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The costs in this object class, which is our largest administrative category of services, are shown below according to the principal types of expense and the estimated costs for each type:

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This category is for contracts with companies that provide GAO credit ratings on persons indebted to the government prior to referral to the Justice Department for final collection.


The increase in the amount of $977,000 for tuition and fees for training results from (1) GAO's adherence to professional audit standards that require GAO evaluators to complete a minimum of 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) every 2 years, (2) the complex nature of the programs GAO examines and the audit/evaluation approaches GAO employs, (3) greater emphasis on the quality and quantity of training and educational opportunities that GAO provides, (4) the implementation of total quality management and diversity training initiatives, and (5) GAO's endeavor to serve as a model for the audit community in training. Training funds enable GAO-sponsored group or individual participation in courses offered during regular working hours as well as employee enrollment in job-related college and technical courses. The increase will

allow a greater number of GAO staff members to attend professional conferences and technical workshops. The increase will also provide funding for senior managers to engage in intensive training relevant to their managerial, technical and issue area responsibilities in courses such as:

1. Executive Seminars Program, Aspen Institute
2. Perspectives on Public Policy, Brookings Institution
3. Leadership Development Program, Center for Creative Leadership
4. Dartmouth Institute, Dartmouth College
5. Managing the Information Services Resources, Harvard University
6. Economic Modeling and Forecasting, Institute for Professional Development

The increase will also provide formal training for our staff at OPM and at other government agencies such as GSA and DOD. This course work outside the agency allows staff members to (1) meet CPE requirements, (2) improve current work performance, (3) progress to maximum capabilities, (4) prepare for undertaking supervisory and managerial leadership responsibilities, and (5) keep abreast of current thinking and practices in accounting, auditing, and management philosophies and techniques.

Examples of such training are as follows:

1. Courses conducted by OPM and other federal agencies include:

a. management training

b. supervision and group performance training, and

C. special subject matter areas such as:

(1) microcomputers,
(2) automatic data processing,
(3) planning, programming, and budgeting systems,
(4) personnel processing,
(5) contracting and procurement,
(6) health care,
(7) environmental waste, and
(8) defense logistics;

2. DOD courses in areas peculiar to the programs and activities of the military establishment; and

3. Other training which is not feasible for GAO to offer.

Additionally, the increase will enable the GAO to offer seminars and related educational and developmental services for senior managers in such areas as:

1. Designing Evaluations 2. Sampling Methods 3. Survey Research Methods 4. Data Analysis 5. Qualitative Analysis 6. Emerging Issues Seminars 7. Media Communications for Executives and Managers 8. Managing Human Resources 9. Budgets in Review 10. Advanced Communication and Negotiation 11. Managerial Assessment and Planning

12. Preventing Sexual Harassment
13. Information Management Training Series

Storage of Household Goods

The principal costs in this object class are for the long-term storage of household goods in the United States for GAO employees assigned to overseas offices. Temporary storage of household goods up to 180 days, in connection with an authorized shipment, is also provided for employees transterred to overseas or domestic offices, but is charged to transportation of goods.

Maintenance of ADP and Non-ADP Equipment and Software

The increase of $913,000 for this category provides for the costs of repairs and preventive maintenance for all classes of equipment. The largest portion of the increase (78 percent) will fund necessary maintenance of microcomputers purchased in prior years. The balance of the increase will fund maintenance of ADP software, telecommunications equipment, mail room equipment, photocopier equipment, printing plant equipment, and other miscellaneous office equipment.

Computer and Other ADP Services - Nongovemment

This object class includes contractual agreements for the use of computers and other ADP equipment, data bases, and ADP personnel services (specification writing, programming, documentation, etc.) when performed by commercial firms. The types of services provided under these contracts are as follows:

1. timesharing
2. econometric forecasting analyses
3. statistical analyses
4. data base design and manipulation
5. access to reference data bases utilized in the performance of our audits and reviews
6. computer operations

In fiscal year 1993 additional funding of $1,505,000 for contractor support will be needed to (1) assist in the planning and operations of the GAO Information Network pilot, (2) provide for workload changes associated with such mission requirements as access to specialized databases and development of software applications, and (3) support administrative systems maintenance and development.

Other Miscellaneous Services - Nongovernment

This category provides GAO with funding for contractual services from commercial firms that support administrative operations and provide necessary assistance in connection with the many audits, investigations and reports done by GAO. One of the major items funded in this category is the Document Distribution System through which GAO audit and evaluation reports are provided to the Congress and the public. In addition, this system provides user access to an on-line data base of information on GAO reports. It also provides for the bibliographic control of information and materials and for a physical inventory of materials. The balance of this request for fiscal year 1993 will:

(1) Allow increased usage of consulting services procured through contract to support GAO audit and evaluation work, particularty that work involving highly technical areas.

(2) Fund activities of the Triennial Congress of INTOSAI in October 1992.

(3) Continue on-going support for publishing operations such as design graphics and video presentations.

(4) Provide funds needed in fiscal year 1993 to meet increased demands for new technology in association with the document distribution system contract.

Operation and Maintenance

During fiscal year 1989 the custody and control of the GAO building was transferred from GSA to GAO. In GAO's role as building owner, a comprehensive contract was awarded to provide professional building management services for the GAO building. The contractor, under the direction of GAO management, has responsibility to operate and maintain the GAO building including the operation, maintenance, and repair of all mechanical equipment and building systems.

Some of the other services provided under the contract are:

1. Guard services
2. Cleaning services
3. Utility services
4. Construction and building alteration work performed on a reimbursable basis
5. Construction management services

The $6,309,000 increase is to cover critical building operations and maintenance services required as well as support services in connection with modernization of office space subsequent to asbestos removal and construction. Of the increase, $5,013,000 is to replace a decrease in offsetting collections authorized for fiscal year 1992 resulting from the movement of the Bureau of Labor Statistics out of the GAO building.

Security Investigations

Funding of $14,000 in price level changes for security investigations is required for charges by OPM, Defense Investigations Services (DIS), and the FBI's Fingerprint Division. These investigations are necessary for the purpose of determining suitability for employment and clearability for access to classified and confidential information.

Foreign Affairs Administrative Support

GAO reimburses the State Department for administrative support on a shared cost concept. The cost depends on the number of agency staff located at a foreign post and the level of services requested to be provided on behalf of agency staff. From fiscal years 1981 to 1989, the State Department assumed complete responsibility for the building operating expenses on all overseas government-owned and long-term leased properties which are leased through the Foreign Affairs Administrative Support System. However, beginning in fiscal year 1990 the State Department expanded the categories subject to cost reimbursement to include mail courier services, and telecommunications. The increase of $12,000 in fiscal year 1993 provides for a price level increase of 4 percent in costs for administrative support services and fluctuations in exchange rates in Germany.

Health Services

The funding requested in this category is needed for the continuing increase in the cost of health care and broader availability of preventive health service/wellness programs offered by the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) and various private vendors. In fiscal year 1991, GAO is expanding the level of health services made available to field staff by providing more employee counseling services and other wellness program activities.

As GAO's primary provider of health and employee counseling services, the PHS determines total facility costs per location to include medical and administrative staff salaries and benefits, contractual services and supplies, and necessary equipment acquisitions. Each agency's proportionate share of this cost is assessed by the number of agency personnel planned at the location.

Most of GAO's expenditures in this area are nondiscretionary, and the requested fiscal year 1993 change represents a 8 percent inflationary increase of $48,000 in the estimated cost of PHS billings

Computer Services and Other ADP - Government

Under this category we provide reimbursement to government agencies for computer and other ADP services for administrative systems processing, for access to specialized reterence data bases, and for timesharing.

The increase of $921,000 will primarily fund changes in mainframe computing costs related to our new systems at the Department of Agriculture's National Finance Center (NFC). Specific increases are as follows:

-- NFC costs associated with continued operation and refinement of the Management and Assignment

Tracking System (MATS) and the payroll/personnel system.

- House Information Systems (HIS)-increases for operation and maintenance of several administrative


- Changes in use of NIH and U.S. Air Force for time-sharing services used in support of GAO audit and

evaluation work.

-- Other miscellaneous increases for accessing reterence data bases in support of GAO audit and

evaluation work.

Other Miscellaneous Services - Government

This category includes interagency agreements for non-ADP services provided in support of GAO's audh and evaluation work. These contracts are initiated in order to provide specialized skills on a short-term basis. This category also funds guard services, cleaning services, and overtime utilities for GAO audit sites and regional locations.

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