Racing Calendar

proprietor Robert Hunter, 1805

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Seite l - ... to it the bet may be declared void. Bets agreed to pay or receive in town, or at any other particular place, cannot be declared off on the course.
Seite l - ... must be the actual winner of two heats, even though no horse appear against him for both or either of the heats.
Seite xlix - C, who is the handicapper, makes a match for A and B, who, when they have perused it, put their hands into their pockets, and draw them out closed ; then they open them together, and if both have money in their hands, the match is confirmed : if neither have money, it is no match. In both cases the handicapper draws all the money out of the hat; but if one has money in his hand, and the other none, then it is no match : and he that has money in his hand is entitled to the deposit in the hat.
Seite xxix - "' " be ahe'"1' or things ifluing out of, or paid, for or by, the rents, iflues, and profits, of any lands, tenements, or hereditaments ; or of, or by, the intereft of any Sum or Sums of Money, chargeable with the fame, or appropriated for that purpofe.
Seite xli - Out5 an d fixed up by the order of the Stewards, on the fide of the chimney-piece, at each end of the coffee-room, on the Sunday evening before each meeting; to continue there each day of the meeting, as notice for ftaking, fhewing, or entering, and no other fhall be infilled upon. thdayand P r r, , by the Stewards, and continue in the A Day Book fhall be kept by the perfon appointed...
Seite xlix - Horses not entitled to start without producing a proper certificate of their age, if required, at the time appointed in the articles, except where aged horses are included, and in that case a junior horse may enter without a certificate, provided he carries the same weight as the aged.
Seite li - ... be between the two horses that, if either had won, the race would have been over, but if between two that the race might not have been determined, then it is no heat, and the others may all start again. Horses that forfeit are the beaten horses, where it is run or pay.
Seite lv - Ancaster Mile BM for Bunbury Mile RM for Rowley Mile DI for Ditch in DM for Ditch Mile TMM for the Two Middle Miles of BC AF for Across the Flat TYC for Two yrs old Course AEC for Audley End Course h.
Seite xlv - October meeting in each year ; and the acceptance must be signified, or the whip resigned, before the end of the same meeting. If challenged for and accepted in the Spring, to be run for on the Tuesday in the second October meeting following ; and if in the October, on the Thursday in the second Spring meeting following.
Seite 195 - London, that, after the cocks of the main are weighed, the match bills are compared. That every pair of dead or equal weight are separated, and fight against others, provided that it appears that the main can be enlarged by adding thereto either one battle or more thereby.

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