Lucy's campaign, by M. and C. Lee


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Seite 1 - Cat and Dog ; Or, Memoirs of Puss and the Captain. Illustrated by WEIR. Seventh Edition. Super-royal 16mo, 2s. 6rf. cloth; 3s. 6rf. coloured, gilt edges. " The author of this amusing little tale is, evidently, a keen observer of nature. The illustrations are well executed ; and the moral, which points the tale. is conveyed in the most attractive form." — Britannia. The Doll and Her Friends ; Or, Memoirs of the Lady Seraphina. By the Author of
Seite 6 - LADY STODDART. 2. Mrs. Leicester's School. BY CHARLES and MARY LAMB. 3. The History of The Robins. BY MRS. TRIMMER. 4. Memoir of Bob, The Spotted Terrier. 5. Keeper's Travels in Search of His Master. 6. The Scottish Orphans. BY LADY STODDART. 7. Never Wrong; or, the Young Disputant; AND "It was only in Fun." 8. The Life and Perambulations of a Mouse. 9. Easy Introduction to the Knowledge of Nature. BY MBS. TRIMMER. 10. Bight and Wrong. BY the Author of "ALWAYS HAPPY.
Seite 9 - Cayzer, TS One Thousand Arithmetical Tests, or THE EXAMINER'S ASSISTANT. Specially adapted, by a novel arrangement of the subject, for Examination Purposes, but also suited for general use in Schools. With a complete set of Examples and Models of Work. Price Is. Gd. Key with Solutions of all the Examples in the One Thousand Arithmetical Tests.
Seite 11 - Engravings. 2s. 6d. plain; 3s. 6d. coloured. Bible Illustrations; Or, a Description of Manners and Customs peculiar to the East, and especially Explanatory of the Holy Scriptures. By the Rev. BH DRAPER. With Engravings. Fourth Edition. Revised bv Dr. KITTO, Editor of " The Pictorial Bible,
Seite 3 - Glimpses of Nature ; And Objects of Interest described during a Visit to the Isle of Wight. Designed to assist and encourage Young Persons in forming habits of observation. By Mrs. LOUDON. Second Edition, enlarged. With Forty-one Illustrations. 3s. 6d. cloth. "We could not recommend a more valuable little volume. It is full of information, conveyed in the most agreeable manner."— Literary Gazette.
Seite 238 - STANESBY'S ILLUMINATED GIFT BOOKS. Every page richly printed in Gold and Colours. The Bridal Souvenir. New Edition, with a Portrait of the Princess Royal. Elegantly bound in white morocco, price 21s. '* A splendid specimen of decorative art, and well suited for a bridal gift.

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