The Phainomena; Or, Heavenly Display of Aratos Done Into English Verse

Longmans, Green, 1885 - 102 Seiten

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Seite 43 - Or tell or learn the separate name of all : Since everywhere are many, size and tint Of multitudes the same, but all are drawn around. So thought he good to make the stellar groups, That each by other lying orderly, They might display their forms. And thus the stars At once took names, and rise familiar now.
Seite 18 - K1nder they call him. Labouring on his knees, Like one who sinks he seems; from both his shoulders His arms are raised ; each stretching on its side About a full arm's length. And his right foot Is planted on the twisting Serpent's head.
Seite 2 - Lacedsemon on the sun-dials there, as Pharorinus says in his Universal History, and they showed the solstices and the equinoxes; he also made clocks. He was the first person, too, who drew a map of the earth and sea, and he also made a globe...
Seite 18 - BC, were already puzzled to account for this "reversed" position of "the Kneeler." Aratos, from whom I have quoted above, thus further wonders as to this constellation. At line 63 we read : — " . . . . like a toiling man, revolves A form. Of it can no one clearly speak, Nor to what toil he is attached ; but, simply, Kneeler they call him. Labouring on his knees, Like one who sinks he seems ; " and again at line 614 — " The Knuler He who is ne'er far distant from the Lyre, Whoe'er this stranger...
Seite 3 - Discourse began between the two, and Aristagoras addressed the Spartan king in these words following : —
Seite 50 - Idcirco certis dimensum partibus orbem per duodena regit mundi sol aureus astra. quinque tenent caelum zonae: quarum una corusco semper sole rubens et torrida semper ab igni...
Seite 69 - It is impossible not to recognise, from the configuration of this constellation as now seen, that the ancients looked on the stars which form the Lesser Bear as forming a wing of Draco.

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