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By whom were the forces of Bru- Cleopatra conquered by Au

tus and Cassius routed at Phi- gustus? lippi?

In what country was the city Who was the father of Alexander Canopus, and for what was it the Great ?

celebrated ? By whom and where was the Whose children did Augustus

fleet of Sextus Pompey defeated ? adopt as his own ? Who was Cleopatra ?

Why was the Capitol sometimes To what Roman chief was Cleo- called the Tarpeian tower or patra married?

citadel ? In what battle were Antony and



Did the Greeks return immedi. Whom did Ulysses leave with

ately home after the destruction Penelope ? of Troy? Why were they doomed to wander about?

How long was Ulysses in finding
his home ?

Who was the wife of Ulysses ?
How did she expect this letter Who was Dido ?
would reach Ulysses ?

Why did she leave her native What is the most easy method of country?

scanning pentaměter verse ? What city did Dido build ? Does a knowledge of Prosody How did Dido treat Ænēas and

ever assist in determining the his companions when cast upon meaning of a word ?

her coast ? Give an instance.

Why did not Ænēas remain at Who was Patroclus ?

Carthage ? Give some account of him. How did the intended departure Who was Rhesus, and what was of Ænēas affect Dido?

the oracle respecting him ? What is the object of this epistle ? How was Dolon taken, and by When is the swan said to sing? whom?

How is nurui, in the 27th verse By whom was Troy built ?

applied to Dido? Who was Irus, and what was his Who is meant by fratrem in the character ?

same verse ? Who was Melanthius?

Why is Venus called Cytherēa? Who was Icarius?

What does Dido say made her What did he urge Penelope to do? believe Ænēas would remain How was Penelõpe afflicted in the with her ? absence of her husband ?

Who was Iarbas ?

Who was Pygmalion, and whom

EPISTLE XIII. did he murder ? What does Dido mean by Pygma- LAODAMIA TO PROTESILAUS.

lionis opes? What name, besides Dido, had the Who was Protesilaus, and wha. queen of Carthage ?

was his end ? What happened to the Grecian

lleet at Aulis ? EPISTLE X.

Who was Laodamia ?

For what purpose does she write ARIADNE TO THESEUS.

this letter?

Who were Iphiclus and AcasWho was Minos, and why did he tus ?

make war upon the Athenians ? What was the thyrsus? On what conditions did Minus Who were called Phylleïdes ? make peace?

Who was Phylăcus? What was the Minotaur ?

Whose sons were Castor and Pol. Who destroyed this monster? lux ? Who aided Theseus, and what What had Neptune to do with return did he make?

Troy? By what signal did Ariadne endeavor to recall Theseus to the island for her ?


Whom does the poet invoke ? What did Rhea Silvia dream? Who was Rhea Silvia ?

Who was Numitor ? Who was Amulius, and what had How was Numitor reinstated in he done?

his kingdom ? Who were Romŭlus and Remus ? In what way did Romŭlus and What did Amulius do with Rhea Remus determine which should and her infant children?

give a name to their city ? How were Romŭlus and Remus Who was Celer, and what orders preserved ?

did he receive from Romulus ? From whom did the Tiber derive Who slew Remus, and why? its name?

How was Romŭlus affected by What were the Palilia?

the death of his brother? Over what did Pales preside ?


Of what does the walnut tree what treasure did they post complain ?

sess? Why does the walnut tree com- Of what injustice from its owner

pare itself to Clytemnestra ? does the walnut tree complain ? What connection has the fate of What marks does the walnut tree

Polydorus with that of the wal- leave on those who commit nut tree?

depredations upon it? What is the story of Amphiarāús What compliment is paid to Cæsar? and Eriphyic?

How is the tree compared to a Who were the Hesperides, and malefactor?


WHERE was Ovid born, and how Who were Ponticus and Bassus ?

long before the Christian era? When did Tibullus die ? Where is Sulmo ?

What was the cause of Ovid's Of what rank was Ovid's family? banishment ? What were the Quinquatria, and Where were the victors at the

in what manner was that festi. Olympic games crowned, and val kept?

with what? When did this festival

Was Ovid married more than mence?

once ? What was the cladus, and by Did his wife go with him into whom worn ?

exile ? To what rank in office did Ovid To what place was Ovid ban rise ?

ished ? Who was Macer, and of what did What does Ovid predict of himhe write?




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