The Eastern Counties Railway Illustrated Guide

James Truscott, 1851 - 64 Seiten

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Seite 8 - design hereafter to be promulgated.' A third was a ' Company for carrying on an undertaking of great advantage, but nobody to know what it is ; every subscriber who deposits £2. per share, to be entitled to £100. per annum.' Even this insolent attempt on the credulity of the nation succeeded ; and when the
Seite 42 - Shoals of them pass from the north to the south, and from the east to the west, in quest of food, for the purpose of depositing their spawn in the rivers, and enjoying that proportion of warmth which appears essential to their existence. When the weather becomes cold, they leave the North seas, and steer to the American rivers, and other more southern climes ; as
Seite 12 - I hate that drum's discordant sound, Parading round, and round, and round. To me it talks of ravaged plains, And burning towns and ruined swains, And mangled limbs, and dying groans, And widows' tears, and orphans' moans.
Seite 34 - organ-pipes, vestments, both copes and surplices, together with the leaden cross which had been newly sawed down from over the green-yard pulpit, and all the service-books and singingbooks that could be had, were carried to the fire in the public market-place
Seite 37 - from Christmas to Twelfth Night. Ale flowed in oceans for the populace. Three coaches, one of which had been built at a cost of five hundred pounds to contain fourteen persons, were sent every afternoon round the city to bring
Seite 37 - the dances were always followed by a luxurious banquet. When the Duke of Norfolk came to Norwich, he was greeted like a king returning to his capital. The bells of the cathedral and of Saint Peter Mancroft were rung. The
Seite 37 - in the kingdom out of London. In this mansion, to which were annexed a tennis court, a bowling green, and a wilderness, stretching along the bank of the Wensum, the noble family of Howard frequently resided, and kept a state
Seite 12 - sack, milk, oranges, and sugar, which all put together, made a drink like nectar ; indeed, too good for any but us anglers." This, however, has, alas ! long since departed, and the sweet shades he speaks of live only in the fervid imagination of the cockney poets, who come here, as to classic ground, to
Seite 37 - were thought by Fellows of the Royal Society well worthy of a long pilgrimage. Norwich had also a court in miniature. In the heart of the city stood an old palace of the
Seite 37 - to guests in goblets of pure gold. The very tongs and shovels were of silver. Pictures by Italian masters adorned the walls. The cabinets were filled with a fine collection of gems

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