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Among other papers of less importance, the appendix to this volume contains the Proclamation for a cessation of hostilities;* the Report of commissioners, extending Mason's and Dixon's line, and fixing the south west corner of Pennsylvania, which was necessary to complete the series of papers heretofore published, t a reference to the Laws of Virginia and Resolutions of Congress, on the subject of Half-Pay, and COMMUTATION;f a Digest of the Laws concerning Land-Bounties || and additional papers respecting the Cession of the North Western Territory, in which the origin of the mistake, which has operated so injuriously to the state troops of Virginia, it is believed, is satisfactorily explained. IT


• See page 549. page 559,565.

See page 554.
See page 566.

See page 556,557.


ing the period comprised in this Volume.

Benjamin Benjamin Harrison, esq. continued governor, until Harrison,esq.

the 29th of November, 1784, when Patrick Henry,

Patrick Hen. esq. was again elected.


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