.
Lands over for the Support Lane, Sir Richard, had the keep-
of his College, 196 — its Foun. ing of the Great Seal, of Enge
dation, and the Town describ-

Lanos, Vice-roy of Naples, con-
Ireland, Affairs of, 66, 180- ducts Francis to the Borders of



- fevere upon

land, 277.

erected into a Kingdom, by his Kingdom, 10 - and his
Act of Parliament in Eng- Sons to Fuenterabia, 12-fum-
land, 182.

monses Francis to execute the

Hhh Treaty

ed, 199


Treaty of Madrid, 24-quits Mr. Alderman Lambert, ib.-
the French Court, 39--amuses Longland, Bp.a Friend to Erafmus,
the Pope, 51—fruftrates theEx-


Confessor to King Hen-
pectations of the Duke of Milan,

ry. 247
52-dies of the Plague, 113. Lorain, Card. disgraced, Mem.
Lautrec takes up Winter Quar.
ters, 116– befriends the Pope, Love Letters, fingular ones from
145, 146, sets out for Naples, Henry VIII. to Anna Bulleyn,
154 many Towns open Mem. P: 3, & feq.
their Gates to him, 155 Luther's rude Epithets to King
circumvents the Vice-

Henry, 72-his Letter of Sub-
roy of Naples, 156

fiezed mission to him, 73, to 75
with a contagious Distemper, his Doctrines prevail, 139.
ib.--- his Death, and some Ac. the Conclusion of the Account
count of his Life, 157, 158.

of him, 173;
Law-Proceedings ordered to be Lutherans greatly flourish, Mem,
in English, Mem. p. 37.

p. 37-the Emperor makes
Lee, Dr. a smart Antagonist to War upon them, 46.

Erasmus, 80 misrepresented
by Dr. Kright, 81.

Legatine-court, for trying the Va-
lidity of the Divorce opened, Macclesfield, George Earl of, 290.

- Journal of its Proceed Magdalen-college, Oxford, its Stu-
ings, 229, to 239—fits for dents remarkable Letter to
for the last Time, 241.

Wolfey, 85:
Leger, Anthony St. Esq; Lord Maid, the holy one of Kent, a

Deputy of Ireland, 182–Ar- notorious Impofter, 97, & lego
thur St. ib.

Mandeville, Henry Viscount, Ld
Leland, celebrates Hampton-court Commiflioner of the Great Seal,
Palace, 183,

Lewis, King of Hungary, wars Marchmont, Earls of, their Fa-

with the Turks, 62-his De. mily and Character, 178.
feat and Death, 63-odd Cir. Margaret, Governess of the Low-

cumstances of his Birth, 64. countries, dies, 172.
Leyva, Anthony de, defeats Duke Margaret, Queen Dowager of

Sforza, 114 — surprizes Pa- Scotland, concerts Measures to
via, &c. 159

takes Count get her Son from the Earl of
St. Pol Prisoner, 160.

Angus, 64-sues for a Divorce,
Lilly, the famous William, some obtains it, and marries Lord

Account of him, 107, & seq. Mefin, 174:
Lincolnshire, a Rising there, Mem. Mary, Princess, (afterwards Q.
p. 15

of England) her Legitimacy
Littleton, Sir Edward, Lord disputed, 123.
Keeper, 277.

Maiw, Princess of Portugal, mar,
Lyttelton, Mr. 350.

ried, Mem. p. 45.
Living fione, Lord, 176. Mafureen, Viscount, 181.
London, Affairs of, 92, 93, 94-- Masters of the Rolls, and in Char-
a particular Service done it by cery, a List of them from King


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Charles the Ild's Time, 294. him, 270~opens the 8th Par-
Maynard, Sir John, Lord Com-

liament with a quaint Speech,
missioner of the Great Seal,

306, 307

beheaded, Mem.
282, 283

P. II.
Meath, Earl of, 181.

Muncer, Thomas, a rigid Follower
Medicis, Alex, de, made Duke of of Luther, and Head of a
Florence, 170.

strong enthusiastick Sect in
MEMOIRS, Additional, facing Germany, called Muncerians,

Memorandum on Wolsey's deliver- Murray, the Hon. William, Soll.

ing up the Great Seal, 270. General, his family, and Mr.
Mercers, Worshipful Company of, Pope's Encomium on him, 177.

their Gratitude, 109.
Merone pardoned and restored to

Favour, 50.
Michael, Military Order of St. Naples besieged by the French,
explained, 173.

155--its Vice-roy killed, 156
Milan, Duke of, joins with the --infected with the Plague, ib.
Pope and the Venetians, 22 -the Siege raised,

capitulates with the Duke Rebellion there, Mem. p. 46.
of Bourbon, 43

coins the Norfolk, Duke of, pays the Car-
Church Plate into Money, 49

dinal a fycophant Vifit, 320
-frustrated by the Vice-roy -pushes on his Removal to
of Naples, 52-his Letters to York, 329, 330-narrowly


Wolsey, 69, 70---one to King escaped King Henry's bloody
Henry, 70-his Death, Mem. Axe, Mem. p. 26-his Con-
p. 32.

feflion, ib.
Miserai's Character of Francis I. Norris, Sir John, very complai-
Mem. p. 38.

fant to Wolfey, 252.

Monasteries suppressed, Mem. p. 20. after him with a kind Mel-
Monmouth, Duke of, marries the fage, 284.

Duchess of Bucclengh, 64 North, Sir Francis, Baron Guil.

his Death and Issue, 65. ford, Lord Keeper, 282 —
Montacute, Lord, beheaded, Mem. the present Lord Guilford his

Descendant, ib.
Montagu, John Duke of, 321. Northumberland, Earl of, readily
Montmorency, Marshal de, depu- accepts the ungrateful Ofice

ted to go and receive the two of arresting Wolfoy, 340 ---
French Princes, and Queen does it with Trembling, 341--
Eleanor on the Frontiers of retires ignominicusly, 342.
Spain, 166.
More, Sir Thomas, a moft inti-

mate Correspondent of Eial-
mus's, 80, 82--deceived by Onflow, the Right Hon. Arthur,
Barton, the Impofter, 97 — 289.
Chancellor of the Dutchy of Orange, Prince of, succours Na-
Lancaster, 121 Lord Chan- ples, 155-defends it brave-
cellor of England, Memoirs of ly, 156-his Death, Burial,

H h h 2




P. 21.

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