Camoens: his life and his Luciads. A commentary by Richard F. Burton


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Seite 506 - HIGH on a throne of royal state, which far Outshone the wealth of Ormus and of Ind, Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand Showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold, Satan exalted sat...
Seite 517 - Mount Amara, though this by some supposed True Paradise, under the Ethiop line By Nilus' head, enclosed with shining rock, A whole day's journey high, but wide remote From this Assyrian garden, where the fiend Saw, undelighted, all delight, all kind Of living creatures, new to sight and strange.
Seite 573 - The moon, full orbed, forsakes her watery cave, And lifts her lovely head above the wave. The snowy splendours of her modest ray Stream o'er the glistening waves, and...
Seite 629 - verified the Hydra-fable with this difference, that the heads of the State bite and devour one another." Besides, the Fatherland had just produced that great dragon, Martin Luther, its third great appearance in history. V. — Ariosto (xxvi. 35) is liberal enough to give the "hard Englander," Henry VIII., his due: Camoens considers his contemporary only as one who, " after inventing a religion of his own, made himself the head.
Seite 454 - At the distance of one day from this place are the mountains of the Russians, who are Christians with red hair, and blue eyes, an ugly and perfidious people.
Seite 437 - ... Canton, for he had not five days' bread on board his ship. . . We assembled the merchants the third time, to persuade them, if possible, to prevail with the mandarins to grant Mr. Anson a general chop for all the necessaries he wants. They informed us, the mandarins had such a strange notion of a ship which went about the world seeking other ships in order to take them, that they could not be brought to hear reason on that head.
Seite 670 - King, by the Grace of God, of Portugal, and of the Algarves, both on this side the sea and beyond it in Africa, Lord of Guinea and of the Conquest, Navigation, and Commerce of Ethiopia, Arabia, Persia, and India.
Seite 561 - ... prayer (" May it, the marvel, command the whole of it, the world ! "). VII.— The arms of Portugal are heraldically described in iii. 53-4. Lines 5-8 apparently refer to the epigram placed in the Saviour's mouth : — Vulnera nostra tibi, Rex, sunt insignia. Vici His quondam : vinces : sacra trophtea feres.
Seite 664 - Bore." Its rush into the Gulf of Cambay is well described by Varthema and is alluded to by every traveller. America shows it in the Bay of Fundy. The phenomenon is the Anglo-Sax. Egor, the Higre, Eagre, Acker or Aker of the Severn, Trent and Humber. As "Agar...
Seite 653 - Love embodies the sense of self-esteem, the satisfaction, the revenge of success, and the " rapture of repose " following a successful exploit full of difficulty, hardship, pain and danger. Every explorer knows it right well.. Camoens has expressed it, has embodied it in the guise of glorious allegory. This episode is a triumph of genius and art, of tact and tnste, of glowing language and of suggestive delicacy.

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