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a nearer Advance, she gave his Majesty to under* stand, that her Virtue was dearer to her than her “ Life ; that no Mortal should have the last Favour “ unless in the State of Wedlock. And thus the in“ fatuated King, Auctuating between the Thoughts of

a Mistress and a Wife, was so intangled, that, ra“ther than be disappointed in the one, he was re“ folved to precipitate himself upon the other. Now,

as far as Intentions can fall under human Cognizance, " the violent Passion King Henry had for this Lady,

not only gave the first Motion to, but carried on “ the whole Affair concerning the Divorce. This “ Mr. Cavendish, not only a cotemporary Writer, but

one of Wolsey's Domesticks, has delivered to Porte“ rity in express Words.

The French Ambassadors, having fully executed their Commission, set out for their own Court, highly pleased with their Entertainment during their Abode in England ; for the Particulars whereof see Mr. Cavendish's History, in our IIId Vol. fol. 31, to 39.

The News of the Sacking of Rome and the Pope's Captivity having reached England, speedily after the Conclusion of the Treaties between Henry and Francis; their Majesties thought fit to alter the Articles of the Second Treaty, concerning their carrying the War into the Low Countries, and agreed to act in Italy only. But, as the English Troops could not be transported into Italy, without great Difficulties and Loss of Time, they concluded, “That King Francis should

, carry on the War alone, in Consideration of 30,000 “ Ducats monthly, to the End of Ozzober, to be de“ ducted out of what Francis owed Henry.” And this was signed the 29th of May, about three weeks after the taking of Rome.

Soon after the French Ambassadors The King fends were returned to France, the King fent Ambassadors

to France. a solemn Ambassy to Francis by Thomas Lord Viscount Rochford, Sir Nicholas Carew, and Sir Anthony Brown ; in whose Presence Francis sworë



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to observe the Treaties lately concluded at Westminfter, between himself and the King of England. Then the Ambassadors, after having been grandly entertained, returned Home.

The Commissions for hearing Causes by Bill of poor People not answering the designed Purposes, the Cardinal obtained another * from his Majesty, empowering certain Persons to hear Causes in Chancery in his Absence, that the Subjects might not be

delayed *The King to his beloved and jects, depending before us in .

, faithful John Taylor, Clerk, our Chancery, or already movMaster and Keeper of the Rolls " ed or to be moved therein ;

of our Chancery, &c. • and by the said Lord Chan:K

NOW ye, that where- cellor committed to you or any

as the most Rev. Father • of you, (but not to less than in Chrift, Thomas, by Divine ' four however) and that for the • Permission, Cardinal Priest, &c. « future shall be committed to • has been employed, for the Sake you from Time to Time, to • of the Peace and Tranquillity of be heard, examined and scru

• our Kingdom and Subjects of tinized, with due Regard, acEngland, and for the Interest, cording to the Allegations and

Profit, and Utility of the Pub- * Proofs, and your own found Difi lick, in which Poft he con- cretion, to discuss and finally

Itantly exists; and considering • determine, and to command • and piously compassionating the full Execution thereof. There

insupportable Cares, Labours, fore we command that, with

and Fatigues, which he on that regard to the Premises, you • Account undergoes and suffers ; truly and diligently act and " and left such singular Fortitude execute every Thing with Ef

of Mind and Body should be • fect. By the Tenour of these • too much impaired, which God • Presents we give it as a firm • avert, through such Fatigues, • Command, to all and fingular . and he not be able to attend in ' our Officers, Ministers, and Sub

good Health, as usual, to our jects, whom it may concern, ' most necessary Affairs, with his " that in all the said Premises 'chiefe!t Care: Being therefore they be intent and obedient

willing, that Justice be admi. in the Execution thereof as it nistred to all and every of our s becometh. In Testimony, &C. Subjects, and fully confiding in your Fidelity and Circumspec- Witness the King at Westmintion, we have appointed you, ster, the 11th

Day of June.” • the aforesaid John Taylor, &c.

by Virtue of these Presents, It must be here observed, that granting unto you Power and this Commission has ever since Authority to hear all and every been renewed for the fame Purthe Causes, Disputes and Com- pose, with only varrying the plaints whatever of our Sub- Form.

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delayed in their Suits, when his Eminency was called to attend other grand Affairs of the State.

As the Pope was still in Captivity his Majesty expressed great Uneasiness thereat; therefore it was thought mete to concert further Measures with the French King, to affift his Holiness and restore Peace to Italy ; for which Purpose the Cardinal was pitched on to go over to France as the King's High Ambassador, as Hall calls him.

Matters being settled the Cardinal, on the 3d of July, passed through London attended by

Wolsey passes Dr, Tunstal, Bishop of London, Dr. Taylor, Master of the Rolls, Lord Sands, the Earl of Derby, Sir Henry Guilford, * Sir Thomas More, Sır Nicholas Carew,+ Sir Anthony Brown, Sir ThomasWriothef


into France.

S 2

* Sir Henry was elected, at a- • ed ;' and, being thereon conbout 39 Years of Age, Knight ducted into the Chapter-house, he of the Garter, on the 24th of A- received the Investiture. He was pril, 18 Hen. VIII. at Greene indeed the only Heir of the wich, and installed on St. George's younger Branch of the Fainily Feast following, being descended of Caren', which had feated itfrom a very antient Family, who self at Bedington in Surry for a had done considerable Seryices to considerable Time: Yet this nothe Publick. He was one of the ble Gentleman afterwards fell unKnights who in Parliament sub- der the Displeasure of the same scribed the Letter to the Pope. Prince, and was attainted by Act He died in the 23d Year of this of Parliament, in the zist Year of King; and a curious Pi&ure of his Reign, for High Treason, and him, drawn by the famous Hans beheaded : But his Son Francis, Holbein, is ftill in being ; and 1 Ed. VI. procured a Reversal of from this great Man the present that Attainder. From this FamiSir Robert Guilford of Hampstead- ly was descended the late HoPlace, Bart. is descended. nourable Sir Nicholas Carew,

Bart. who was Knight of the + Sir Nicholas Carew was after- Shire for the County of Surry, wards made Knight of the Gar- in the ad Parliament of K. George ter by Henry the VIIIth, being the ift, (with the Right Hon. declared by the Sovereign molt Arthur Onslow, Esq; Speaker of worthy to be elected, in regard the Hon. House of Commons.) to the • Majority of Votes, the His worthy Successor is his only • Eminency of his Extraction, Son, Sir Nicholas Hacket Careu', • his own Fame, the many and Bart. whose Motto is Nil conscire • noble Actions he had perform- fibi.


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ley, Garter King at Arms, 'and other Knights and Ef quires to the Number of 1200; on the 6th he landed at Calais ; and Stow says, “ That there he committed ", the Custody of the Great Seal in the Hands of " Dr. John Taylor, Master of the Rolls, until his Re66

turn to Calais;" which not only shews that the Cardinal knew better than to take it out of his Master's Dominions, but in some measure wipes off Rapin's Reflection on that Head. On the 12th he was complimented, in Francis's Name, by the Cardinal of Loraine, fix Bishops, and 40 Gentlemen, whom the King had fent for that Purpose; and, in the Collection of the publick Aets, we find Francis's Letters Patent, empowering the Cardinal, to release the Prisoners at what Place soever he should arrive in his Dominions, a Translation of which we have here introduced.

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*“ Francis, by the Grace of God, King of France, “ makes it known to all present and to come.

HEREAS our most dear and great Friend,

the Cardinal of York, Legate in England, “ is shortly to meet us in our Kingdom, on the Part 66 of our most dear and most beloved Brother and " Cousin the King of England, on certain great and

urgent Affairs, relating to the Interest, Profit, and * Advantage of us, and of our faid Brother and Cousr sin ; and desiring with all our Heart to do Honour ¢ to that Cardinal with all the Favour we can think on,

as well for the most cordial Love which we have $6 for our aforesaid most dear Brother and Cousin, " the King of England, as for himself, We, for these “ Causes and other Considerations moving us thereunto, « out of our proper Inclination, certain Knowledge,

special Grace, full Power and Royal Authority, have given and granted, and by these Presents do give

« and

* Rjm. Fæd. Vol. XIV.

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" and grant unto him, that he may, in all the Cities " and Boroughs through which he shall pass, on his “ Journey towards us, deliver all

, and every the Pri“ soners then confined in those Places ; and to forgive,

acquit and pardon all Matters, Crimes, and Delin“ quencies, committed and perpetrated by such Pri

soners, in the fame Manner and Form as we do, " and have been accustomed to do, at our first vi

siting Cities and Boroughs of our faid Kingdom ; “ and that he may also grant and expedite his Letters " Patent under his Seal, the which we will and desire

to have as much Effect and Force, as if given by $6 Ourselves.

" We also order, by these Presents, our beloved " and faithful, Bailiffs, Seneschals, Provosts, and « others, our Justices and Officers, and their Lieut “ tenants, holding our Courts of Parliament, and to

every of them in their respective Posts, that such “ Letters given by the aforesaid Legate be regarded “ in every Particular, according to their Meaning and « Tenour, as if they had been granted and given by ss ourselves, excepting always the Crimes of High Trea

fon, Murder, Rape, Sacrilege, Coining, and burn“ ing Houses; for fuch is our Pleasure: And, that

, “ the same may be put in Execution in the respec“ tive Places, we will that on Sight hereof, given “ under the Royal Seal, Faith may be given there

In Testimony whereof we have caused our “ Seal to be affixed with a Salvo always to our

Rights, &c. Given at St. Dennis in France, in the “ Month of July, in the Year of our Lord, 1527, " and of our Reign the 13th.

" By the KING.


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On the 3d of August the Cardinal arrived at Abberville ; and, as soon as King Francis heard the


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