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A meteor that might terrify the earth,
And make it quake at every drop-it drinks.
Millions of souls sit on the banks of Styx
Waiting the back return of Charon's boat;
Hell and Elysium 1 swarm with ghosts of men,
That I have sent from sundry foughten fields,
To spread my fame through hell and up to heaven. 470
And see, my lord, a sight of strange import,
Emperors and Kings lie breathless at my feet :
The Turk and his great Empress, as it seems,
Left to themselves while we were at the fight,
Have desperately despatched their slavish lives :
With them Arabia, too, hath left his life :
All sights of power to grace my victory;
And such are objects fit for Tamburlaine ;
Wherein, as in a mirror, may be seen
His honour, that consists in shedding blood,
When men presume to manage arms with him.

Sold. Mighty hath God and Mahomet made thy hand,
Renowmèd Tamburlaine ! to whom all kings
Of force must yield their crowns and emperies;
And I am pleased with this my overthrow,
If, as beseems a person of thy state,
Thou hast with honour used Zenocrate.

Tamb. Her state and person want no pomp, you see;
And for all blot of foul inchastity
I record Heaven her heavenly self is clear :

490 Then let me find no farther time to grace

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i Old copies “Elisian."

Her princely temples with the Persian crown.
But here these kings that on my fortunes wait,
And have been crowned for proved worthiness,
Even by this hand that shall establish them,
Shall now, adjoining all their hands with mine,
Invest her here my Queen of Persia.
What saith the noble Soldan and Zenocrate?

Sold. I yield with thanks and protestations
Of endless honour to thee for her love.

500 Tamb. Then doubt I not but fair Zenocrate Will soon consent to satisfy us both.

Zeno. Else 1 should I much forget myself, my lord.

Ther. Then let us set the crown upon her head, That long hath lingered for so high a seat.

Tech. My hand is ready to perform the deed ; For now her marriage-time shall work us rest.

Usum. And here's the crown, my lord; help set it on.?

Tamb. Then sit thou down, divine Zenocrate ; And here we crown thee Queen of Persia,

510 And all the kingdoms and dominions That late the power of Tamburlaine subdued. As Juno, when the giants were suppressed, That darted mountains at her brother Jove, So looks my love, shadowing in her brows Triumphs and trophies for my victories; Or, as Latona's daughters, bent to arms, Adding more courage to my conquering mind.

1 So 470.-8vo. “then."
2 SO 4to.-Omitted in 8vo.

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To gratify the sweet Zenocrate,
Egyptians, Moors, and men of Asia,
From Barbary unto the western India,
Shall pay a yearly tribute to thy sire:
And from the bounds of Afric to the banks
Of Ganges shall his mighty arm extend.
And now, my lords and loving followers,
That purchased kingdoms by your martial deeds,
Cast off your armour, put on scarlet robes,
Mount up your royal places of estate,
Environèd with troops of noblemen,
And there make laws to rule your provinces.
Hang up your weapons on Alcides' post,
For Tamburlaine takes truce with all the world.
Thy first-betrothed Tove, Arabia,
Shall we with honour, as beseems, entomb
With this great Turk and his fair Emperess.
Then, after all these solemn exequies,
We will our rites 2 of marriage solemnise.


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1 Dyce reads "post[s],” and Cunningham follows. I prefer the reading of the old copies, for I suspect that Marlowe had in his remembrance Horace's Epistles, i. 1 (11. 4, 5),

Veianius armis
Herculis ad postem fixis latet abditus agro."
It was customary among the ancients on retiring from a profession to
dedicate the implements of it to the patron deity.

2 Old copies read “celebrated rites.” It is one of the numerous cases where a marginal note has been imported into the text. The author being doubtful whether to say our rites of marriage celebrate"

“our rites of marriage solemnise," the compositor promptly printed our celebrated rites of marriage solemnise."


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