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The estimate provides for a wide variety of supplies and materials required in GAO operations. Although we have been faced with continuing increases in the costs of supplies and materials for several years, we are attempting to minimize our expenses for this object class through volume-discounted purchases. For instance, near the end of fiscal year 1991 we purchased enough photocopier paper to meet planned fiscal year 1992 requirements and thereby avoided a substantial price increase. The requested increase would provide for price level changes ($164,000), and funding ($300,000) needed to meet work load demands. The major work load cost is to replenish our supply of photocopier paper to restore inventories depleted during fiscal year 1992. Additional funding will be needed to meet the increasing requirements for ADP supplies needed to complete work for the Congress and other miscellaneous office supplies.

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This category funds systems furniture and office accessories to refurbish office space in the GAO building subsequent to asbestos removal, microcomputers and software to support audit and evaluation work, and telecommunications equipment. The increase in this category is to update agency hardware and software to satisty changing needs, to ensure that new applications and technologies are systematically identified and evaluated, and to upgrade 6 regional office telecommunications systems as well as new and upgraded equipment for other headquarters offices and audit sites as they move to new locations.

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The fiscal year 1993 increase represents the funding needed in support of asbestos abatement and restoration of the GAO building. Specifically the funding is necessary to complete demolition/abatement and renovation of one floor and continue the upgrade of the GAO building mechanical systems.

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This estimate provides funding for payment on claims to employees and others for property lost or damage incident to government work assignments, for destruction or injury of property, and other liabilities. The increase of $7,000 will provide a level of funding that more closely represents actual payments made in recent years.

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