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and obliges Urbino to quit Na- Letter to the King, ib.--the, ples, 47 -- threatens to pillage her Brother, &c. arraigned the City of Milan, 49-faves

and convicted, 13

is beChancellor Merone’s Life for the

headed, 14. Sake of Cash, 50--bis War. Bulleyn, Sir Thomas, the Lady

like Courage and Death, 111. Anna's Father, created Earl of Pourg, Anne du, Chancellor of Ormond, 18o.

France, Mem. p. 31. Bullock, Dr. his Character, 84. Brabalon, William, Erg; Vice- Burleigh, Lord Treasurer, 274. Treasurer of Ireland, 181- Burnet, Bp. quoted, 127, 244,

, Lady Susan, ib.

246, 247, 249, 260, 261, Brian, Conner 0, King of Tho- 278, 279, 280, 283, 286,

mond, and his Descendants, 318, 319, Mem. p. 26.

66, 67. Bridgeman, Sir Orlando, Lord

C Keeper, 279. Bridges, George Rodney, Esg; Re- Cefar, Sir Julius, Knt, Lord

presentative in Parliament for Commissioner of the Great Seal, Winchester, 200.

276. . Brion, Admiral of France, his Calvin, a Cotemporary with Death, Mem. p._34.

Luther, and a zealous ReformBrittanyannexed to France, Mem.

er, 76. p. 30.

Cambden's inconsistent Character Bromley, Thomas, Esq; Ld. Chan- of Wolfey 182, describes

cellor, 273—the late Willian, the Town of Ipswich, and his Efq; ib.

College there, 199. Brown, Robert, a bad Steward Cambray, Congrefs at, 160 to the Cardinal, 329.

Treaty concluded there, 161 Bruyere, Monf. a Passage in one --termed the Purgatory of the of his Fables applied to Wolscy, Venetians, 161.

Campbell, the Hon. Alex. Hume, Bullen, Lady Anna, re-called to his family and Character, 178.

Court, 125 -- her Letter to Campeius, Cardinal, the Pope's Wolsiy, ib. — another, 126- Agent at Augsburg, 172 takes Offence at the Cardinal, arrives in England, 210 — 127:

divers Sentiments con- at Bath-place, 213--introducerning her, 128 - in great ced to the King by Wolsey, 214 Favour at Court, 250-keeps

his Speech, ib. has Authe King almost always in her dience of the Queen, ib.Chamber, 253-diverts him refuses to produce the Decretal from conversing with Wolley,

diffolves the Le256 — passes him insultingly, gantine Commission, 242 257 -- the only Favourite at follows the King into the Court, 322 fends Wolfey a

Country, and received with Token, 3237 -created Mar. Distinction, 251

departs chionels of Pembroke, Mem. for London, 259-takes an afp. 2

committed to the fectionate Leave of Wolsey, 260 Tower, 12 - her pathetick his Baggage stopped, ib.



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Bull, 219

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and par-

of which he complains, but Motive for concluding the
could get no Satisfaction, 261 Treaty of Madrid, 4, 5
-aspersed, ib. vindicated, the Ceremony at their part-
and his Character by divers ing, 7-marries Elizabeth of
Authors, ib. 262.

Portugal, 8-receives Ambaf-
Capon, William, Dean of Ip- sadors from Francis, 25— from
wich College his Letter to the Venetians, &c. 26
Wolfey, 192.

swers them both in very stiff
Carew, Sir Nicholas Hacket, Bart. Terms, ib. to 28
his Ancestor, 131.

ticularly the French King's
Carew, Sir Nicholas, beheaded, Complaints, 32, to 39 -

Mem. p. 21.

Reply rejected, 18 - his
Carling ford, Theobald Taaf, Earl Answers to the English and
of, 68.

French Heralds, 149, 150
Callali, Sir Gregory, and his two sends a Challenge to Francis,

Brothers, King Henry's Agents ib. -- his Forces very success.
in Italy, 209 — joined with ful in Italy, 156, to 160mbut
Vannes to manage ihe Business he, as well as Francis, inclines
of the Divorce there, 210.

to Peace, ib. marches with
Cavendish's History of Cardinal an Army to Genoa, 168-re-

Wolsey, 3 to 62-cited, 129, ftores Milan to Duke Sforza,
231, 254:

and reconciles the Duke of
Catherine, Henry's Queen, re.. Ferrara to the Pope, ib.--re-

ceives a Letter from the Doge duces the Florentines, ib.
of Venice, 69 acquaints

settles their Government, 170
the Emperor, &c. with the ---passes into Italy, ib. - has
Affair of the Divorce, 209 an Intervie:v with the Pope,
-not pleased with Campeius's 171

is crowned at Bologna,
Advice, 215


holds a Diet at Augs-
Speech in the Legatine Court, burg, ib. - his noble Ansiver
230-sends an Account of its respecting Luther, 173 -. en-
Proceedings to the Lady Mar- deavours to stir up a Rebel-
garet of Austria, 240 - signs lion in Ireland, 181_arrives
the Protestations sent to Rome, at Rome, Mem. p. 32-in-
ib. - her Marriage with King vades France, ib.—is prociaim-
Henry declared void, Mem. p. ed a Rebel, ib. as an Inter-
8--her Death, 11.

view with King Francis, and
Cecil, James, Earl of Salisbury, passes through France, 33 -
274-Brownlow, Earl of Ex- Memoirs of his Reign, from

Cardinal Wolsey's Death to
Charles I. King of England, his his own, p. 39, after 358 –
great Mistake, in firit inclof- his reduced Stare compared
ing Richmond-park, canvassed,

with his Eminence's, 49
186, & feq.

Chancellors, Lord High, of Eng.
Charles V. Emperor, releases land, short Memoirs of them, the

Francis I. and enters into a Commissioners and Keepers in
Treaty with him, 2-the Fear Succession, from Cardinal Wol-
of Luther and the Turks, his Sey's Time, to che Rt. Hon.

Ggs 2



- her angry


eter, ib.

dies, 40.

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Lord Hardwicke's, inclusive, and Campeius, to sit in Judg.
270, to 293.

ment on the Divorce of Queen
Chancery-court, its Authority set- Catherinne from King Henry

tled, 283 - a Deficiency in VIII. 210-sends his Thanks
some of its Officers, 289 to Henry, 2145

the Decretal
Suitors Money better secured, Bull to Campeius, 219 - and
290, 291.

Francis Campana with his Let-
Chaucer's Plowman's Tale, 106. ter of Credence to Wolfey, 219
Christiana, Princess, her smart in his Commission for trying

Answer to King Henry, Mem. the Cause of the Divorce, 221
p. 25.

& feq. signs an Avocation of
Church Historian, on the Divorce, the Cause to Rome, 241

207, 209 on Wolsey's Dis- his Letter to Wolsey on that Oc-
grace, 263-on his Legantine casion, ib. — threatens Henry
Commission, 300-on his Re-

with Excommunication, 242
moval to York, 330_his Cha- -doe's it, Mem. p. 9

racter of him, 354, & feq. Power demolished by Parlia-
Clanrickard, the Earls of,67. ment, 10 has an Interview
Clare, Daniel O Brien, Lord Vif- with King Francis, 30

count, 67.
Clarendon's Account of King Clergy, plundered by King Hen-
Charles I's Inclosing Richmond ry VIII. Mem. 2.
Park, 186 - of Dr. Williams Cleve, Ann of, King Henry's
and Sir Thomas Coventry, 276

fourth Wife, Mem. p. 22–
of Sir Thomas Finch, 277. is soon disliked, and divorc-
Clarendon and Rochester, Henry ed, ib.

Coinage regulated, 95-
Clark, John, a Favourite of E- Coke, Sir Edward, his Remarks
rafinus's, 79.

on the Articles of Walsey's Par-
Clem. VII. Pope, the Conspira-

tor-agiinit him discovered, i- Colet, Dr. a Memento of him,
joins with the Venetians and the 109.
Duke of Milan,' 22.---pays à Collier, Mr. 248--his Remarks
Ranfom, 113-confined in his on the Articles against Wolfey,
own Catile, 143-enters into 319-his Character of him,
a Treaty with the Emperor's 349.
General, 145 ---his Acknow. Collins, Mr. his Observations on
Jedgments to King Henry for King James II.'s Abdication,
his Liberty, 147-would not 169~his Character of Lord
declare against the Emperor, Chancellor Cowper, 288 - of
154 meditates Revenge on Lord Parker, 289—of Lord
the Venetians, 161- repairs
to Bologna, 171-has an In- Comet, a great one appeared,
Çerview with the Emperor, ib.
constitutes Wolley Bithop of Confitorial Court appointed at
Winchester, 200---fends him a

Rome, 242, 243:
Bull extraordinary,

Colonnu resolves to make War
appoints the Cardinals, Wolicy on the Pope, 46---pays for his

Earl of, 279.

don, 327

Talbot, 293.

Mem. p. 41.



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Mem. p. 41.

rash Attempt, 47—but made Divorce, Proceedings thereone
his Holiness scour for it, 48.

Coventry, Sir Thomas, Lord Keep- Donerayle, Viscount, 182.
er, 276--the Rt. Hon. Wil- Doria, Philippino, blocks up Na-

liam, Earl of Coventry, 277. ples by Sea, 155-defeats the
Cowper, William Lord, Lord Neapolitans, 156mdeserts the

Chancellor, 286 - appointed French Service, 158.
so a second time, 288-Wil Douglas, Lady Jané, 66.

liam, the present Earl, ib. Douglas Faction, notorious in Scota
Cox, Dr. Leonard, one of Eraf land, much weakened, 175.

mus's Correspondents, 79. Drummond, Mr. his Character of
Cranmer, first comes into play, King James V. of Scotland,
his Advice being pleasing to

the King, 245-his Original Dryden's Encomium on Ld Chan-
and Relations, (still living) ib. celior Finch, 281.
--made Archbishop of Canter- Duprat, Chancellor of France, his
bury, Mem. p. 7-gives Sen- Death and Chiracter, Mem,
tence for the Divorce, 8

P. 31.
confirms the King's Marriage

with Anna Bulleyn, ib.'
Cromwell, Wolsey's Succefforin the Echard, Dr. 244.

Ministry, 102— his Extraction, Eclipse of the Sun, a great one,
and Character from Shakespear,
141, 142---repairs to pavich, Edward, Prince, (afterwards K.
192_Wolfey's chief Sollicitor, Edward VI. of England ) born,
301 he and the Chaplains Mem. p. 17-comes to the
make a Collection for the rest

Throne, 46.
of their Fellow- fervants, 302 Egerton, Thomas, Lord Ellesmere,
-{martly defends his Master,

Lord Chancellor, 274.
309 and acts very acutely, Eglington, Earl of, 176.
318 — writes to him, 323, Eleanor, the Emperor?s Säter,
324, 328, 336, 337-great- married to Francis I. p, 6.
Jy disturbed at his Malter's Elizabeth, Princess of Portugal,
being arrested, 343 - loaded married to the Emperor, inom
with Preferments, Mem. P, 20 dies, Mem. 41.

-sent to the Tower, 21-im- Elizabeth, Princess, (of England)
peached, 22 and behead. born, Mem. p. 9:

England, Affairs of, 1, 68, 120

great Rejoicings here for

the Pope's Deliverance, 147

Affairs of, 182.
Daniel, Father, 157, 16o. Erasmus repents he did not join
Delwin, Barons of, 67.

in with Wolfpy's Sollicitations,
Decker, Sir Matthew, 331. 77-a conclusive Account of
Devonshire, Earl of, beheaded, him, his friends and Writings,
Mem. p. 21.

to his Death, 76, to 34.
Dissenters, first called Poctefants, Exeter, Marquis of, beheaded,


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ed, 23.

Mem. p. 21





the Treaty, 12 his Exulta-

tion on his Freedom, 13
Fiddes, Dr. his Reflection on sends a folemn Ambassy to

Francis I. 13--quoted in other England, 15 --- acknowledges
Cases, 102, 138.

Wolley to have been a chief
Finch, Sir Heneages Earl of Not. Instrument in his Enlarge-

tingham, Lord Chancellor, 280. ment, 16-enters into a Trea-
Finch, Sir Thomas, had the Custo- ty with Henry, 21-with the
dy of the Great Seal, 277. Venetians, &c. 23 -

his An-
Fingal, Earl of, 181.

swer to the Vice-roy of Naples,

for abufing the 24-offers Terms for the Re-
Cardinal, received into Fa- leasment of his Sons, 25-
vour, 300.

complains of the Emperor to
Fisher, Bp. deceived by the holy all the Princes of Christendom,
Maid of Kent, 97-declares 28, to 31-his Oath to con-
againit the Divorce, 207 firm his Treaties with Eng-
his Letter to Wolsey on that land, 71-sends an Army in-
Subject, ib. 208—-beheaded,

to Italy, 115-his Demands
Mem. p. II.

on tắe Emperor, 118-grants
Florence, a Mutiny there, 113- a very extraordinary Patent to

belieged, 168 its Govern- Wolfey, 132~~and meets him,
ment settled, 170.

134--sends Henry the Order
Fools Paradise, what, 309. of St. Michael, 137-his For-
Fox, the Hiitorian, ico, 358. ces very unfortunate in Italy
Fox, Bp. of Winchester, corres- and the Milanese, 156 to 160

ponds with Wolsey, 109 -- his the Treatment of his Sons,
Death, 199.

Prisoners in Spain, 165
Fox, Dr. fets out with Gar. they are released, 166-
diner for Rome, 209

sies Queen Eleanor, 167—was
with Gardiner and Knight, the Reitorer of Learning in his
returns to England, 210--his Kingdom, ib. --- his Mother's
Answer to Campeius, 214– Memory not precious to the
applies for' a Decretal Bull People, 168-Memoirs of his
from the Pope, to ascertain the Reign, from Cardinal Wolfey's
Divorce, 218--which was sent Death to his own, p. 29, af-
to Campeius, 219.

ter 358.
France, Affairs of, 1.

French Officer put to Death for
Francis I. King of France, ob- Cowardice, Mem. p. 46.

tains his Liberty on giving his Fronsperg, a German General, 48
Sons as Hostages for the Per- -dilappointed by Bourbon, 49,
formance of sundry Articles,
2, 3--swears to confirm them,

4 protests fecretly againft
them, 6-marrics Queen Elea- Gaming, unlawful, proclaimed
nor, but did not confummate,

against, 9.
ib. —the Manner of his being Gardiner, Stephen, one of Eras-
exchanged for his Sons, 9, 10,

mus's Friends, 79-

11-waves the Ratification of Secretary sets out with Bp.





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