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To the Lord CARDINAL's good Grace.

derstand, that we, your daily Beadsmen, do well perceive the great Zeal and Goodness that your “ Grace beareth and hath to the Weal and Prosperity “ of this the King's Town of Ipswich, and of the Prof“ perity of the same, as well by making of your ho“ nourable College here of late erected to the Honour, “ Laud, and Praise of Almighty God, and of our “ Blessed Lady, as also by setting up your Grammar

school, and the ordering of the Form of the Learning “ of the same, to the great Increase of Learning, of the “ fame virtuous bringing up of young Children as " well here as in other Places; which your two before “ honourable rehearsed Acts be not only unto us, your “ said Beadsmen, a singular and great Comfort, but “ also the People here, as well Children as our aged

Folks, do greatly rejoice at the same; for the which, " and for many other Benefits by your Grace to us c6 “ before this done, we, your faid Beadsmen, for our“ selves and in the Names of all the said Inhabitants,

intending to be your daily Beadsmen, give unto “ your most noble Grace our most humble Thanks : “ And for that we right well know the same for our “ Parts be not unto your Grace sufficient and condine “ Satisfaction, we therefore shall daily humbly pray “ God to send unto your Grace in this World Life, “ Honour, Prosperity, and Health in Body, with the

Accomplishment of all your noble Acts, and in “ the Life to come the Joys of Heaven. Written at “ the said Town of Ipswich, the 8th Day of August,

By your most humble and daily Beadsmen, Henry
Stannard and Nicholas Harvy, Bailiffs of the
" said Town, and other Portmen of the fame,

James Hill,
William Stysted,

John Butler."
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After the Receipt of this Letter the Dean of the College, by his Eminence's Order, applied to the Corporation to request them to assign the Lands, formerly appropriated for the Use of their Grammarschool at Ipswich, to the School now founded by the Cardinal, towards the better Support and Maintenance of the Master thereof, which they readily complied with, as appears in the following most respectful Letter; the Original being likewise to be found in the Exchequer Record-office.

To my Lord LEGATE's good Grace. LEASETH YOUR GRACE to be advertised, that

we, the Bailiffs, Portmen and Inhabiants of this ' the King's Town of Ipswich have lately perceived,

by Master Dean of your new College, of Ipswich afore

faid, that your Pleasure and Device is, that all such “ Lands and Tenements, as of old Time have been “ limited and appointed to the Grammar-master there, “ fhcuid be given to your new College, towards the “ Sustentation of your new Master of Grammar of

your School there, and his Succeffors, and by your “ Grace appointed and ordained, and that your Grace " 2014ld have our Free Affent* unto the same.

“ It may please your Grace to be advertised, that

we well apperceive and consider the manifold Good“ ness that your Grace hath shewed, as well in the “ Erection of the same College and Grammar-school " there, as also many and divers Things that it bath pleased your Grace to do to the Weal of the said Town; " for which we confefs ourselves unable to make your “ Grace any fufficient Recompence: But, as touching

your faid Request and Defire, we all be not only

content freely with our Assent to accomplish and “ fulfil the same, but also to do and execute all and

every other Thing that shall be hereafter your gra




* Sure this is an Instance of Enemies have been so fond of his being of an cquitable Difpo- charging him with ; here is no fition, and not arbitrary, as his Compulsion, but free Affent required.

« cious Pleasure to advertise us to do for the Coro" boration of the same, as knoweth our Lord God ; “ who send unto your Grace, our especial good and “ gracious Lord, long Life and Health to his Plea“ fure, and to the full Accomplishment of all your “ honourable Affairs. Written at Ipswich,

“ By your most humble and Daily Beadsmen,
" the Bailiffs of Ipswich,

" Thomas Hill,
« Thomas Claufer."

Such was his Affection for this College, and so defirous was he the Youth should be properly educated there, by early learning Grainmar Rudiments, that he gave a particular Direction, for the famous William Lilly's Grammar to be made use of, and condefcended himself to write a Latin Preface to it, a Translation of which and the old Title follows.

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Udiments of Grammar, and a Method of Teaching,

not so much prescribed for the Use of the School of Ipswich, happily founded by the most' Rev. Lord Thomas, Cardinal, of York, as for all other Schools throughout England."

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“ THOMAS, Cardinal, of York, &c. to the Masters of

Ipswich School, greeting.
E imagine no body can be ignorant of the

Care, Study, and Industry of Mind, with " which we have hitherto directed our Labours, not “ for our own private Interest, but that of our Coun

try, and all our Citizens, which we have very much « at heart ; and in which Particular we shall deem “ ourselves to have been most amply gratified, if, " by any divine Blessing, we should improve the " Minds of the People. Wherefore, being filled with “ che utmost Zeal to promote Learning and Piety

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“ in our native Place, which she claims of us as a “ certain Right, we have founded a Latin School, no

ways inelegant, as an evident Testimony of our “ chief Regard for her: But, as it would be imperfect

to erect a School, however magnificent, unless at“ tended by learned Masters, we have every way ftu“ died to give the Government thereof to two chosen " and approved Teachers, under whose Tuition Bri

tish Youth may by degrees, from their earliest “ Years, imbibe both Morals and Letters; well know

ing that the Hopes of a Republick arise from their " Minds being then framed aright. And, that the same

may the more happily and speedily be brought to " bear, we have taken all manner of Care, that ye “ should have such Books as are most neceffary for the " Inítruction of them. In this our new School, whereof

ye are Masters, ye must teach the Boys by Turns, “ and diligently exercise them in the Rudimients and “ Method of Learning, that they may afterwards be ad“ vanced to the most elegant Literature and the best " of Morals. To this purpose, if ye Labour with

equal Care to our Satisfaction, ye shall not only de“ serve our great Favours for your Pains, but render “ it also. happy for your Successors. Fare ye well. “ From our Palace, Ann. Dom. 1528, Kal. Sept.


Notwithstanding the honest and generous Views the Cardinal had in erecting his College at Ipswich, for the further Encouragement of Learning, and leaving a lasting Testimony of his Regard for the Place of his Birth, it had but a very short Continuation ; and, in about three Years after its Foundation, he fell with it, being, as Shakespear says, unwilling to out-live the Good be did it : But the Design of destroying his College, upon his Disgrace, gave the Cardinal so great Concern that he regretted it to the last Moment of his Life ; and therefore, as we apprehend, the Natives of the Town, when they remember the Legacy he



proposed to have left them, ought to reverence his

Before this Year expired that great Death of Bi-
and good Man, Dr. Fox, Bishop of Win- siop Fox.
chester, died, (who had been one of the Cardinals
chiefert Patrons) whose Character we leave the Reader
to collect from what we have already said of him.
The Pope, at the King's Instance, bestowed the vacant
Bishoprick + on Cardinal Wolsey, and sent to England
Instruments to confirm him therein.



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* We find this Relation given but thinly inhabited, to what it of the Town and Wolsey's Foun- has been, yet, whoever looks into dion in Camden's Britannia.

the Churches and Meetings on a Ipswich, formerly Gippewich, Sunday, will not, even in this Para little City lowly feated, and ticular, think so meanly of it as

as it were the Eye of the fome have done ; for there are « County of Suffolk, has a pretty now in this Town 12 Pariih

good Harbour, and was for Churches, out of the 14, besides · merly well fortified with Dit- two Chapels in the Corporation• ches, &c. has a great Trade, Liberty, and Meeting-houses. • and is very populous, being a- It has a very spacious Market« dorned with fourteen Parish place, in the midst of which is • Churches, and large stately a fair Cross adjoining to the But

Buildings. We pass by the chers Shambles, very commodious
• four religious Houses, now de- and commonly supposed to have

molished, and the magnificent been built by Cardinal Wolfey.
College begun by Cardinal [This is a Mistake, since it owes

Wolsey, a Butcher's Son, and its Original to a much later Date,
« born in this place ; whose valt viz. the 40th Year of Queen E-

Thoughts were always taken lizabeth.] The Town is governed
up with extravagant Projects.' at this Day by two Bailiffs, a

But the modern Account of Recorder, iz Portmen, two Co-
this Town is, Ipswich is seated roners, and 24 Common Coun-
at the Distance of 12 Miles from cil-men, &c. and sends two
Harwich, upon the Edge of the Members to Parliament, who at
River which, taking a short Turn present are Admiral Vernon and
to the West of the Town, forms Samuel Ken!, Esq;
there a kind of Semicircle,
Half-moon, upon the Bank of + This Bishoprick is of great
the River. It is now a very neat Antiquity, and the See has never
and well built Town, and much been removed from it since the
larger than many Cities, and Foundation, which all the rest
carries on a considerable mari- have been in the South Weit
time Trade ; and, though it is Parts. The City of Winchester,



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