Lectures on Roman Husbandry: Delivered Before the University of Oxford; Comprehending Such an Account of the System of Agriculure, the Treatment of Domestic Animals, the Horticulture &c., Pursued in Ancient Times, as May be Collected from the Scriptores Rei Rusticae, the Georgics of Virgil, and Other Classical Authorities, with Notices of the Plants Mentioned in Columella and Virgil

J. Wright, 1857 - 328 Seiten
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Seite 165 - Redit agricolis labor actus in orbem, atque in se sua per vestigia volvitur annus.
Seite 217 - On ev'ry side you look, behold the Wall ! No pleasing Intricacies intervene, No artful wildness to perplex the scene; Grove nods at grove, each Alley has a brother, And half the platform just reflects the other. The...
Seite 174 - Bacchi mactandus ad aras ducitur ultoris : nocuit sua culpa duobus. 115 quid meruistis, oves, placidum pecus, inque tuendos natum homines, pleno quae fertis in ubere nectar, mollia quae nobis vestras velamina lanas praebetis, vitaque magis, quam morte juvatis? quid meruere boves, animal sine fraude dolisque, 120 innocuum, simplex, natum tolerare labores?
Seite 299 - EXCUDENT alii spirantia mollius aera , Credo equidem ; vivos ducent de marmore vultus ; Orabunt causas melius; cœlique meatus Describent radio, et surgentia sidera dicent : Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento; Hae tibi erunt artes , pacisque imponere morem , Parcere subjectis, et debellare superbos.
Seite 219 - Consult the genius of the place in all ; That tells the waters or to rise or fall ; Or helps th' ambitious hill the heavens to scale, Or scoops in circling theatres the vale, Calls in the country, catches opening glades, Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades ; Now breaks, or now directs, th' intending lines ; Paints as you plant, and as you work designs.
Seite 177 - Optima torvae forma bovis, cui turpe caput, cui plurima cervix, et crurum tenus a mento palearia pendent; tum longo nullus lateri modus; omnia magna, pes etiam; et camuris hirtae sub cornibus aures.
Seite 145 - Et, quamvis igni exiguo, properata maderent. Vidi lecta diu et multo spectata labore Degenerare tamen, ni vis humana quotannis Maxima quaeque manu legeret ; sic omnia fatis In pejus ruere, ac retro sublapsa referri...
Seite 216 - ... with walking. Near each seat is a little fountain ; and, throughout the whole hippodrome, several small rills run murmuring along, wheresoever the hand of art thought proper to conduct them, watering here and there different spots of verdure, and in their progress, refreshing the whole.
Seite 215 - In one place you have a little meadow, in another the box is cut into a thousand different forms : sometimes into letters expressing the name of the master...
Seite 215 - Beyond these is a walk planted with the smooth and twining acanthus, where the trees are also cut into a variety of names and shapes. At the upper end is an alcove of white marble, shaded with vines, supported by four small Carystian pillars.

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