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the year 1731. There can be no sufficient reason, that what has thus been submitted to the perusal of Europe, should not be made acceslible to those to whom Dr. Franklin's language is native. The history of his life, as far as page 190 of the present volume, is translated from that publication.

The style of these memoirs is uncommonly pleasing. The story is told with the most unreserved sincerity, and without any false colouring or ornament. We see, in every page, that the author examined his subject with the eye of a master, and related no incidents, the springs and origin of which he did not perfectly understand. It is this that gives such exquisite and uncommon perspicuity to the detail and delight in the review. The translator has endeavoured, as he went along, to conceive the probable manner in which Dr. Franklin expressed his ideas in his English manuscript, and he hopes to be forgiven if this enquiry shall occasionally have subjected him to the charge of a style in any respect bald or low : to imitate the admirable fimplicity of the author, is no easy task. 8


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