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Compact, how distinguished from a government, 278; original,

theory of, 280. Conflict of laws, as to wills, 85. Conspiracy, law of, 210. Constitutional law, 242. Constitution of the United States, sketch of the history of its adop

tion, 271; objections to at the time of its adoption, 275; not a

compact merely, 278. Contempt of court, 306; act of congress of 1831, respecting, 342. Contre projet of Mr. Park noticed, 5. Cushing, his Treatise on Trustee Process noticed, 22). Custom as a basis of law considered, 9, 10.

D Dane Law College at Cambridge, address of President Quincy on

dedication of, 48. Delaware, legislation of, in 1832, 187. Descents, uncertainty of the law relating to, 27. Digest of English cases at common law, 87; in equity, 118;

ecclesiastical reports, 139; American cases in 1 and 2 Pennsylvania Reports, 143; 8 Wendell, 7 Greenleaf, and Vermont

Rep. 371. Dunning, John, Lord Ashburton, sketch of his life, 418; his

style of speaking, 451; mode of examining witnesses, 453 ; visit to Berlin, 455.

Education in the law, 48.
Executors and administrators, Williams' Treatise upon, by Trou-
bat, noticed, 71.

Felo de se, his will, 82.
Felon, his will, 82.
Feme covert, her will, 80.
French code contrasted with the Prussian, 12.

Government, difficulty of constructing, 212, 213, &c.
Germany, state of legislation in, 234.
Great Britain, legislation of, 1832-3, 208.
Greenleaf's Reports, digest of cases in vol. 7, 371.

I Insurance, adjustment under of a partial loss and general average, 45.



Insurance, on goods on board of any American vessel, how to be applied, opinion, 344.

Jurisprudence as contrasted with legislation, 11, 12, 25, 30.

Laws, written and unwritten, 4.
Law, whether a science, 349.
Law publications, 240, 493.
Legal education, 48.
Legal reform, 299.
Legislation, state of in Germany, 234.
Legislation of Tennessee, 415.
Lex Loci, whether a Scottish bond negotiable in Scotland may

be sued in United States in the name of the assignee, opinion, 42; as to wills, 82.


Maine, legislation of in 1832, 186.
Married woman, her will, 80.
Maryland, legislation of in 1831-2, 196.
Mayes, Daniel, review of his Introductory Lecture, 349.
McDuffie, Mr., his argument on the impeachment of Judge

Peck, 316.
Meridith, Mr., extract from his argument on the impeachment of

Judge Peck, 326, 330. Meyer, notice of his work on codification, 5; his remarks on the Prussian code, 14; on the French code, 14, 15.

0 Original compact, theory of, 280.

P Parliamentary reform bill, 211. Park, John James, review of his contre-projet to the Humphrey

sean code, 5. Peck, James H., impeachment of, 394, 220. Pendleton, Edmund, sketch of his life, 36. Pennsylvania Reports, cases from vol. 1 and 2, 143. Pennsylvania, legislation of in 1831-2, 192. Pleading, general principles of, 357. Policy of insurance, adjustment of a general average and partial

Joss, 45.


Practice, of the courts of the United States by Conkling, 464 ; of

Virginia by Robinson, 474.
Prussian code contrasted with the French, 12.
Public lands, controversies about them one cause of the delay of

the ratification of the cons:itution of the United States, 259.

Quincy, President, his address on the occasion of the dedication
of Dane Law College at Cambridge, 48.

Reform Bill of the British house of commons, 211.
Rhode Island, declined to send delegates to the convention for

forming the constitution, 272.
Robinson, Conway, his Treatise on Virginia practice noticed, 232,

Sanity of testator, case respecting, 74.
Scotch bond, negotiable and assigned in Scotland, may be sued

in United States in the name of the assignee, opinion, 42.
Seals, defined, 290; origin of the use of them, 291; useless, 290,

&c.; absurdities of the law respecting them, 290, &c.
Slave from a foreign country entitled to his liberty in Massachu-

setts, 490.
Social compact, theory of, 280, &c.
Stage coach proprietors, their liability as to carrying passengers,

Stevens on Average and Benecke, new edition proposed, 238.
Story's Commentaries, first vol. reviewed, 242.
Story, Mr. Justice, his commentaries on the constitution noticed,
230; plan of the work, 231.

Tennessee, legislation of, 445.
Testator's sanity, 74; incapacity, 79.
Thacher, Judge, his address to the grand jury noticed, 216.
Traitor, his will, 82.
Troubal, Francis J.'s edition of Williams's Law of executors and

administrators, 71.
Trustee Process, Cushing's treatise upon noticed, 221.

Vermont Reports, digest of cases in vol. 3, 371.

Wickliffe, Mr., extract from his argument in the case of the im-

peachment of Judge Peck, 323.

Williams's treatise on the law of executors and administrators re

viewed, 71. Will, sanity of testator, 74; incapacity, 79: by married woman,

80; by outlaws, felo de se, traitors, felons, 82 ; execution of

will, 82; foreign wills, 85. Wirt, Mr., his argument on the impeachment of Judge Peck, 332. Ilritten and unwritten law, 239.

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