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as a plausible Reason of not exerting themselves, be“ cause they were afraid his Inconftancy would ren« der all their Endeavours ineffectual.

“ The Emperor on his Part was no less embar“ rassed, as he had but very little Money, a vigorous “ War must have annoyed him very much ; and “ therefore, finding the King of France made no ve

ry great Efforts, he did not hasten the fresh Supplies into Italy, for fear of raising the Attention of his Enemies. Besides, since Fronsperg's Arrival

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• faid Chapel. By this Time it dy thereof, leaving it with my ' was fix of the Clock, being St. Lord in divers Bags, he deliAndrew's Day.

vered it to a certain Priest Then we prepared for our fafely to be kept to his Use. • Journey to the Court, where Is this true ? quoth the King. we attended his Majesty ; the .-Yea, quoth I, without doubt, ' next Day I was sent for to the the Priest will not deny it before

King, conducted by Master me, for I was at the Delivery Norris, where the King was in ' thereof, who hath gotten diver's • • his Knight-gown of Rochet- other rich Ornaments, which

I velvet furred with Sables, be- are not registered in the Book of • fore whom I kneeled the Space my Lord's Inventory or other

of an Hour, during which Writings, whereby any Man is • Time his Majesty examined able to charge him therewith • me of divers Particulars con- but myself. Then said the King, • cerning my Lord Cardinal, Let me alone for keeping this • wishing rather than 20,000 l. 'secret between me and you'; howthat he had lived.*

beit, three can keep Counsel if ( He aked me concerning the

away ; and, if I knew '1500 l. which Master Kingston my Cap was privy to my Coun« moved to my Lord. Quoth I, sel, I would cast it into the Fire, I think I can perfe&tly tell your

'and burn it : And, for your HoGrace where it is, and who nesty and Truth, you shall be our hath it. Can you ? quoth the Sevant in our Chamber, as you • King ; I pray tell me, and you

your Master.

ThereShall not be unrewarded.Sir, fore go your Ways to Sir John quoth 1, after the Departure Gage, our Vice-chamberlain ; of Master Vincent from my Lord to whom we have spoken alat Scrooby, who had the Custo- ready, to admit you our Servant


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* A poor Speech to make after fe great a Loss : But you see he is soon busy after the 1500!



“ with the German Troops, he thought himself " strong enough to keep the Dutchy of Milan, « which was then his chief Aim.” This was the Disposition of these Potentates at the Clofe of this Year.

During the Course of these Affairs å Affairs of bloody War, between the Turkish Emperor Hungary.

and Lewis, King of Hungary,t was carried

on, whose Armies, on the 18th of August, engaged. The Ottomans consisted of 300,000 Men,

but The SECRET HISTORY of the CARDINAL. ' in our Chamber ; and then


• Norfolk. So I received 10l. to the Lord of Norfolk, and he • of the Duke for my Wages, Jhall pay you your whole Year's • and 201, for my Reward, and

Wages, which is rol.. Is it • his Majesty gave me a Cart not jo? quoth the King. Yes, “and fixé Horles,

• and fix Horses, the beft that forsooth, and if it please your

I could chuse out of my

Lord's Grace, quoth Í. And withal · Horses to carry my Goods,

• « faid the King, You shall re- • and five Marks for my Charges ceive a Reward of the Duke of homewards. *

The End of CAVENDISH's Hiftory.

* We think, if Cavendish had helped his Master's Creditors to the Money, pursuant to his Defire, it would have been rather more honourable,

+ Hungary is one of the no. Space of 300 English Miles, 190 þleft but most unfortunate King- in Breadth : It takes in all that doms next to Greece in Europe. Tract of Land that was heretoOn the North it is bounded fore possessed by the fazyges by the Upper Poland and Red Metanafta, a Samaritan People; Ruffa, the Carpathian Moun- and Part of Panonia Superior and tains interpofing between them; Inferior. It is exceeding froiton the Eait by Transilvania, and ful, yielding Corn and Grass in Moldavia ; on the Weft by Stiria, abundance; and abounds fo with Austria, and Moravia; and on Cattle, that it is thought they have the South by Sclavonia and Ser. sufficient alone to serve all Europe via. Baudrand, including Scla- with Flesh, and they certainly fend vonia, bounds it on the South yearly into Germany 80,000 Oxen. with Croatia, Bosnia, and Servia. They have Deer, Partridges and It extends in Length, from Pref- Pheasants in such Plenty, that any bourgh, along the Danube, to the Body that can maykill them. They Borders of Tranfilvania, for the have Mines of Gold, Silver; Tin,


but the Hungarians did not exceed 20,000. The Action was fatal to Lewis, who not only lost the Day, but was himself, in endeavouring to save his Life, drowned in a Morass. By his Defeat and Death most Part of Hungary was lost, with the Lives of 200,000 of the Natives, who were cut off by the Turks in many Engagements afterwards. Lewis was



Lead, Iron, and Copper; Store of Wife, eldest Daughter of Lewis, River or Fresh-water Fish ; and in 1387: Albert of Austria, in Wines equal in Goodness to those the right of Elizabeth his wife, of Candia: The principal Cities Daughter of Sigismund, in 1438: are Buda or Offen, Presbugrh, Uladislaus, Son of Albert and EliAlcba Regalis, and Cafchaw.. zabeth, in

1444; Mathias CorviThe Hungarians are a Tribe nus, Son of Johannes Huniades, of the Scythians, or Tartars, who by Election, in 1458; Uladislaus in the Times of Arnulphus, Em- the Ild, Son of Casimir the IVth, peror of Germany, poffeffed them- King of Poland, and Elizabeth, felves of Transilvania, and the Daughter of Albert, in 1491 ; Upper Hungary, under Lewis the Lewis the IId, Nain in the BatIVth, Successor to Arnulphus ; tle of Mohatz, succeeded in

1517; having passed the Danube, wafted and in the Year 1526, Lervis all Germany, Italy, Greece, Scla- John Sepusan, Waywood of Tranvonia, and Dacia; till, broken silvania, was chosen: This Prince by the Forces of Germany, and was ouited for a Time by Ferdi their Savageness taken off by the nand, Brother to the Emperor Christian Religion, they were Charles the Vth, but was restored firft' taught, under King Ste- by Solyman the Turk, who died phen, about the Year 1016, by in 1540. The People thereupon Albert, Archbishop of Prague, crowned Stephen, his Son, an to be more quiet and civilized. Infant in the Cradle ; but SaThis Stephen began his Reign in lyman seized no less than 23 the Year 1000, and, in 23 De- Counties at once, under Prescents, this Race continued to tence of defending them against 1302 ; when Charles Martel, Son Ferdinand of Austria, who took of Charles, King of Naples, and remaining 32: So that they Mary, Daughter of Stephen the shared his whole Kingdom beIVth King of Hungary, part- tween them, which ever since ly by Election, and partly by has been wretched enough, being Inheritance and Conquest, fuc- mostly the Seat of War between ceeded to this Crown. To him the Austrian and Ottoman Emfucceeded Lewis, his Nephew, pires. It has two Archbishops in 1343 : Charles the IId, ano- Sees, Gran (Strigonium) and Gother of his Descendants, in 1383; locza, and 13 Bishopricks ; fix Sigismund, Emperor, and K of Bo- under the firit, and leven under bemia, in the Right of Mary his the latter.

born without a Skin, had a Beard at fifteen Years of Age, at eighteen his Hair was grey, and was drowned in his twentieth.

The Death of this Prince was a fresh Source of Calamities for Hungary : Ferdinand of Austria, the Emperor's Brother, who had married Lewis's Sister Ann, made Pretensions to the Crown of that Kingdom, and had for his Competitor John de Zapol Waywood, of Transilvania ; and they were both elected by two different Parties : But John put himself under the Protection of the Turks, who caused him to be crowned at Buda; while Ferdinand, supported by his Brother, Charles the Vth, was taking Measures to profecute his Pretensions ; and such was the Situation of Affairs in that Part of the World at this period of Time.

In the Course of this Year the Faction,
Affairs of that had espoused the Queen's Interest

with the Earls of Arran and Hamilton, at

tempted to take away the King's Perfon from the Earl of Angus ; but, they miscarrying, the Earl resolved to be revenged on those concerned, and as Sir Walter Scot was at this Time at the Head of a large Body of Forces, which he had raised, the Earl fent an Herald with Threats, " That, if he “ did not retire, he should delare him a Traitor." Sir Walter, * (who was Laird of Buccleugh) nothing


* This Gentleman's Family Buccleugh; and, on the 20th was both antient and noble, hav- of April, 1673, upon Failure of ing highly distinguished them- Issue Male the Lady Ann Scot selves in the Cause of their Coun. "became the Heiress of the Famitry for many Generations ; and ly, who was by King Charles in Process of Time Sir Walter the IId created Dutchess of BucScot, one of his Descendents, was cleugh; and the married the then advanced to the Title of Lord Duke of Monmouth. This DutchScot, of Buccleugh, on the 16th of ess was esteemed not only the March, 1619; afterwards Walter, greatest Fortune in Scotland, but his Son, was created Earl of the most accomplished Lady in


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CoTo the Right Hon."
This Plate is humbly Inforibed by his Lordfhips
1. Parr sixth oft obedient Serv: Joseph Grove

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