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Grouped together in this picture are some of the principal poets of America with three visitors from England. The photograph was made at a poet's dinner at the Hotel Astor with John Masefield as guest of honor In the group standing, from left to right: Lawrence Housman, Witter Bynner, Percy MacKaye, Edwin Markham, Cale Young Rice. Louis Untermeyer, Vachel Lindsay. Sitting, from left to right: Amy Lowell, Josephine Daskam Bacon, John Masefield, Alfred Noyes.

"My Unconquerable Soul" "Waiting"

"The Way to Arcady".

"A Song of the Road". "If"

"The Recessional".


"The Choice".

"A Prayer for a Mother's Birthday". "The Name of France". "Friends with Life".

"The Joy of the Hills".

"The Man with the Hoe".

"Hope in Failure" (By "A. E.") "The Gates of Dreamland" (By "A. E.")

"Lures Immortal".

"The Firemen❞

"The Nightmare of London". "Revenge for Rheims"

"The Sad Shepherd". "The Lake Isle of Innisfree". "Road Ways"...

"The West Wind".

"Our Lady of the Twilight". "The Fiddler's Farewell". "A Prayer in Time of War". "The Loom of Years"... "The Hill-Flower".

"The Song of Sherwood". "The Call of the Spring". "The Dream Child's Invitation".

"The Last Battle"...

"The Dawn of Peace". "The Searchlights". "Princeton, May, 1917". "Road Hymn for the Start".

"Gloucester Moors".


"Then and Now".

"At the End of the Day". "A Vagabond Song".

"A Winter Ride".

"The Player-Shakespeare". "How Many Ways". "When the Wind is Low".

William E. Henley
John Burroughs
H. C. Bunner






Henry Van Dyke Henry Van Dyke Edwin Markham Edwin Markham . Edwin Markham George W. Russell .George W. Russell .Stephen Phillips Stephen Phillips Stephen Phillips Stephen Phillips William Butler Yeats William Butler Yeats

. John Masefield

. John Masefield Alfred Noyes Alfred Noyes Alfred Noyes Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes
Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

Alfred Noyes

William Vaughn Moody
William Vaughn Moody
Edith Thomas
Thomas Hardy
Richard Hovey

Bliss Carman

Amy Lowell Percy MacKaye Cale Young Rice

. Cale Young Rice

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Selections from the poems of Alice Meynell, Richard Le Gallienne. Sara Teasdale, Edith Wyatt, Vachel Lindsay, Amelia J. Burr, Willard Wattles, Margaret Widdemer, Jessie B. Rittenhouse, Hermann Hagedorn, William Rose Benét.

Any selection from The Little Book of Modern Verse, ed. by Jessie B. Rittenhouse.

Any selection from Poems of the Great War, ed. by J. W. Cunliffe.

Any selection from A Treasury of War Poetry, ed, by George Herbert Clarke.

Any selection from High Tide, ed. by Mrs. Waldo Richards.

Any selection from the collections of American and British poems ed. by Louis Untermeyer.


1. Compare the five types of lyric poetry that you have just studied. pointing out their similarities and differences. 2. Can you recognize an ode, sonnet, elegy, song, and simple lyric when you see them? What do you look for in order to determine in each case? Is the main distinction in thought or form, or in both? 3. What is the great distinction between lyric and narrative poetry? What is the position of the author in a narrative poem? In a lyric poem? 4. Which of these two grea! divisions of poetry did you like the better? Why? 5. Memorize beautiful passages in the lyric poems that you read.


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