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And they that never pass their brick-wall bounds To range

the fields and treat their lungs with air, Yet feel the burning instinct : over-head Suspend their crazy boxes, planted thick, And water'd duly. There the pitcher stands A fragment, and the spoutless tea-pot there; Sad witnesses how close-pent man regrets The country, with what ardour he contrives A

peep at nature, when he can no more.

Hail, therefore, patroness of health, and ease, And contemplation, heart-consoling joys And harmless pleafures, in the throng'd abode Of multitudes unknown! hail, rural life! Address himself who will to the pursuit Of honours, or emolument, or fame; I shall not add myself to such a chace, Thwart his attempts, or envy his success. Some must be great. Great offices will have Great talents. And God gives to ev'ry man The virtue, temper, understanding, taste, That lifts him into life; and lets him fall Just in the niche he was ordain’d to fill. To the deliv'rer of an injur'd land He gives a tongue t' enlarge upon, an heart

To feel, and courage to redress her wrongs ;
To monarchs dignity; to judges sense;
To artists ingenuity and fill;
To me an unambitious mind, content
In the low vale of life, that early felt
A wish for ease and leisure, and ere long
Found here that leisure and that ease I willid,

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A froly morning.--The foddering of cattle.The

woodman and his dog.-The poultry.Whimfical effeats of frost at a waterfall.---The Empress of Russia's palace of ice.--Amusements of monarchs.War, one of them. Wars, whence--And whence monarchy. The evils of it.-English and French loyalty contrasted.-- The Baflille, and a prisoner there.---Liberty the chief recommendation of this country.-Modern patriotism questionable, and why.The perishable nature of the best human institutions.Spiritual liberty not perishable. The slavish state of man by nature.--Deliver him, Deist, if you can. Grace must do it. The respective merits of patriots and martyrs fated. Their different treatment. Happy freedom of the man whom grace makes freeHis relisha of the works of God.-Address to be Creator,

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