A Treatise on Leases and Terms for Years

A. Strahan, 1819 - 455 Seiten

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Seite 314 - I do direct that the receipt and receipts of my said trustees, and the survivor of them, and the heirs and assigns of such survivor...
Seite 61 - Except nevertheless all leases not exceeding the term of three years from the making thereof, whereupon the rent reserved to the landlord, during such term, shall amount unto two third parts at the least of the full improved value of the thing demised.
Seite 121 - The safest rule for property is that a person shall be taken to grant the interest in an estate which he proposes to convey, or the lease he proposes to make, and that 'nothing which flows out of that interest as an incident is to be done away by loose expressions,' to be construed by facts more loose...
Seite 251 - ... any such lease or grant shall be made or granted, whereupon the accustomed yearly rent or more shall be reserved, and payable yearly during the...
Seite 298 - ... to the use of himself for life, remainder to the use of his wife for life, remainder to the use of his daughter for life, remainder to her first and other sons in tail, reversion to his own right heirs.
Seite 423 - ... and from and after the expiration or other sooner determination of the said term...
Seite 280 - ... be made to take effect in reversion or expectancy, that then the same together with the estate or estates in possession of and in the premises therein contained, do not exceed three lives, or the term of thirty-one years in the whole2.
Seite 407 - But they must come to one and the same person in one and the same right ; else, if the freehold be in his own right, and he has a term in right of another (en outer droit) there is no merger.
Seite 347 - It ought to be remembered, however, that the case of a Charity Estate is one in which, of all others, the security of the rent is the first object to be regarded ; and therefore, in such cases, the inadequacy of the rent reserved is less a badge of fraud than it would be in almost any other instance.
Seite 424 - A., seised in fee, demised to 13., his executors, administrators, and assigns, for ninety-nine years, in trust for himself and his wife for their lives and the life of the survivor, and after the death of the survivor...

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