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Arrives at But, after all these great Promises from Ether.

the King, it appears that his Majesty meant nothing by them; for we find the Cardinal was no sooner retreated to Eher, but he was intirely neglected, nothing being thought of but how to carry on Prosecutions against him in the most effectual Manner, which were begun by Mr. Hales, Attorney General, before the Cardinal left York-place. This Lawyer drew up an Information against him on the Statute of Premunire, for holding his Legatine Court by Vritue of the Pope's Authority, and deciding Causes there, which ought to have been determined in the King's Court. Besides this Information Mr. Attorney afterwards drew up and preferred another

against Here we shall give the Reader a List of their Honours the

Masters of the Rolls, and the other Masters in Chancery, from the Restoration of King Charles the Ild to this Time, with the Times of their Admissions, as they fell in Succeffion to their respective Office.

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MASTERS of the Rolls.

Third Office.
First Ofice.

1660, June 4, Sir. Nath. Hobart. 1660, June 1, Sir J. Colepepper, 1673, Jan. 7, Miles Cook, Élq.

Nov. 3, Sir H. Grimston. 1693, Feb. Dr. Hen. Newton: 1684, June, Sir 7. Churchill. 1701, Feb. 21, Wil. Rogers, Esq. 1685, 027. 20, Sir John Trevor. 1721, Aug. 9, Wil. Kinafton, Esq. 1688, March 13, H. Powle, Esq. 1692, Jan. 13, Sir John Trevor.

Fourth Ofice. 1717, July 13, Sir y Jekyll. 1660, June, Sir Moses Bramstono 1738, 02. John Verney, Esq. 1675, Feb. 7, Sir John Hoskins. 1741, Oit. W. Fortescue, Esq. 1703, July22, John Hiccocks, Esq.

1723, June 3, Tho. Bennet, Esq. MASTERS in CHANCERY. Sccord Office.

Fiftb Ofice. 1660, June 2, Sir Thomas Bird. 1660, June 4, Sir Will

. Glascock.

4, 1665, yan, 26, Sir Wil. Life.

1675, July 7, John Franklin, Esq. Nov. 15, R. Prober, Esq. 1707, Aug. 22,Will

. Fellows, Esq. 1669, Nov. John Halsey, Esq. 1723, Feb. 1, Fran. Eld, Esq. 1670, July, Dr. Tim. Buldeyr. 1682, Apr. 16, Rob. Legard, Esq.

Sixth Office. 1712, 02. 17, Rob. Helford, Esq. 1660, June 1, Sir Juft. Lewin.



against him, for the like Offences, within two Days after the Cardinal had resigned the Great Seal. And this Information sets forth, " That The Informa.

Thomas, Legate de Latere, Cardinal, tion againsi fac and Archbishop of York, being not

ignorant of the Premises, had obtained certain

Bulls from Clement the VIIth, by Virtue of which Ś he exercised Jurisdiction and Authority Legatine, to " the Depravation of the King's Power established in s his Courts of Justice; which 'faid Bulls he caused to “ be publickly read in Westminster, assuming to him“ self thereupon the Dignity and Jurisdiction of Le

gate de Laterę, which he has exercised to this Day,


1672, Jan, Dr. Edw. Lowe.

1721, May 18, H. Edwards, Esq. 1684, May 31, Dr. J. Edisbury, 1726, Dec, F. C. Masham, Esq. 1708, March, J. Mellar, Esq. 1731, June 2, Will. Spiçer, Esq. 1720, July29, John Borrett, Esq. 1724, Augufi, M. Thurston, Esq.

Tenth Office.
Seventh Office.

1660, June 6, Sir W. Littlctos,

1670, Dec. Andr. Hackett, Esq. 1660, June 4, Sir Tbo. Bennet.

1618, July, Sir Adam Ottley. 1670, July, Rob. Stervart, Esq.

1693, ba. 20, Tbo. Pitt, Esq. 1672, uly, Dr. Will. Howell. Jan. W. Pagiter, Esq. .

1712, Nov. 3, H. Lovibond, Esq. Febr. Sam. Clerke, Esq.

1728, May 29, John Tothill, Esq.

1732, Mar. Rich. Edwards, Esq. 1688, May 26, R. Meredith, Esq. 1700, July, Tho. Gery, Esq.

Eleventh Office. 1719, 02. 14, Rich.Godfrey, Esq. 1660, June 6, Sir Edm Peirce. 1726, Feb.Sam. Burroughs, Esq.

1667, 08.3, Dr. Tho. Crof. Eighth Office.

1670, Jan. Wil

. Beversan,Esq. 1660, June 1, Sir WiH. Childe.

1688, Mar. 16, Sam. Keck, Eq. 1673, une, Sir L.W. Childe.

!711, June, S. Browning, Esq. 1710, July 24, 1. Orlebar, Esq. 1719, Jan. 7, 7. Lightboun, E. 1720, Jan. 10, E Conway, Eig. 1738, May, Edmund Sawyer, Elq, 1726, Feb, 17, Robert Yard, Esq. 3728, May 29, Anthony Allen, Esq. Twelfth Office.

1660, June 18, Dr. Woolrich, Ninth Office,

1664, 08. 1, Sir John Coell, 1660, June 1, Sir Tho. Estcourt. 1685, July 4, . Methuen, Efq.. 1683, May, James Aftry, Esq. 1706, Aug. 7, J. Medlicote, El. 1693, June, R. Holford, Esq. 1716, March 9, 7. Bennet, E1q, 1710, Des. ?, F. Dormer, Elq. 1738, Feb. Henry Montague, Esq,


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ments of

“ to the Prejudice of secular and ecclefiaftical Persons ; " and that by Colour thereof he had given away the " Church of Stow-guilford in the County of Surry; “ all which was to the Contempt of the King and his “ Crown, and contrary to the aforesaid Statute of 16 es Rich. II. Moreover, that, by Colour of the said

Authority, he had caused the Last Wills and Tefta"

many out of his Diocess to be exhibited " and proved in his Court, and their Goods and Chat

tels to be administred by such as he appointed : “ Also that, under Colour of his faid Authority, he " had made divers Visitations out of his Diocess, and “ drawn Pensions from Abbeys, to the Contempt of “ the King and his Laws.' Attorneys af

As many Prosecutions were set on foot against the Cardinal, no sooner was Mi

chaelmas Term begun, but he received a Commission that empowered him to appoint proper Attorneys to defend him against the different Prosecutions that the Court was now very intent in carrying on against him, the Original whereof in Latin is preserved in Rymer's Fæd. Vol. XIV. and runs in English

figned him




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* " To appoint Attornies in the a Latere, Cardinal Priest, Arch

King's Courts for the Lord bishop of York, Primate of • CARDINAL.

England, or by what other

• additional Name, or Dignity HE King to all those to • foever that he is known by, whom, &c. greeting,

" that the said molt Rev. Father KNOW ye, that we, out of may appoint and constitute one our special Favour, certain or two, born our liege Sub.

Knowledge, and mere Incli. jects, capable and discreet Men, • nation, have given and grant- and learned in the Laws of our

ed, and by these Presents do Kingdom of England, which he • give and grant special License, « shall think proper to chuse, or

as much as in us lies, to the • dain or constitute his Attor. i most Rev. Father in Chrift, neys, jointly or separately, freeThema:, by divine Clemency, ·ly and legally to act for him, of the Holy Roman See, Legate in Form of Law, before us, in

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As soon as the Cardinal had received this Commission he appointed two Attorneys to defend his Causes, a Memorial whereof was fixed in the proper Courts, which we have here exhibited in English.


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our Chancery, and to gain or nal, as the faid Cardinal might

lose in all manner of Actions, ' and ought to transact and do * Briefs, Pleas, Bills, Informa- • before us in our Court; or in . tions, Impeachments, Suits, • the other Courts aforetaid, or • Complaints, moved, followed • either of them, if he himself • or affirmed, or hercafter to be ' were personally present. ' moved, prosecuted or affirmed, And that the said Cardinal « in our Court before us, or any,

may have as many and fuch or either of our Courts, by • Briefs out of our Chancery for whomsoever of our Judges, or • his faid Attorneys in our faid

Juftices, against the said Car-· Court before us, and in all our • dinal alone, or against him • other Courts aforelaid, for the and

any other Person, or Per- ' fame Cardinal in the Form a• sons jointly, at our Suit, or • bove specified; to be adınitted • the Suit and Complaint of Any • and received to gain or lose

other Person or Persons, wil.. ' in all and singular the Actions, • ling to prosecute the faid Car- • Briefs, Pleas, Bills, Informa<dinal for us and themselves, or • tions, Suits, Impeachments and

for themselves alone, being • Complaints aforesaid, to be de

moved, profecuted, and affirm- o termined before the Judges or • ed, or to be moved, prosecured, Justices aforesaid, and as maor affirmed,

on any Con- s ny and such as may be necessatempts, Transgressions, or Of- ry and useful frein Time to • fences whatsoever, perpetrated < Time to the same Cardinal. by the said Cardinal, or com

• In Testimony whereof, EC. mitted contrary to the Form of any Statute, of Ordinance, or

Witness the King at l'of. Statutes, or Ordinances, of Pro

m.infier, the id cf Óc? visoes or of Preniunire, or

tober either of them. • Willing, and, by the Tenor «* of the Attorners oppointed by of these Presents, granting, as the Cardinal of York.

much as depends of us, that *the faid Attorneys jointly, or Emorandum, That, că • either of them separately may

the 27th Day of Oca “ do and transact all and fingu- tober, in the 19th Year of the ·lar relating to us concerning Reign of the Lord Henry the

the Premises; in the Stead or « villth, by the Grace of God, • Naine of the aforesaid Cardi- of England and France King, VOL. IV. Q.

. L'es

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Submits to The Cardinal, notwithstanding the King the King

feemed to shew him fome Marks of Favour, foon found, from the vigorous Proceedings carrying on against him, that he was resolved to have him at his Mercy upon the Statute of Premunire, altho' it appeared to the whole Nation, it was a great HardThip to have that Law let loose upon him; inasmuch as he had the King's Licence to execute his Legatine Commission : Yet, at the Importunity of several Lords of the Council, he declined pleading to the Information exhibited against him. This being known to the Court, the Judges were, for Form fake, sent down to him to demand his Answer, which he returned in these Words.

My • Defender of the Faith, and Lord • Lord the King, before the • of Ireland,

came before the « fame Lord the King; or in King in his Chancery at West- • what other his Court or Courts minster, the moit Rev. Father • foever, or either of them, and • in Chriit, Thomas, by Divine • before what Judges or Justices

Clemency, Legate a Latere from « foever of the fait King, against • the Apoftolick See, Cardinal • the said Cardinal alone, or a

Priest, Archbishop of Work, and • gainst him and some other Per• Primate of England, and by • son or Persons jointly, or at « Virtue of the Letters Patent of the Suit of the said Lord the

the Lord the King, bearing King, for the said Lord the • Date the gth of Oktober, in the King only, or at the Suit or • 21st Year of his Reign, with Complaint of any other Person, • the Permission granted to him or Persons, willing to complain • by the faid Lord the King, he • and prosecute for the said Lord • constituted and appointed for • the King, and themselves, or • his Attorneys jointiy and sepa- . for themselves alone against the

rately in his Stead, in the said i aforesaid Cardinal moved, pro• Court of Chancery, his belov- secuted, or affirmed, or hereaf• ed in Christ John Scuse and ter to be moved, prosecuted, Christopher Fenny, Elors, and or affirmed, of what Con• learned in the Laws of Eng- 'tempts, Transgressions, or Of

land, to gain or lose, in all . fences, suppołed, or to be sup6 and all manner of Actions, posed, to have been committed

Briefs, Pleas, Bills, Informa- ' and perpetrated by the said • tions, Impeachments, Suits and • Cardinal, against the Form of

Complaints, inoved, prosecut- any Statute or Ordinance, or • ed, affirmed, or hereafter to ' of any other Statutes or Or• be moved, prosecuted, or af- • dinances, of Provisoes or Pre• firmed, in the Court of the ' munire, or either of them."

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