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Ch (IVI in origiual )

An act to sell certain lands belonging

to the estale of William Kennon, de
ceased, for the benefit of his chil.

ceased to be

1. WHEREAS it is represented to this present gene certainlands eral assembly, that William Kennon, being in his lile belongs to time seized in fee of about two thousand two hundred the estate of

w and William acres of land, lying in the county of Charles City, and

"lenno' de. dying so seized, leaving several daughters 10 whom the cea said lands descended as coheiresses: And whereas it sold for the is represented that the said daughters bave not any benefit of

his children. slaves to work the said lands, and that the rents arising therefrom are put sufficient to support and maintain those daughters onder age, and that it would be greatly for their benefit if the said lands were sold; and application being made for that purpose, as well by the daughters who are of age, as the guardians of those under age:

11. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly, That the said tract of land of which the saint Williiin Kennon died seized, in the said county of Charles City, containing about two thousand iwo hundred arres, be, and the same is hereby vested in, John Tyler, Wila liam Randolph, and Benjamin Harrison (of Brandon) gentlemen, trustees, to be by them, or any two of them, sold at public auction, in such parcels or lots as they may judge best; the time and place of which sale, to be previously advertised in the Virginia Gazelle two months. And the said trustees, or any iwo of thein, are hereby empowered to convey the said lands to the purchaser, or parchasers, in fce simple; who shall thenceforth hold and enjoy the same, free from the claim of the daughters of the said William Kennon, or eillier of them, or their heirs, forever. And the said trustees, or any two of them, shall render an account of the sales of the said lands to the county court of Charles City, to be there recorded. And the money arising from such sales shall be paid in equal proportions, after deducting the expences of the sale, to those who are of age, and to the guardians of those who are under age,

to be by them placed out to interest, on good and sufficient landed security, to be approved or by ine court oi the said county of Coarles City. Saving to all persons and bodies politic or corporale, their heirs or successors, other than the daughiers of the said William Kenon, or ihose claiming under thein, all such right or title as they, or any of them, wouid have had in or to the said lands, had this act never been made,

[Ch. CXVIII in original.)

An act to vest certain escheatable pro,
perty in the children of William
Short, deceased.


Slaves of I. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this prewhich Geo. sent general assembly, that a certain George Kerr died Kerr i possess d, &

& intestate, possessed of several slaves, leaving two sons supposed to and one daughter, which said daughter hath since inbe escheitted tèrmarried with William Short, esq; of Surry county, to thi con and one of the said sons died also intestate, soon afier monwealth,

thie the death of his said father, and before any appraisechildren of ment or division of the said slaves took place, whereby, William and by the laws of this commonwealth, the said slaves

ind: becaine vested in the heir at law of the said George by the daugh ter of the Kerr, he being subject only to the payment of a prosaid Kerr.

portion of their appraised value to his sister, 'the wife of the said William Short; and the said heir at law having, previolis to the commencement of this war, removed hiinself from this commonwealth, before 'any division or appraisement of the said slaves, to some part of the British doininions, and not baving since returned, the said slaves have becoine escheatable in this commonwealıb; and the said William Short is lately dead, and by his last will and testa neut bathi devised, that the said negroes shall be equally divided among all bis children; his wife, the daughter of the said George Kerr, being also dead:

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said slaves, whereof the said George Kerr died possessed, shall be, and the same are hereby declared to be vested in, the children of the said William Short, deceased, according to the form and effect of his said last will and testament, one inoiety whereof being neveribeless subject to the claim of the heir at law of the said George Kerr, if it shall be found that he was not a British subject within the meaning of the act - Concerning escheats and forfeilures froin British subjects," since the commence. ment of the present war.


Chap. CXIX

in original. An act concerning the titles of settlers Cban. Rey

on lands surveyed for sundry com. pa. 179. panies.


1. WHEREAS by the act of assembly intituled, Preamble, "An act for adjusting and settling the titles of claim- reciting pro.

visions of act ers to empatented lands, under the present and former of governmeni, previous to the establishment of the com. ch. 12, in fa! monwealtlı's land office," the title of settlers on land sur. your of set

oil outlers on veyed for sundry companies by orders of council, were to be adjudged by certain commissioners appointed for veyed for that purpose; and that if the parties, 'their heirs or sundry comassigns, to whom such titles shall be adjudged, shall panies. not within six months at farthest, frown the time of their respective judgments in their favour, pay or 100der to the coinpany to whom the same is due, or their agent, the price and interest so fixed by the commissioners, the title of every person so failing, shall be forfeited, and to all intents and purposes, nall and void.

II. And whereas it is represented to this presente general assembly, that from the great scarcity of spe- declaring cie, the persons to whom such titles have been adjueg- forfeiture of

land on noned, have not been able to pay the price of their laids

payment, re. and interest within the time limited by the said act: pealed.


Be it therefore enacted, That so much of the said recited act, as respects the forfeiture of the titles of settlers on lands surveyed for any company, shall be, and the same is hereby repealed; and the time limited as above

for the settlers to pay the price of their lands, shall be Farther time and hereby is prolonged for twelve months, at the end allowed to of which time, the said setulers shall be liable to pay pay their er

the main

the principal and interest due for their lands, upon money.

good and sufficint titles being tendered or made to Porfeiture, them; and on failure of such payment, the said land on non-pay, shall be forfeited and revert to the grantees.



CHAP. XXV. (Chapter CXX in ori. ginal.]

An act to confirm the sale of certain

lots and land made by Andrew Wodrow, administrator of Alexander Wodrow, deceased, and for o.

ther purposes. of two ]. WHEREAS Alexander Wodrow, in, and by his lots in Fal- las: will and testament, bearing date the thiriy-first day mouth. & a, of October, one thousand seven hundred and seventytract of land in suford.* one, among other things directed that his executors made by An- should dispose of his whole estate, both real and perdrew Wod soial, except his wearing cloaths and riding horse, and row, admin

1. frem the sales thereof to pay, in the first place, his just lexander deots, and the residue to apply 'as in the said will is Wodrow, particularly directed: And whereas it is represented to confirmed.

this present assembly, that the executors named in the wil of the said Alexander Wodrow, severally refused to take upon them the execution thereof, whereupon administration with the will annexed, was in due form granted to Andrew Wodrow, who hath since sold the personal estate, and also a moiety of two lots in the tovn of Falmouth, and a tract of land containing two hundred and twelve acres, lying on Rappabanneck river in the county of Stafford, belonging to the said Alexander Wodrow, deceased, and bath applied the inoley arising from such sales, towards the payment

istrator o

of bis debts: And whereas the said Andrew Wodrow not being authorized to make conveyances to the porchaser or purchasers of the said lots and land, hath made application to the assembly to pass an act to enable bim to do so:

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said Andrew Wodrow shall, and he is hereby authorized and empowered to, execute one or more deed or deeds, for conveying the said lots and land, so as aforesaid sold, to the purchaser or purchasers in fee. Saviug to all persons, bodies politic and corporate, other than those claiming under the will of the said Alexander Wodrow, all such right, title, and interest, which they, or any of them, could or might have to the said lots and land had this act never been made. And whereas the said Alexander Wodrow died seized of other lots and lands which by his said will were directed to be sold, and the money arising therefrom to be applied to the payment of his debis, and the residue to be paid, in certain proportions, to persons residing in Great-Britain, and it is judged expedient that the said lands should remaio subject to the future direction and disposition of other lands the general assembly:

of AlexanIII. Be it therefore enacted, That the said lots and

and remaining lands of the said Alexander Wodrow, deceased, so re- unsold, submaining unsold, shall be, and the same are hereby ject to fuvested in the said Andrew Wodrow, subject, neverthe-cure

odrow sobiert neverthe ture direc. less, to the future direction of the general assembly, ral assembly.



[Ch. CXX

in original. ) An act to vest the capitol square, wilh

the buildings thereon, in the city of Williamsburg, in the mayor, recor. der, aldermon, and common coun. cil of the said city. 1. WHEREAS it hath been represented to this pre- Capito! sent general assembly, that the public lands, with the square and

he buildings in buildings thereon, in the city of Williamsburg, com. Williams,

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