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daunted thereat, answered, " He came to do his “ Prince Service, and not only to invite him to his “ House, but to shew the King what Forces he was

capable of raising, in Cafe his Majesty should re

quire him.” After Sir Walter had thus declared his Sentiments, he retired to his Estate ; upon this the Earl did not think proper to take any Steps to his



the Isle of Britain. Hence it came became Duke of Bucclcúzh, and to pass, that the Duke had also hath been lately restored to the the Title of Duke of Buccleugh, Title of Earl of Doncaster. His and took the Surname of Scot, present Grace's Son, the Earl of according to the Custom of Scot- Dalkeith, married a Daughter land, where he that marries any of the late Duke of Argyll. great Heiress, or Chief of a Fa

Henry, third Son of the Duke mily, is obliged to take upon of Monmouth, survived his Father, him her Name, to preserve the (but Francis, his fourth Son, died Family.

in the Duke's Life-time.) As to This famous Dyke was un- Henry, her late Majesty Queen fortunately cut off in the 36th Ann was pleased to create him Year of his Age, being behead- Earl of Deloraine, on the 29th ed on Tower-hill on the 15th of March, 1706. This noble of July, 1685, (but the Cause Lord is now one of the 16 is so well known, we need not Peers for North Britain, Knight repeat it) who, it might have of the most Honoarable Order of been truly said, was once the De- the Bath, one of the Lords of light of his father (Charlės the Bed-chamber, Colonel of a the IId) and the Darling of the Regiment of Foot, and Major People. He had by his Dutchess General of his Majesty's Forces. four Sons and two Daugthers : His Lordship's first Lady was Charles, his eldest Son, died young: Ann; Daughter of William DunJames, his second Son, was stiled combe, Esq; by whom he had Ēarl of Doncaster ; but, by his two Sons : This Lady died iri Father's Attainder in England, he 1720, and in the Year 1725 his loft that Title, and took that of Lordship married Mary, Daugh. Earl of Dalkeith; in Scotland : ter of Colonel Philip Horvard, This Nobleman married a Daugh- (who was one of the Maids of ter of the late Earl of Rochester, Honour to the late Queen Caby whom he had four Sons and rolina, when Princess of Wales ; two Daughters, and died in the and by his present Countess (allate Queen Ann's Reign : And of lowed by all to be a Lady of his four Sons only Francis is liv. distinguished Merit) he has one ing, who succeeded him, and, Daughter, born in February, upon his Grandmother's Death, 1727.


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Prejudice, though he pursued others who persisted in their Designs

This Earl's Sister, the Lady Jane Douglas, intermarried with John Lord Glames.*

Coner O Brien was the last of 12 Princes
Afairs off of the O Brien Family, after the Landing of

King Henry the Ild in Ireland, who reign

ed successively in Thomond, and were stiled either Kings of Limerick or Thomond, instead of being Sovereign Monarchs of Ireland, as their Ancestors de fervedly were.

Teige and Donogh, who were the next Brothers to Conor, died without Issue; but Murrough, the younger, married Eleanor, Daughter of Thomas Fitzgerald, called Knight of the Valley ; and by her he had Dernwid O Brien, who was the first Baron of Inchiquin :t And the said Conor, the last King of Thumond, hạving a Son who was a Minor, to whom the Principality of Right belonged, but the Uncle had possessed himself of it by Violence.

This Murrough resigned the Title and Principality to the King, who was pleased to create him Earl of Thomond during Life. Mean time Doriogh, the Son of Coner, was made Baron of Ibrican, and, after his Uncle's Decease, Edward the VIth was pleased to create him Earl of Thomond, and limited the same to him and his Heirs Male. Il


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* From this Lord the pre- of the late Earl of Orkney, by font Right Hon. Thomas Lyon, whom he has several Children. Earl of Stathmore, &c. is de- I The Pretence being a most scended, one of whose Ancestors unreasonable Cuftom, called Thawas first created Earl of Kinghorn, nistry, then used in Ireland, the joth of July, 1606, which whereby the • Estate and Title Title was afterwards changed to was to descend for Life only, Strathmore.


the eldest and worthiest + From this Nobleman the • Man of the Blood of the Surpresent Right Hon. William O name of him that died last Brien, Earl of Inchiquin, is de

« seized.' scended ; who married the Lady || By Virtue of which Patent Ann Hamilton, eldest Daughter the late Right Hon. Henry Earl



This Year the King was pleased to create Vlick def Burgh* Earl of Clanrickard, and to make his Son, the Duke of Richmond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland ; and Richard Nugent, Lord Baron of Delvin,t Lord Deputy, who could the easier keep the Kingdom quiet, because the two great Enemies and Competitors, the Earls of Kildare and Ormond, were both in England. About this time the Title of Ormond was taken from Sir Pierce Butler, who was with great Pomp, in lieu thereof created Earl of Ostory, at Windsor, on the 23d of February ; and whoever is curious enough to see a Copy of the Patent, and a full Account of the whole Solemnity, may find it Lib. G. 121. in the Library at Lambeth.

But it is to be observed, that among other Noblemen and Gentlemen, who contributed greatly towards the Peace of this Country, was Luke Dillon, Esq; † who had considerable Estates in the Counties of Meath, Roscomon, and Longford.

Now we are speaking of the Affairs of Ireland,

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of Thomond enjoyed the Title, of whom had been Earl of Ulster,
being lineally descended from who married Maud, ad Daugh-
the faid Donogh; also to that of ter to Henry Earl of Lancaster,
Viscount of Tadcaster, in the second Son to Edmund Earl of
County of York, his Brother be- Lancaster, fecond Son of King
ing created fo by the late King Henry the IIld; and from this
George the Ift, October the 5th, great Family the present Earl of
1714; and, this laft Earl dying Clanrickard' is descended.
without Issue-male, the Title is + From this noble Lord the
extinct, tho' a considerable Part present Right Hon. Thomas N2-
of the Estate goes to one of the gent, Earl of Westmeath, and Ba-
Sons of the Right Hon. the Earl ron of Delvin, is descended.
of Inchiquin.

I This Gentleman's Son, Luke
One of the Ancestors of the pre- Dillon, Esq; was Chief Baron
sent Rt. Hon. Thomas Fitz-Morris, of the Exchequer in the Year
Earl of Kerry, married a Daugh- 1570 ; and, in the Reign of

O Brien, Prince King James the Ift, Sir Robert of Thomond: And of this Family Dillon, Knt. was created Earl of is also the present Rt. Hon. Da- Roscomon; and from this Peer niel O Brien, Ld. Viscount Clare. the present Right Hon. James

* This Peer was descended Dillon. Earl of Roscomon, is defrom a very antient Family, one scended.

ter of

we shall here take notice, that we omitted to mention, under the Head of the Affairs of Ireland, in the Year 1494, that the Order of the Garter was established in Ireland, and among others Sir Nicholas Taaf,* and Sir Robert Preston,t were two of the first Members, it consisting only of 13, which was set aside by Act of Parliament the same Year.–And,

In the Year 1499, that Thomas Lord Barrymore was sain by his Brother David, who was Archdeacon of Cork, but upon what Occasion, or whether he was punished for it,

for it, our Historian does not tell us, only saying, “That David, Lord Barry

inore, I was one of the Lords of Parliament in 1579.

Whilst Turky, Hungary, Italy, France, Affairs of Spain, Scotland and Ireland were thus emEngland. I 1526.

ployed, “ Henry, as Rapiu admits, peacea

bly enjoyed his Kingdom :" And then lae obferves, That, ever since the Publishing of the



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* This Knight was of an scended; one of whose Ancestors antient Family, some of whom was Lord Deputy of Ireland in were very instrumental, in the Henry the VIIIth's Time. Keign of Queen Elizabeth, in

I This Nobleman had a conreducing the Irijh to her Ma- fiderable Estate in the County jelty's Obedience; and from him of Cork; from whom is descended the Rt. Hon. Theobald Taaf, Earl the Right Hon. James Earl of of Carlingford, is descended. Barrymore ; and by his present

+ From this Gentleman the Countess, Sister to Arthur Chipresent Right Hon. Jenico Preston, chester, Earl of Donegal, has seveLord Viscount Gormanston, is de- ral Children living.

|| We think it best here to introduce not only Translations of several Letters from the Doge of Venice, and the Duke of Milan, to the King, Queen, and Cardinal Wolsey, after the Battle of Pavia, but also King Francis's Oath, to confirm the Treaties concluded between England and France during his Captivity, (which we have from Rymer's Fædera, Vol. XIV.) in Support of what we have related touching the different Negotiations carried on from that Period down to this Year.


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