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It is ordered that the following allotment be made of the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of this Court among the circuits, pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42, and that such allotment be entered of record, viz.:

For the District of Columbia Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice.

For the First Circuit, WILLIAM J. BRENNAN, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Second Circuit, THURGOOD MARSHALL, Associate Justice.

For the Third Circuit, WILLIAM J. BRENNAN, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Fourth Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice. For the Fifth Circuit, BYRON R. WHITE, Associate Justice. For the Sixth Circuit, ANTONIN SCALIA, Associate Justice.

For the Seventh Circuit, JOHN PAUL STEVENS, Associate Justice.

For the Eighth Circuit, HARRY A. BLACKMUN, Associate Justice.

For the Ninth Circuit, SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR, Associate Justice.

For the Tenth Circuit, BYRON R. WHITE, Associate Justice.

For the Eleventh Circuit, LEWIS F. POWELL, JR., Associate Justice.

For the Federal Circuit, WILLIAM H. REHNQUIST, Chief Justice. October 6, 1986.

(For next previous allotment, and modifications, see 453 U. S., p. VI, 459 U. S., p. iv, and 478 U. S., p. V.)



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NOTE: All undesignated references herein to the United States Code are to the 1982 edition.

Cases reported before page 901 are those decided with opinions of the Court or decisions per curiam. Cases reported on page 901 et seq. are those in which orders were entered. The opinion reported on page 1301 et seq. is that written in chambers by an individual Justice.

A. v. Grant Wood Area Ed. Agency
Abels v. Monroe County Ed. Assn.
Abrahams, In re ...
Abudu; Immigration and Naturalization Service v.
Achord; Baton Rouge v.
Acosta v. United States
Action Industries, Inc.; Walker v.
Adams v. Department of Public Safety & Corrections
Adkins v. Chesapeake & Ohio R. Co.
Adkins v. United States ..
Advanced Lightweight Concrete; Laborers Health & Welf. Tr. Fd. v.
Agency Holding Corp. v. Malley-Duff & Associates, Inc.
Aiken; Koon v.
Aiken; Patterson v.
Aiken; Truesdale v.
Aiken; Yates v.
Air Line Pilots Assn. v. United Air Lines, Inc.
Akutan; Amoco Production Co.; v.
Akutan; Hodel v. ...
Alabama; Bradley v.
Alabama; Cumbie v.
Alabama; Hubbard v.
Alabama; McDonald v.
Alabama; Neelley v.
Alaska v. Lyng
Alaska Airlines, Inc. v. Brock
Albrecht v. Pennsylvania
Al-Jaani v. Harrison.
Alker, In re..

Page 936 905 914 930 932 950 926 949 942 951 944 915 943 943 527 945 946 943 943 923 934 940 912 926 945 678 951 908 913

Allen v. United States
Alphin v. United States
American Savings & Loan Assn.; Hagemann v.
American Telephone & Telegraph Co.; David v.
American Trucking Assns., Inc. v. Scheiner
Amhaz v. United States ...
Amoco Production Co. v. Gambell
Amoco Production Co. v. Tribal Village of Akutan
Anaconda-Ericsson, Inc.; Rand v.
Ancor Holdings, N. V. v. Republic of Philippines
Andersen & Co. v. Rudolph..
Anderson v. Liberty Lobby, Inc.
Anderson v. United States..
Andrews v. United States
Aponte Caratine v. Bowen.
Aprile v. Kentucky
Arace Brothers v. New Jersey
ARCO Chemical Co.; Dreyer v.
Ardrey v. United Parcel Service
Arizona; Golden v.
Arizona v. Hicks...
Arizona; McMurtrey v.
Arizona State Transportation Bd.; White Mountain Apache Tribe v.
Arkansas Best Corp. v. Commissioner .
Arline; School Bd. of Nassau County v.
Armontrout; Gilreath v.
Arn; White v. ...
Arthur Andersen & Co. v. Rudolph.
Asahi Metal Industry Co. v. Cheng Shin Rubber Industrial Co.
Asahi Metal Industry Co. v. Superior Court of Cal., Solano County
Associated Film Distribution Corp. v. Casey
Astrike; Perry v.
Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v. Buell
Atlantic Richfield Co.; Kilkenny v..
Attorney General of Ill. v. Zbaraz.
Attorney General of Okla.; Nunley v.
Attorney General of Utah v. Jones
Atwell v. Blackburn...
Automobile Salesmen; Toyota of Berkeley v.
Baiani v. United States....
Bair; Whitley v.
Baker v. Los Angeles Herald Examiner.
Baker v. United States .....
Baltimore Orioles, Inc.; Major League Baseball Players Assn. v.

Page 922 935 934 909 928 936 531 943 905 942 946 903 906 909 935 946 906 906 934 907 321 911 941 930 273 938 917 946 102 102 933 949 557 934 944 920 926 920 945 919 951 912 948 941

Banc Texas Dallas, N. A.; Letterman Brothers Energy Program v.
Bankers Life & Casualty Co. v. Crenshaw
Bar Harbor Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, Inc.; Tauvar v.
Barker; Small v..
Barnes v. Ohio
Barnes v. United States ..
Barnette v. United States
Barr v. United States ..
Baseball Players v. Baltimore Orioles, Inc.
Batey v. California ..
Baton Rouge v. Achord
Battery World, Inc. v. Exide Corp.
Bavisotto v. New York ...
Bay Area Rapid Transit System v. Paperless Accounting, Inc.
Beck; Cheek v.
Beck v. Department of Transportation
Beezley v. Fremont Indemnity Co.
Behning v. Camelback Ski Corp.
Benedict v. New York
Bercaw v. Mandak.
Bertram v. California
Billman; Harnett v.
Bing, In re
Black; Employment Division, Dept. of Human Resources of Ore. v.
Blackburn; Atwell v.
Blackburn; Passman v.
Blackburn; Robinson v.
Blackburn; Zulu v.
Blair, Missouri v.
Blue Cross Assn. v. Department of Health and Human Services
Board of Equalization of S. D.; Western Air Lines, Inc. v. ....
Board of Trustees of Int. Improvement Tr. Fund of Fla.; Stevens v.
Boeing Co.; Eschler v.
Bolden v. Merlo ...
Booth v. Maryland
Borg; Magee v. ..
Borger v. Grandstaff.
Bourgeois v. United States
Bowden v. Pulley ...
Bowen; Aponte Caratine v.
Bowen; Fierro v.
Bowen v. Gilliard
Bowen; Harrison v.
Bowen; Sample v.

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Page 912 937 920 914 923 940 902 914 678 948 935

Bowen; Vermont Dept. of Social & Rehabilitation Services v.
Bowen; Westfall v..
Boyd v. Ohio.
Boyle v. United Technologies Corp.
Bradley v. Alabama
Brewer v. Indiana
Brickle, In re
Briggs, In re.
Brock; Alaska Airlines, Inc. v.
Brooks v. Department of Health and Human Services
Brookside Limited Partnership v. United States
Brotherhood. For labor union, see name of trade.
Brown; Connecticut Performing Arts Foundation, Inc. v.
Brown v. Gearinger.
Brown; Strange v.
Brown; Vincent v.
Buckley; Ditsch v.
Buell; Atchison, T. & S. F. R. Co. v.
Bueno-Hernandez v. Wyoming
Bullen v. Derego
Burdine v. Texas
Burget; Patrick v.
Burlington Northern R. Co. v. Gulati
Burlington Northern R. Co.; Wilson v.
Burlington Northern R. Co. v. Woods
Burns v. Chisum Independent School Dist.
Burns v. Trickey
Burton; Steeley v.
Cabazon Band of Mission Indians; California v.
Calhoun v. Maryland .
California; Batey v.
California; Bertram
California v. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians
California; Herships v.
California; Lemmons v.
California; Ortega v.
California v. Rooney
California; Wilson v.
California Coastal Comm'n v. Granite Rock Co. .
Camelback Ski Corp.; Behning v..
Cape v. Kemp.
Cape Girardeau v. Westborough Mall, Inc.
Capote-Monterrey v. United States
Caratine v. Bowen.

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